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10 Wars to Watch in 2015

From Afghanistan to Yemen, the conflicts and crises the world faces in the coming year.


Finding Refuge on a Mine Field

Civilians fleeing attacks in Pakistan have fled over the border to Afghanistan. But a new danger is under their feet.


A Government, Sinking

Why South Koreans can't get over the Sewol ferry disaster.


How to Shut Down a Country and Kill a Disease

China’s response to SARS a decade ago was effective but brutal. Is there a better way to stop the spread of Ebola?


Yahtzee Meets the Hot Zone

The nightmarish Ebola board game that's starting to look all too real.


How to Keep Ebola Out of Your Neighborhood

There’s a way to prevent the virus from spreading, but the answer isn’t travel bans.


The Toxic Politics of Ebola

In Guinea, the epidemic isn’t just killing people. It’s threatening to tear the country apart.


Stay of Expulsion

The government may not be kicking international aid workers out of South Sudan after all, but rising tensions between the two are getting worse -- and hurting the people who desperately need their help.

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