ISIS in Egypt Claims to Have Beheaded Croatian Hostage

Tomislav Salopek, an employee of a French geosciences firm, was kidnapped in Cairo last month.


President Sisi’s Canal Extravaganza

With spectacle and ceremony, Egypt's president unveiled an unnecessary infrastructure project in a country that is falling to pieces.


Islamic State Sinai Affiliate Claims to Have Hit Egyptian Ship With Missile

It's the latest escalation in a brutal fight between the Egyptian government and Islamist militants.


Egypt’s Coming Chaos

The assassination of a top official and a brazen attack by an Islamic State affiliate this week herald a prolonged period of bloodshed.


The Mystery of Islam Salah al-Din Atitu

The Cairo university student left home to take a final exam. The next day, he turned up in a city morgue, with marks of torture on his body, and police peddling a suspicious story about how he got there.


Egypt’s Quiet Social Revolution

The generation that launched the Tahrir Square revolution in 2011 is changing the country again.


Sisi’s Islam

Egypt’s president is taking control of the country's mosques — and risks driving his enemies underground.


Egypt’s Sisi Is Getting Pretty Good … at Being a Dictator

But will the army continue to back the president if the economy starts to tank?


Even in the Fake Kingdom of North Sudan, Disney Princesses Are White

Jeremiah Heaton wanted to start his own kingdom to make his daughter a princess, and ended up being called a colonialist. But that didn't stop Disney from wanting to make a movie about it.

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