My Tunisian Hometown — Forgotten Once, Forgotten Still

Like so many other forgotten Tunisian towns, Siliana has seen little change since the country's triumphant revolution. What will it take to get through to Tunis?


Kabila Must Go

There are hints that the president of the DRC wants to delay presidential elections. Here’s why that would be a disaster.


After Historic Election, Burma’s Military-Backed Rulers: ‘We Lost’

Even before the final vote tally is in, Burma's ruling party has accepted its election loss.

Christian Caryl

Few Straight Answers on the Campaign Trail in Burma

In Burma’s historic election, party platforms mean little. Personalities are everything.


Turkey’s Democratic Tipping Point

Erdogan’s resounding victory could mean he’s ready to set aside the politics of division and fear and govern the country again. Or it could mean just the opposite.


Never Underestimate the Lady

A lot may have changed in Burma, but Aung San Suu Kyi’s mystical bond with her people is as strong as ever.


The Great Burmese Fire Sale

Burma's rulers are selling off the country's assets — and it's all going to the same old group of insiders.

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