Inside Saudi Arabia’s Push to Silence Criticism of Its Brutal War in Yemen

Behind the scenes at the U.N., Riyadh and its friends are blocking resolutions and killing human rights investigations.


The New Strongman of the U.N. Security Council

From Burundi to Syria, the lone Arab member of the U.N. Security Council is sparking concerns that it’s working to weaken international human rights norms.


Sisi Is Too Scared of His Own Police to Care That Italy Recalled Its Ambassador

Egypt lost a close ally when Italy's envoy to Cairo was recalled Friday, but Sisi is busy prioritizing internal affairs.

Shadow Government

Obama is Shaking the Foundations of the Camp David Accords

President Obama's unwillingness to truly take on the Islamic State in conjunction with its decision to redeploy the MFO may be the beginning of the end of the Camp David Accords.


Sometimes a Hijacking Means a Free Stopover in Beautiful Cyprus

Egyptians are joking on social media that a hijacked flight with a happy ending isn't anything to complain about.


World Powers Bolster Punishments Against U.N. Sex Abusers

The U.N. Security Council gives the world body chief authority to repatriate foreign peacekeeping contingents over sex crimes.


Months After ISIS Attack, Egypt’s Tourism Industry Still Paying the Price

More than 70 percent of Egypt's diving centers in the Red Sea have had to close down as tourists avoid vacationing in Egypt.


Going Once, Going Twice: Egypt’s Sisi Was for Sale on eBay

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi suggested he would sell himself to fix the country's debt. So someone put him up for sale on eBay.


One Reason Egyptian Mass Trials Are a Bad Idea: Four-Year-Olds Get Life in Prison

A four-year-old's sentencing in Egypt has shed light on the country's controversial mass trials.

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