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The U.S. Doesn’t Have a Backup Plan for Negotiations with Iran

Barring a surprise last-minute breakthrough, it looks like the June 30 deadline for the negotiations over the future of Iran's nuclear program will pass without a ...


The Iran Deal Proves That Peace Is Possible

We need to recognize that this is an unprecedented diplomatic effort.


Detained American Journalist Freed in Yemen

American journalist Casey Coombs, held by Houthi rebels in Yemen since last month, was released Monday.


After Eight Years and Few Wins, Tony Blair Steps Down as Mideast Peace Envoy

His most notable achievement as Middle East peace envoy: moving his offices out of a hotel and into a permanent location.


Palestine Scores Major Victory With Vatican Recognition of Statehood

While many argue that the Vatican’s statement Wednesday has no legal significance, it does have important symbolic weight.


Can Pope Francis Get the Church’s Mind Off Sex?

Pope Francis wants to move away from divisive fights over sex, abortion and gay rights. Behind the scenes at the U.N., Vatican diplomats are focusing on little else.


Taliban Take Credit for Fatal Pakistani Helicopter Crash

A helicopter crash killed seven in Pakistan on Friday, and now the Taliban is taking credit for it.

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