Stealing Elections Is All in the Game

Moscow didn’t do anything in America’s last election that Washington hasn’t done elsewhere in the world.

The Cable

The Presidential Transition Is Going Smoothly. In Ghana.

How Ghana silenced the haters and losers by holding free, fair elections and transitioning power peacefully.


The Worst Things of 2016

Donald Trump became president, Russia hacked the U.S. elections, and Europe may have unraveled. But what else awful happened in 2016?


Europe’s Far-Right Anger Is Moving Mainstream

Anti-immigrant, anti-Europe, anti-Muslim sentiment is resonating with more and more voters in Europe.

The Cable

The Weekend Behind, The Week Ahead: What Will the Electoral College Do?

From a potential electoral college showdown to another South China Sea stand-off, here's quick rundown of what happened over the weekend

The Cable

Obama Orders Review of Putin’s Meddling in the U.S. Election

Will the next administration act on any of the findings, or will Congress?

The Cable

Elections in Ghana Marred by Attempt to Hack Website and Calls for the President to Concede

Ghana's elections seemed to be going smoothly. Then the results started coming in.


The Resignation of Renzi, the Fall of Rome

Italians have voted down the grand changes Matteo Renzi envisioned, but can they live with no jobs, no growth, and no reforms?

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