Kennedy Threats Add to Tough Stretch for U.S. Diplomats in Asia

On Thursday, the State Department confirmed that U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy -- one of Washington’s best-known and highest-profile diplomats -- had received multiple death threats by phone last month.


Coup Fatigue in Caracas

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro uses the threat of coups to distract from the problems of his own regime. The excuse is wearing thin.


North Korea Calls Stabbing of U.S. Ambassador a ‘Knife Attack of Justice’

North Korea makes the most out of an attack against U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert in its latest move to troll the United States.

Shadow Government

Bibi the Bridge Burner

As word leaks out that the Obama administration is prepared to agree to a 10 year deal with Iran, after which Tehran could go full ...


Unmade in the USA

Special Feature: The inside story of a foreign-policy failure.


A Lose-Lose in Aleppo

The U.N.’s plan to “freeze” the conflict in Syria is a gift to Bashar al-Assad. No wonder the rebels aren’t buying it.

Shadow Government

I Don’t Think That Nuclear Deal Means What You Think It Means

In Washington, 10 years is a long time -- more than two presidential terms. In the antique land of Persia, however, it is the blink of an eye. ...

Shadow Government

Old Type Great Power Relations

Chinese President Xi Jingping cannot be faulted for offering up a formula for Sino-American relations that he calls “New Type Great Power Relations.” From Xi’s ...

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