The Cable

Rex Tillerson (Finally) Goes On the Record

A rare on-the-record interview gives a glimpse into the mind of America’s quietest diplomat-in-chief.


Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan is Crashing Against Political Reality

Both Israelis and Palestinians are chafing under the Trump administration's plans to revive the long-moribund peace process.

The Cable

Tillerson Tries Hand at Shuttle Diplomacy to End Gulf Feud

The secretary of state will spend this week shoring up Kuwaiti efforts to end the GCC-Qatar showdown.

The Cable

Nikki Haley and Trump’s Doctrine of Diplomatic Chaos

The U.S. envoy to the U.N. concedes that American foreign policy is unpredictable, and that's OK.

The Cable

Sudan Hires U.S. Lobbyist to Roll Back Sanctions

As Khartoum tries to convince the Trump administration it's worth more as a counterterror partner than as a designated sponsor of terrorism.

The Cable

Trump Taps Wealthy Political Donor, Philanthropist, as Next U.S. Ambassador to Canada

To help whether some stormy seas Trump brought to the U.S.-Canadian relationship.

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