Is Burma’s Opposition Ready for the Post-Aung San Suu Kyi Era?

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been burning bridges to her old allies.


Tunisia’s New Anti-Terrorism Law Worries Activists

Tunisian lawmakers have responded to the recent rash of terrorist attacks by passing a tough new law. But does it go too far?


When Bahrain Says You’re Not Bahraini Anymore

Afraid of losing its grip on power, the Sunni regime is using citizenship as a weapon.

The South Asia Channel

The United States of Myanmar?

A federal system of government may be Myanmar's best step forward towards national unity and a more robust democratic process.


Amid the GOP Circus in Cleveland, Canada Was Having a Typically Canadian Debate

Overshadowed by the GOP debate, another display of democracy was underway in North America.


A New Way To Read The Crisis in Greece

New and evolving analytics tools give us a sharper picture of the Greek debt crisis than we've ever had before.

The South Asia Channel

Sri Lanka: Back to the Future?

Sri Lanka's authoritarian former president is on the brink of a political resurgence. His electoral success would put a halt to the country's already troubled political reform process.


Dear Obama: Corruption Isn’t Just Africa’s Problem

What the U.S. president didn’t say in his big Nairobi speech.

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