Cambodia’s Kangaroo Court

Why isn't the U.N. tribunal to prosecute genocidal Khmer Rouge war criminals going after more bad guys?

Stephen M. Walt

The price of occupation

If you ever questioned whether Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza was bad for the United States and for Israel too, you ought ...


The Next Asian Miracle

Democracies are peaceful, representative -- and terrible at boosting an economy. Or at least that’s the conventional wisdom in Asia, where for years growth in India's sprawling democracy has been humbled by China's efficient, state-led boom. But India’s newfound economic success flips that notion on its head. Could it be that democracy is good for growth after all? If so, China better watch its back.


Richard Branson lives like a refugee

Where were you Jan. 30? If you were British tycoon Richard Branson, you spent part of the day at the refugee camp in Davos. Or, ...

Stephen M. Walt

The real significance of Erdogan’s Davos outburst

I finally got a chance to watch the fascinating video of the now-infamous Davos panel featuring Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli President ...

The Call

Nice guys trump jerks at Davos

By Ian BremmerThe downside of Davos hobnobbery is that some of these folks can be decidedly unpleasant. I bumped into one of them at the ...


Since when did Erdogan have a problem with leaders who kill people?

Even setting aside Turkey's record with its Armenian and Kurdish minorities for a moment, it's a little rich for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ...

The Call

The latest from Davos

By Ian BremmerOK, maybe it's a bit gloomier at Davos than I suggested in my first installment. But that could be because I attended the ...

The Call

At Davos, everything in moderation

By Ian Bremmer It turns out that moderating a Davos plenary session is pretty intense. There were Lord knows how many journalists and camera crews, ...

Madam Secretary

Clintonian diplomacy without Hillary?

While the U.S. has no official star presence at the Davos World Economic Forum this week, it certainly has an unofficial star there. Bill Clinton ...

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