Oil Prices Have Yet to Hit the Floor

Surging crude inventories in the United States send prices lower, threatening more pain for shale producers but a boost for the global economy.


Hydropower and the Challenge of Climate Change

Clean hydroelectric plants are meant to help the world fight global warming. But what happens when climate change clouds hydro's own future?


Will Cheap Oil Spell the End of Cheap Energy in the Middle East?

Plunging crude prices prompt calls for an end to wasteful energy subsidies in the region. That’s a lot easier said than done.


Ukraine’s ‘Courageous’ Energy Reforms Meant to Erode Russia’s Leverage

Kiev has been prodded for years to make key economic reforms, especially in the energy sector. With the economy in meltdown and the IMF still pushing, Ukraine is finally seizing the day.


West Threatens New Sanctions Against Russia

U.S. and European policymakers are meeting to craft new restrictions, but it's unclear what Russian action would prompt them.


Central Asia’s Cheap Oil Double Whammy

Lower oil prices and a tottering Russian economy are multiplying headaches from Baku to Bishkek. But that could be a boost for China’s Silk Road dreams.

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