The South Asia Channel

India’s Elementary Mistake

The Modi government's planned cuts to elementary education spending are a step in the wrong direction for India.


Dozens Dead After Terrorist Rampage at Pakistani University

It remains unclear who is responsible for a deadly terrorist attack that left dozens dead at a Pakistani university Wednesday.

Best Defense

The other side of the CGSC story: Some of our Army officers are functionally illiterate

Unlike the other armed services, who only send 25 percent or fewer members of each year group to resident staff college, the Army sends almost 50 percent of each year group. This results in functionally illiterate Army majors coming to CGSC.

Best Defense

A letter to the West Point Class of 2014: No combat patch? That’s no problem!

Best of Best Defense: Number 16 in our list of the most viewed posts of 2015. This post ran originally on April 22, 2014.

The Cable

Los Angeles Schools Close Due to Unspecified Threat

Officials cite the San Bernardino attack in their decision to shut down schools across Los Angeles.


Watch Japan’s New Education Minister Wrestle Ric Flair

Surprisingly, Hiroshi Hase is not the first professional wrestler to become a high-ranking official in Japan's government.

Best Defense

When I hear PME types use the word ‘rigor,’ I gotta throw the bullshit flag

A new academic year has commenced at many Professional Military Education (PME) programs. Per the 2009 Congressional assessment, PME must: “continuously evolve in order to imbue service members with the intellectual agility to assume expanded roles and to perform new missions in an ever dynamic and increasingly complicated security environment.”


Egypt’s Besieged Universities

The country’s scholars had better teach from President Sisi’s textbook — or else.

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