The Cable

Rick Perry Wants to Keep (And Run) The Energy Department

Energy Secretary-nominee Rick Perry learned what the agency actually does, and sounded a lot different than when he ran for president -- and from Trump’s own plans.


Not Even Rick Perry Is Stupid Enough To Resume Testing Nuclear Weapons

Yes, America’s nuclear arsenal is old. But there’s simply no good reason to test a bomb in the 21st century.

Shadow Government

A Lesson for Rick Perry: The Department of Energy Doesn’t Produce Much Energy

A former governor of Texas would seem to be a natural choice for secretary of energy. Yet Perry faces a paradox.

The Cable

Rick Perry Tapped to Run U.S. Energy Department He Doesn’t Believe Should Exist

The former Texas governor and Dancing With the Stars contestant waltzes his way into the Trump cabinet.

The Cable

Unlike Trump, Trudeau Plans a Cold Farewell to Canadian Coal Power

America has taken a markedly different political path than its northern neighbor. Canada’s pledge to end coal power is the latest example.

The Cable

With the Trump Win, Will Iran’s First Post-Sanctions Energy Deal Be Its Last?

Tehran finally enticed foreign investment, but concern about a return of sanctions hangs over the energy sector’s future.

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