American Universities Are Welcoming China’s Trojan Horse

A growing number of Confucius Institutes are importing Chinese censorship into U.S. campuses.


Elmo Joins the Forever War

"Sesame Street" is heading to Syrian refugee camps, a blessing for kids with little hope. Better yet, experts say, Elmo and friends can help fight extremism.


Brazil’s New Problem With Blackness

As the proudly mixed-race country grapples with its legacy of slavery, affirmative-action race tribunals are measuring skull shape and nose width to determine who counts as disadvantaged.

Best Defense

Book excerpt: Defense Secretary Mattis discusses his favorite books, and why

General James Mattis has accumulated perhaps one of the largest personal libraries of an active-duty military officer ever known in the modern world.

Best Defense

Should NCOs be required to write better?

An Australian regimental sergeant major thinks they should up their literary game.

Best Defense

You so smart? Then this job is for you.

I actually think lots of Best Defense readers would enjoy this gig.

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