Is Paul Krugman Seeing Double or Just Hung Over?

The Nobel Prize-winning economist is of two minds when it comes to the harbingers of China's coming economic doldrums.


Washington’s Big China Screw-up

U.S. efforts to oppose a $50 billion China-led infrastructure bank have backfired. Experts explain why.

Observation Deck

Should Putin Let the Ruble Bottom Out?

The Russian president is just the latest in a long line of national leaders with a sentimental, ill-fated attachment to propping up their countries’ currencies.


If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

The U.S. walks back opposition to Beijing’s new infrastructure bank after calls to shun it were ignored by the rest of the world.


Why Mario Draghi Is Too Optimistic

Sure, there are some favorable trends in the eurozone's near future. But "sustained recovery" is a bit much.


Russian Duma Dissident Believes West Must Save Ukraine to Defeat Putin

Foreign Policy interviews Russian Duma member Ilya Ponomarev.


The Secret to Making China’s Economy Grow Forever

Developed countries from the U.S. to Korea have all hit a growth rate ceiling as they've grown richer. Will this be China's fate? Not if Li Keqiang has anything to say about it.

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