Rouhani Goes to War Against Iran’s Deep State

Iran's president is vying for votes by attacking the country's unelected institutions. But votes might not be what decides the election.


France’s Europhile-in-Chief Is About to Meet a Berlin Wall

Emmanuel Macron may have saved the European Union. But he’s not finding much gratitude in Germany.


Donald Trump Is the President America Deserves

Democracy is less resilient in the United States than in Europe because Americans forgot it needed to be.

Shadow Government

From a Shining City on a Hill to a Banana Republic

The essential step to restoring faith in American democracy is authorizing an independent investigation into the president’s ties to the government of Russia.


Can Freedom of the Press Survive Trump’s Onslaught?

In the United States, subscriptions are up and investigative journalists are in high demand. But the president's war on the media is just beginning.


France’s Presidency Is Too Powerful to Work

Emmanuel Macron will likely be the next occupant of the most powerful office in the democratic world. He'll also be its next victim.


If Trump Would Only Stop Tweeting, He Might Actually Be a Good President

The White House’s foreign policy is normal. The commander-in-chief isn’t.

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