Today, Tunisia Is Tested

Can the country that has been the Arab Spring’s success story maintain national unity and avoid repression after today’s deadly attack?


Rebooting Democracy

Traditional democratic institutions are failing. It’s time for an upgrade.


Burma Takes a Big Step Backwards

The latest crackdown on Burma's student protest movement shows that senior military leaders are having second thoughts about the shift toward democracy.


Rolling Up the Welcome Mat

The United States’ best soft-power tool is an obscure government program you’ve never heard of. Does it still have a future?


Delhi’s New Chief Minister Wants to Radically Democratize Public Spending. Can It Work?

Letting the people dictate the budget is unprecedented for Delhi, but it draws on a quarter-century of other "participatory budgeting" programs in India and around the world.


Cities Saving States

Nigeria is a mess, but its biggest city is thriving. Can Lagos show other misgoverned countries the way?

Shadow Government

Remembering Boris Nemtsov and His Dream of a Free Russia

With every passing year, the Putin regime engages in thuggish acts that turn the once-unthinkable into dreadful new norms. To cite just a few examples, ...

Tea Leaf Nation

From China, Love and Hate for Common’s Oscar Speech

The recording artist's nod to Hong Kong protesters set off a social-media flame war.

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