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U.S. Mulls Lifting Oil Export Ban, but a Tough Sell on the Hill

Congress keeps trying to lift the 40-year-old ban on crude exports. Politics keeps getting in the way.

The Cable

Shell Admits Defeat in the Arctic

Royal Dutch Shell cancels oil exploration operation off Alaska’s coast, the latest warning sign that finding Arctic oil is easier said than done.


Searching for Leads in the Opening Arctic

Disappearing ice, Russia’s newest land grab, and a new great game at the top of the world. An FP special report.


Europe Doubles Down on Russian Gas

After years of talking the talk of reducing reliance on Russian energy, why is Europe now seemingly poised to cement its dependence with a huge new pipeline across the Baltic?


The Gulf’s Castles of Sand

Oil prices have plummeted, leaving Saudi Arabia and its allies with a long-term economic crisis — just as Iran’s economy looks poised for rapid gains.


Good News for Egypt’s Gas Sector Could Be Bad News for Israel

The discovery of a “supergiant” gas field in Egyptian waters could give Cairo a political and economic boost at the expense of Israel’s own offshore reserves.


Obama Uses Arctic Trip to Hammer Republicans on Climate Change

The president says the melting Arctic shows that global warming is real -- and that the GOP is in denial about its causes and impact.

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