Who Is Really Putting Nepal Back Together?

Half a year after Nepal's devastating earthquake, its the smaller community organizations that are helping the country rebuild, while the giants of disaster relief lag behind.


The Deadliest Stop on the Road on Mecca

Mina, where pilgrims take part in a symbolic stoning of the devil, has been the site of a disproportionate share of hajj deaths.


Watch the Massive Explosion That Just Lit Up a Chinese City

The cause of the explosion was reportedly related to a shipment of explosives to the city's port.


Rebuilding Nepal, from the Government Up

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc in Kathmandu has opened up an opportunity for the reform the country so desperately needs.


The Defenders of Yarmouk

Just a few miles from downtown Damascus, pro-Assad Palestinian militias are fighting a grinding battle to the death against the Islamic State.

Best Defense

War dog of the week: Off to Nepal

Here is Phayu, an urban search and rescue dog from Fairfax County, Virginia, heading to Nepal with her assistant, Jennifer Massey.


Nepal’s Next Disaster

Kathmandu has become a city of makeshift shelters and crowded campsites — and it's setting the stage for a sanitation catastrophe that could kill thousands more.


U.S., China, India Race to Send Aid to Earthquake-Battered Nepal

As the death toll tops 3,700, countries around the world ramp up their ‘disaster diplomacy’ to save lives and bolster relations.


The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis, by the Numbers

Thousands of migrants have died making the dangerous crossing.

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