A Big Disappointment for Democratic Hopes in Myanmar

With a vote in parliament on Thursday, Myanmar shut down any remaining hopes that iconic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi would be able to run for president later this year, in just the latest sign that the country’s supposed “democratic transition” has stalled.


Venezuela Sets a Date for Change

A desperate hunger strike by Venezuela's best-known political prisoner has pressured the government to call elections.


Are You Better Off Than You Were in 2012?

The perils of running for president on an economic counterfactual.

Shadow Government

Jeb Bush Would Be a Great President … If He Can Win

What do you think of Jeb Bush's chances? That question, in one form or another, has been posed to me countless times in the last ...


The GOP Is Not Going to Win This Election on Foreign Policy

Why Republican hawkishness doesn’t play well with American voters.


Turkey’s Kingmaker Hates Turkey’s King

President Erdogan needs the country’s hard-right nationalists to form a government. But will they play ball?

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