#PrayforParis, Vote for Moi

With just weeks until an election that could change the direction of the republic, France’s politicians have wasted no time turning tragedy into talking points.


Burma’s Militarized Ministries

The opposition won a big electoral victory — but in Burma, parliament is not where true power lies.

Christian Caryl

Burma Gives a Big Thumbs-Up to Facebook

Four years ago Facebook didn’t exist in Burma. Now it’s the country’s most important source of information.

Shadow Government

Adieu, Turkish Democracy

How Erdogan held on to power in the November elections.

Shadow Government

Waiting for the Myanmar Miracle

Did the Obama administration facilitate the country's democratic groundswell?


On the Campaign Trail with Saudi Arabia’s First Women Candidates

Saudi women are running for office in upcoming municipal elections for the first time -- and discovering the rules as they go.

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