How to Contain an Asian Country That Will Remain Nameless

U.S. naval forces are about to release a revised maritime strategy. The last one, in 2007, didn't mention China. Don't bet on that this time around.


Hitting Doubles in Havana

The Obama administration is beginning negotiations, in earnest, with the Castro regime. But getting to democracy and free market capitalism may take a while.


The Replacements

Can a team of retired American diplomats stop North Korea’s nuclear program?

Shadow Government

Can Obama’s One-Sided Cuba Deal Be Salvaged?

The White House misplayed its strong hand, but negotiations are just getting started. Here's what Washington should be asking for.


The Palestinians Decide to Roll the Dice at the United Nations

A new Palestinian resolution setting a timeline for an Israeli withdrawal risks a serious rupture with the United States.


Rewriting Syria's War

An influential, unpublished report looks to radically revise notions of how to achieve peace in this war-torn country.


Can Palestine Win Its Fight Against Occupation by Going Through the United Nations Security Council?

The Palestinians have brought their fight against occupation to the United Nations. Is the United States too boxed in to stop them?

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