EU to Gazprom: Stop Playing Dirty

Brussels accuses Russia’s energy giant of breaching antitrust rules, potentially weakening one of the Kremlin's main foreign-policy weapons.


Europe Throws Down the Gauntlet at Gazprom

Antitrust charges against the Russian energy giant would add another twist to prickly relations between Brussels and Moscow.


China Invests Billions in Its ‘All-Weather Friendship’ With Pakistan

New energy and infrastructure deals with Islamabad are starting to flesh out both pillars of Beijing’s Silk Road plans. That may not be a bad thing after all.


The U.S. Needs to End Its Ban on Crude Oil Exports

We can help our allies and undermine our adversaries if we get rid of this antiquated policy.


One of the world's oldest oil firms is betting the farm that natural gas is the wave of the future

The biggest energy deal in a decade is a $70 billion bet that the world is indeed entering the "Age of Gas."


The Pot of Gold at the End of the Iranian Rainbow

Companies far and wide are drooling over the prospect of an opening to Iran. But doubts over the nuclear deal and the future of sanctions still dampen Tehran’s hopes for an early rehabilitation.


Tentative Nuclear Agreement Doesn’t Mean Iran’s Open for Business

The agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 countries offers the sanctions relief that Tehran demanded. But that won't translate into a stampede of fresh investment or a gusher of Iranian oil exports anytime soon.


White House Announces Big Climate Change Goals Ahead of Paris Summit

The U.S. pledges to accelerate cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the hopes of prodding other countries to reach a binding, global accord later this year.

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