Yes, the U.S. Can Fight Corruption Overseas

But a U.S. senator’s novel proposal for doing it still needs some tweaks.


The Exchange: Why Nation Is One of the Greatest Stories Ever Told

Novelists Chigozie Obioma and Taiye Selasi explore how a nation-state shapes a person’s identity — and influences a writer’s fiction.


It’s Time for Development Banks to Start Listening

The aid community often ignores the wishes of the very people it’s supposed to be helping. The world needs a more bottom-up approach to development.


The Exchange: When Do African Problems Need African Solutions?

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and Ory Okolloh discuss the continent's brain drain and debate the best ways to keep talent at home.


Why the World Humanitarian Summit Meeting in Turkey Really Does Matter

John Norris told Foreign Policy readers that the Istanbul conference would be irrelevant. It wasn’t.


But Will It Scale in Kabul?

As troops draw down in Afghanistan, a handful of ambitious U.S. veterans are launching start-ups in the country where they once went to war.


Is Jim Kim Destroying the World Bank — or Saving it From Itself?

The good doctor Kim is out to salvage the bank's global relevance. But his radical reforms have critics calling for his head.


How Tax Havens Rip Off America …

And the poorest nations on Earth.


Dead Man’s Market and the Boy Gangs of Niger

Impoverished young men have menaced the city of Zinder with rapes and murders. Now Boko Haram wants to turn their ultra-violence into a weapon of war.


The Exchange: What Do Margaret Thatcher and Genghis Khan Tell Us About the Future of Globalization?

Jeffrey E. Garten and Robert Zoellick on refugees, women, and the connected world.

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