Venezuela’s Opposition Has Two Big Problems

The Venezuelan opposition is up in the polls. But beware: That support can be easily lost.


Is Burma’s Opposition Ready for the Post-Aung San Suu Kyi Era?

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been burning bridges to her old allies.


Tunisia’s New Anti-Terrorism Law Worries Activists

Tunisian lawmakers have responded to the recent rash of terrorist attacks by passing a tough new law. But does it go too far?

The South Asia Channel

The United States of Myanmar?

A federal system of government may be Myanmar's best step forward towards national unity and a more robust democratic process.


Amid the GOP Circus in Cleveland, Canada Was Having a Typically Canadian Debate

Overshadowed by the GOP debate, another display of democracy was underway in North America.


Somalia’s Incredible Shrinking Election

The promise of “one man, one vote” has been broken. But will more than 135 people get to vote in the next presidential contest?


A New Way To Read The Crisis in Greece

New and evolving analytics tools give us a sharper picture of the Greek debt crisis than we've ever had before.

The South Asia Channel

Sri Lanka: Back to the Future?

Sri Lanka's authoritarian former president is on the brink of a political resurgence. His electoral success would put a halt to the country's already troubled political reform process.

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