U.S., China, and Brazil Make Climate Pledges Ahead of Paris Summit

Major economies, rich and poor alike, are taking serious steps to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s a sea change in global efforts to fight rising temperatures.


The Next Iranian Revolution

With an end to sanctions in sight, one of the world’s richest oil and gas prizes is about to open up. That makes some nervous, but has oil majors and energy-hungry countries rubbing their hands in anticipation.


Earthquakes Rattle Production at Europe’s Biggest Gas Field

The EU's reliance on imported energy could get even worse in the wake of the Netherlands’ decision to cap gas output at Groningen.


What’s Really Happening With the Yukos Case

European courts are targeting Russian assets in a $50 billion commercial dispute. That has the Kremlin apoplectic and threatening reprisals.


Europe Deals a Double Blow to Putin’s Russia

A Belgian court goes after Russian assets in the decade-old Yukos case just as Brussels renews economic sanctions on Moscow through the rest of the year.


There’s Hope for Tackling Climate Change After All

Economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions are going their separate ways, says the International Energy Agency. That opens the door to a Paris climate agreement that’s good for growth and for the planet.


Why Putin Is Squaring Off With Tokyo

Japan wants to end a decades-long fight with Russia over control of the Kuril Islands. But a paranoid Kremlin is doubling down instead.

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