Waiting for Goodluck in Nigeria

Nigeria’s resurgent president has made the most of a six-week election postponement, taking the fight to Boko Haram and stumping across the country. But are Nigerians too fed up with corrupt government to re-elect him?


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Never Trust Netanyahu

The Israeli prime minister’s last-minute political ploys prove that he’s an opportunist of the worst kind. And the U.S. has to stop enabling his bad behavior.


A New Voice for Israel’s Arab Citizens

Israel wasn’t going to change its policies toward Palestinians no matter who won the election. But with the third-largest party in the Knesset, Arabs can find a silver lining in the new political landscape.


How Bibi Pulled It Off

Israel’s embattled prime minister rallied the right wing to a surprisingly solid victory. But holding his coalition together will be an even bigger challenge.


Israel’s Elections Could Turn on Vote Sharing Agreements With Smaller Parties

In a close election like this one, deals made with other parties could be vital for a Herzog or a Netanyahu win.

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