Relaxed Uniform Regulations Let Egyptian Volleyball Players Compete Against Bikini-Clad Germans

Egypt sent their first-ever women's beach volleyball team to the Olympics this year, and they were allowed to compete fully clad.


Killing Fields in the Egyptian Desert

Eight vacationing Mexican tourists and four tour guides were gunned down — out of the blue — by Egyptian military aircraft. What happened?


Egyptian Lawmakers to Washington: Don’t Tell Us Not to Kill Civilians If You’re Going To

Politicians in Egypt are calling the United States out for hypocrisy in the wake of police shootings.

The Cable

SitRep: EgyptAir Wreckage Found; NATO Debates Libya Ops

Russia mad at NATO, again; more Libya operations; and lots more


Flight 804: Slipping Through the Cracks

Airports are supposed to be some of the most secure places on earth. If an Egyptian airliner was brought down by terrorists after leaving Paris, authorities will face the grim reality that they aren’t safe enough.


Live Blog: EgyptAir Flight Disappears Over Mediterranean

Follow FP's coverage throughout the day for live updates about the EgyptAir crash.


Cambridge Researchers Find World’s Youngest Mummy

A CT scan on an old artifact revealed the remains of a tiny mummified fetus.


How to Defeat Extremism Without Becoming Egypt’s Microserf

As Cairo enlists Microsoft’s help in curbing terrorism, experts say the tech giant must avoid being a prop for Egypt’s crackdown on free expression.


Tom and Jerry, Terrorists of the Cartoon World

An Egyptian media official says the beloved children's show "Tom and Jerry" has given rise to violent extremism.


Inside Saudi Arabia’s Push to Silence Criticism of Its Brutal War in Yemen

Behind the scenes at the U.N., Riyadh and its friends are blocking resolutions and killing human rights investigations.

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