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Welcome to Afghanistan’s Peace College

Can you teach your way out of a war?

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Cutthroat Academic Competition Is Ruining a Generation of Youth

The 'gaokao' college entrance exam is really a merciless struggle for wealth and power.

Best Defense

To bridge the gap between the military and society, try this grass roots approach

Best Defense contributor asks what can be done to close the civ-mil gap.

China U

China’s Hot New Luxury Item: the SAT

Wealthy Chinese students are ditching the country’s infamous college entrance exam and taking America’s standardized test instead.

The Cable

Making ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ Sound Sexy

Since January, students at 23 universities around the world have taken part in a “peer-to-peer” competition to research, design, and launch U.S. State Department-backed social media campaigns aimed at countering the influence of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in their communities.

Tea Leaf Nation

Stephen Schwarzman Wants to Create a Global Network for Peace

The private equity mogul does not think of his eponymous China studies program as just a scholarship — he thinks of it as a way to avoid war.

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