Tea Leaf Nation

The Fading American Dreams of China’s Most Notorious ‘Snakehead’

Before she died in prison, Sister Ping smuggled thousands of migrants from an obscure Chinese county to U.S. shores. Some now wish they'd never left.


America Is Turning Into a Confederacy of Dunces

Why is Donald Trump within a whisker of the White House? Two-thirds of the country can’t even name the three branches of government.


The Beast of Misogyny

“I am consistently saddened and angered by the lack of educational opportunities that meet tens of millions of girls because of early marriage, war, migration, ...

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s High-Pressure Network of Cram-Schools for Tots

Chinese kindergartens are required to go easy. That means many youngsters study overtime.


Fethullah Gulen’s Race to the Top Is Over

The Turkish cleric's decades-long plan to use schools to acquire political power and cultural influence has ended in shambles.


Erdogan’s Purge Is a Sectarian War

The alliance between Erdogan and Gulen came apart because it's impossible to reconcile their rival interpretations of Islam — and Islamism.


Boarding Schools Are a National Security Threat

Britain and the United States rely on elite, private academies to mold their future leaders. Instead of cultivating statesmen, they’re producing brutish, entitled, insecure bullies.

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