The Way the World Thinks About International Development Needs to Change — and Fast

As the problems that once divided the world into First, Second, and Third are held more and more in common, is it time for the global development community to overhaul its approach?


The SDGs Should Stand for Senseless, Dreamy, Garbled

Play sports! Be in harmony with nature! And end all preventable deaths! Only the U.N. could have come up with a document so worthless.


Who Foots the Bill for Ending Extreme Poverty?

The United Nations just unveiled an ambitious plan to help the world's poorest people. But paying for it will require more than just rich-country aid.


How to End Extreme Poverty

If the world hopes to meet the lofty aspirations of the Sustainable Development Goals, it needs to find a better way to work together.


Stopping Europe’s Refugee Crisis at the Source

To halt the flow of people fleeing war, poverty, and oppression, the international community needs to redouble aid efforts where they're needed most.


Vladimir Putin’s Grapes of Wrath

As former Soviet republics develop closer ties with the West, 
Russia is pulling out all the stops to keep them in the fold. Amid this 
battle, Moldova’s wine industry has become the unlikeliest front.

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