Reefer Madness in the South China Sea

Breakneck construction on disputed atolls has China’s neighbors -- and the United States -- worried about just what Beijing is up to in the world’s watery flash point.


What Sri Lanka's Change in Heart Over Chinese Port Project Says About Xi's Pivot

What the back-and-forth over a port project in Colombo says about Beijing’s plans to dominate the Indian Ocean.


Game Change: U.S. Oil Revolution Has Torn Up the Rule Book

In a radically different oil market, says the International Energy Agency, the United States looks like the winner and Russia and other ailing petrostates the losers.


Shale Fail

The continent has tried to start its own shale energy revolution. But tricky geology, clumsy governments, and environmental protesters seem to have smothered it in the cradle.


Don’t Look Now, but Oil Prices Are Rising

Crude’s six-month lemming plunge seems to have ended. But the factors that caused it in the first place haven’t gone away.


The Senate Just Approved a Pipeline to Nowhere

The Keystone XL project passed the Senate, but is certain to be vetoed by President Obama.


Iraq Wants to Fight the Islamic State. It Has to Fight Falling Oil Prices First.

Baghdad will lose tens of billions of dollars this year because of plunging crude prices. That’s going to weaken its military -- and the rest of the tottering Iraqi government.

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