The South Asia Channel

Sri Lanka: Back to the Future?

Sri Lanka's authoritarian former president is on the brink of a political resurgence. His electoral success would put a halt to the country's already troubled political reform process.


Cold War Symbolism: Not Just for the 1950s Anymore

You don't have to be a musty old relic to know that symbolic gestures still have a place in the fight to defend freedom and democracy from Russia.


Vote-Buying Cheapens Ukraine’s New Democracy

Ukraine's politicians know their voters are poor -- and they're not above exploiting that fact.

Christian Caryl

Burma’s Moment of Truth

Burma’s halting progress toward democracy has stalled. It’s time for the United States to get off the fence.


The Making of Leopoldo López

A closer look at the democratic bona fides of the rock star of Venezuela’s opposition.

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