With the Elephant Out of the Room, Republicans Turn to Other Targets

In the final debate before the pivotal Iowa caucus, Donald Trump’s rivals tried to make the most of his absence -- and to find ways of slowing Ted Cruz.


The Britishness of Not Banning Trump

Parliament's little-attended debate over banning the inflammatory Republican front-runner shows the country has a more fitting way to deal with The Donald — ridicule.

Shadow Government

How Foreign Policy Can Unite the Republican Presidential Field

While candidates are quibbling over degrees of difference, they should be able to agree on the need for America to remain at the world's helm.


Egypt’s Roadmap to Nowhere

The new parliament in Cairo is just a fig leaf for President Sisi's authoritarian rule.


Venezuela Just Swore in Its First Transgender Legislator

By becoming a member of the country's National Assembly, Tamara Adrián just made history. But what will she do next?

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