Why Ukraine’s Mini Sex Scandal Is a Sign of Progress

A legislator resigns after getting caught texting a lover. Ukraine’s parliament finally knows: the people are watching.


Asia’s Big Democracies Are Drowning in Campaign Cash

India and Indonesia must stem a tide of legal and illegal political money to restore their people’s trust in democracy.


Burundi Violence Confounds U.S. Optimism About African Democracy

Western observers were quick to call Nigeria's smooth power transition a stepping stone for Africa. But nations facing different challenges are not finding their election seasons to be any easier than before.


In Egypt, Out with One Imprisoned President and in with Another

Hosni Mubarak and Mohammed Morsi ruled over two very different Egypts, but both found themselves before the country's legal system.


Why It Will Take a Kindler, Gentler Buhari to Turn Nigeria Around

Muhammadu Buhari has a second chance to prove to Nigeria that he can end corruption, revive the economy, and defeat Boko Haram. But to do so, he'll have to show his softer side.


Winning the Peace in Iraq Is Bigger Than Winning the War

The plan for Iraq's future needs to go deeper than defeating the Islamic State.

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