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Davos: That’s a wrap

I have one more presentation before Davos comes to an end -- moderating the "risk wrap-up" from the forum. It's likely to be heavy on ...

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Talking ‘fat tails’ in Davos

I moderated a panel on "fat tails" today. The general idea being that however optimistic the baseline (and reasonably consensus) expectation for the global economy, ...

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Davos: Talking U.S.-China, rumors about Egypt and the Google party

I sat down with my buddy Undersecretary of State Bob Hormats at the Morosani Posthotel. About 20 minutes in before his assistant received news that ...

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On global leadership at Davos

Just spent a fun hour at the annual BBC World Debate. This year the topic was the question of global leadership, presenting grist for lively discussion. The format is pretty ...

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Davos: Brought to you by the letter T

I headed over to the Coca Cola reception last night, with President Clinton as the guest of honor. It's an annual do, and a good ...

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‘Davos Man’ exists — but is he still in charge?

There's an interesting distinction to be made between Davos and the G-20. The Davos agenda is much more coherent. That's largely a matter of self-selection -- ...


Davos summed up in one photo

A woman talks on her mobile next to a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos on January 27, ...

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A Davos debate: Is China importing Western ‘apps’?

I hosted a dinner last night along with a couple of Harvard folks -- economic historian Niall Ferguson and economist Ken Rogoff. It seems Ferguson ...

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Medvedev makes more than an appearance at Davos

Big plenary kickoff today was Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Aside from the "will he, won't he" scheduling snafus behind the scenes, there was a bit ...

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This year’s Davos buzzword: G-Zero

I've made the G-Zero my buzzword for Davos this year. Mostly because the G-20 doesn't work. So while there's an abundance of economic optimism at Davos ...

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