Nuclear Inspectors Have Snazzy New Tools to Catch Iran Cheating

The catch: Iran gets to approve which ones the IAEA can use.


The United States Botched the Syria Talks Before They Even Began

By kowtowing to Russia and accepting that Bashar al-Assad might be able to stay on, America all but guaranteed Syria's bloody war will drag on.


Dear Obama, Assad Is the Problem

By refusing to address his fate, the United States is dooming the current round of peace talks to failure.


North Korea Loves Accusing Americans of ‘Hostile Acts.’ That’s Because ‘Hostile Acts’ Can Be Just About Anything.

An American has been detained in North Korea for conspiring to commit "hostile acts." He's certainly not the first to face those accusations.

Best Defense

The real significance of Iran’s seizure and quick release of 2 U.S. Navy patrol boats

  By David Crist Best Defense guest columnist The importance of last week’s event in the Persian Gulf goes beyond current political sound bites. It ...


Missing the Peace for the Trees

Natural resources play a role in nearly half of the world's conflicts, but when it comes to ending wars, they're almost always forgotten.


Why Burma Must Reset Its Relationship With China

Paradoxical as it may sound, Burma’s democratic transition cannot succeed without Beijing.

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