Will Theresa May’s Coalition Bring New Troubles to Northern Ireland?

Hard-line unionist politics and a resurgent Sinn Fein are butting heads in Belfast. But with the DUP as kingmaker in Westminster, things could get really ugly.

The Cable

Let Us Try to Unpack All the Ways the U.K. Election Could Break

It’s not what Theresa May was shooting for.

The Cable

Theresa May’s Snap Election Gamble Seems to Have Backfired

She appears to have won, but short of a parliamentary majority.


Voting for Jeremy Corbyn Isn’t Just Dumb. It’s Dangerous.

British voters already pulled the lever for Brexit. Will they elect a terrorist-loving, Jew-baiting, NATO-hater as prime minister next?

Elephants in the Room

Who Is Theresa May and What Does She Stand For?

Uncertain times call for inspired and inspiring leaders, and the question is whether the British prime minister is up to the task.

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