Democracy Devoured

“American ideals are in tatters, with the rich living in policed penthouses and the poor against a backdrop of drought, disease, and poisoned water. Donald ...


The Best Things of 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ was released. But what else happened this past year that calls for celebrating?


Democracy Is Dying as Technocrats Watch

Assaults on democracy are working because our current political elites have no idea how to defend it.

The Cable

Polish Ruling Party Passed Unconstitutional Laws, Now Controls Constitutional Tribunal

An Eastern European example of what happens when the institutions meant to stop unchecked power are taken over by it.


In Korean Democracy, the People Are a Wrathful God

Koreans demanded, and received, the impeachment of their president. But there's a thin line between the collective will and mob rule.


Defusing a Ticking Time Bomb in Kinshasa

An opposition leader in exile, a group of Catholic bishops-turned-diplomats, and the ‘last best hope’ to avert the coming crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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