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Beijing Tells Seoul to Stay Calm and Carry On, After Chinese Fishermen Sink a South Korean Coast Guard Boat

An outraged South Korea threatens to use force unless China restrains its fishermen in the Yellow Sea.


Obama’s Syria Strategy Is the Definition of Insanity

Another ceasefire is in tatters. But America keeps reaching out to Russia while expecting a different result.


Obama to Lift Myanmar Sanctions, Including Those on Dirty Jade, Sooner Than Human Rights Organizations Wanted

Some experts fear that the decision will hurt America's ability to influence Myanmar's most troubled sectors.


Dinner, Drinks, and a Near-Fatal Ambush for U.S. Diplomats

President Salva Kiir has been feted by the White House. So why are his goons trying to kill American officials in South Sudan?


Turkey’s ‘Deep State’ Has a Secret Back Channel to Assad

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently patched up ties with Russia and Israel. Are a couple of nationalist politicians laying the groundwork for a deal with Syria’s strongman?


Relative of American Jailed in Iran Pleads for U.S. Help

Cousin urges Washington to cut a deal with Tehran to secure release of Iranian-American businessman and his elderly father.


A Humanitarian Intervention in the West Wing

The State Department's Syria dissenters realize it’s time to plan for a post-Obama Middle East.

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