The Cable

Why Did Several Arab Countries Suddenly Cut Ties With Qatar?

On the heels of Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, that country and others cut Gulf ties.


The Cynical Conspiracy War on Egypt’s Christians

The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t behind the callous mass murder of Copts, but it’s certainly fanning the flames of hatred.

The Cable

Dozens of Coptic Christians Gunned Down in Egypt Attack

The latest in a spate of attacks in Egypt against Christians.

The Cable

Time to Rethink the U.S.-Egypt Relationship, Experts Tell Senate

While Trump embraces Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, key lawmakers are losing their patience.

Elephants in the Room

Sisi’s Meeting With Trump Was a Success

Egypt needs a boost in both military and economic assistance, not a cutback

The Cable

For Trump and El-Sisi, Counterterrorism Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Trump voices unqualified support for El-Sisi. Egyptian leader compliments Trump’s “unique personality.”

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