Soldiers for Ignorance

Why the Taliban can’t win in its fight against the future -- and other bad omens for 2015.


The Pakistani Taliban's War on Education, by the Numbers

The Pakistani Taliban's ruthless attacks on schools, teachers, and activists have disrupted the education of hundreds of thousands of Pakistani children.

Best Defense

If I could change only one thing in military personnel policy (II): I’d change the culture of the institution

By Donald E. Vandergriff Best Defense guest columnist "The principal thing now is to increase the responsibilities of the individual man, particularly his independence of ...

Best Defense

Just when you thought the Army had its shit together, it puts out a paper like this

I really wanted to like this new Army white paper on "The Human Dimension: A Framework for Optimizing Human Performance." I had hoped, following the ...


Chasing Away the Democracy Blues

  This article is based on the keynote address from the conference “Does Democracy Matter?” co-sponsored by the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Kennan ...


Nigerian Girls Brought Back — Maybe

More than six months after the highly publicized kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls by Boko Haram in Chibok in northeastern Nigeria, a newly reached cease-fire deal ...

Shadow Government

Why the U.S. Should Worry About the Global Education Problem

I just finished Gabriel Zinny's Educación 3.0, which covers the changing landscape of education both in the United States and in Latin America. The radical ...

Tea Leaf Nation

Are Chinese Donations to American Universities Unpatriotic?

On the morning of September 8, Harvard University celebrated what school President Drew Gilpin Faust called an historic moment after it received a $350 million ...

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

After Cuba Comes Iran

After Cuba Comes Iran

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

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