Rewriting Syria's War

An influential, unpublished report looks to radically revise notions of how to achieve peace in this war-torn country.


Can Palestine Win Its Fight Against Occupation by Going Through the United Nations Security Council?

For the last several weeks, the United Nations Security Council has been the focus of unusually intense activity related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Palestinian and ...


A New Dawn in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba — President Barack Obama has finally cut the Gordian Knot of U.S.-Cuban relations that none of his 10 predecessors could manage to untie. ...

Shadow Government

Is Iran Already Cheating on a Nuclear Deal?

A new report by an opposition group alleges that Tehran is still pursuing weaponization.


Prince William Wants the World to Help Save the Rhinos

Prince William used his first trip to Washington to condemn the illegal wildlife trade on Monday. After meeting with President Barack Obama in the morning, ...


A Good ‘Freeze’ in Aleppo Is Not Enough

As the Obama administration searches for a Syria policy, some officials have become intrigued by an old idea that the United Nations now hopes could ...

The Cable

White House and Top Democrat Clash Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

The long-simmering fight between the White House and the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has roared back to life over the Obama ...


Libya’s Last Glimpse of Hope

Libya is in a sorry state. Fighting continues at the extremist-controlled international airport in Tripoli, which the Libyan air force attacked last week. City centers ...

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

After Cuba Comes Iran

After Cuba Comes Iran

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

The Security Council Intifada

The Security Council Intifada

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