Australia Treats Refugees Horribly. But Denmark Wants a Peek at That Playbook.

A group of Danish parliamentarians won rare access to an Australian offshore detention center where abuse and exploitation are rampant.


Europe’s Freedom of Speech Fail

Even historic defenders of speech like Denmark and the United Kingdom are starting to choose "social harmony" over free expression.


In Defense of Denmark

With right-wing parties on the rise in Sweden and Germany, the restrictive immigration policies of cold-hearted Copenhagen are beginning to look awfully sensible.


Meet the Woman Leading Europe’s War Against Google, Gazprom, and Apple

Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust czar, is going after some of the world’s biggest companies — and trying to redefine the 21st-century economy.


You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Measure It

Report finds that Denmark is the world's happiest country and Burundi is its least.

The Cable

Will the U.S. Break This Fundamental Law of Finance?

The EU, Japan and others are doing something economists thought was impossible. Will the U.S. join them?


Welcome to Denmark. Now Give Us All Your Stuff.

Danish lawmakers passed a controversial measure that will allow police to seize refugees' belongings. But is that a violation of their rights?

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