Shadow Government

Obama’s Main Stage Moment in India

President Barack Obama’s impending visit to India comes at an opportune time; he will arrive in New Delhi to take part in India’s Republic Day ...


Hold the Champagne in Sri Lanka

The country's longtime strongman has been voted out of office. But Colombo shouldn’t celebrate just yet.


In War-Torn Libya, It’s Life on the Edge

The worsening civil war in LIbya is taking its toll on the amenities of everyday life.


Why Turkey’s Mother of All Corruption Scandals Refuses to Go Away

One year after the start of the biggest corruption scandal in modern history, Turkey's political elite is sweeping it all under the rug.


Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, January 5, 2015

To keep up with Democracy Lab in real time, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. DemLab rings in the New Year with our list of ...


Sri Lanka’s Electoral Dysfunction

Why the island nation’s upcoming election could be a choice between two oppressors.

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