The Islamic State Says It Used This Bomb to Down a Russian Airliner

The image shows a can of Schweppes Gold and what appears to be a detonator and a switch on a blue background.


‘He Would Not Accept Censorship’: Egyptian Journalist’s Arrest Signals Sisi’s Growing Anxieties

The arrest of Hossam Bahgat in Egypt this weekend is just the latest in a string of attempts by the Egyptian government to cover up bad news.


Putin Suspends All Russian Flights to Egypt as Fears of Terror Attack Grow

Is Moscow getting ready to acknowledge the Russian charter jet downed over the Sinai Peninsula may have been felled by a bomb?


The Death of Politics in Sisi’s Egypt

Egyptians are going to the polls to elect their first parliament in over three years — but whichever party wins, the country's strongman-in-chief looks poised to come out on top.


Is the Islamic State Taking Its Fight to the Skies?

The militants who control much of Syria and Iraq may be taking a page from the al Qaeda handbook and trying to blow up passenger jets.


U.K.: Explosive Device May Have Downed Russian Charter Jet Over Egypt

Britain raises the chance that an explosive took down the Russian charter over Egypt.


Disaster Could Sink Egyptian Tourism, Push Putin Deeper Into Syria

The Egypt air disaster has implications for Egyptian tourism and the fight against the Islamic State.

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