Ethanol Is Holy in Iowa. So Why Is Cruz Going After It?

Corn ethanol is Iowa's golden goose. But days before the state's pivotal caucus, the senator is gambling that he can bash it — and still win the vote.


America’s Looming Gas Revolution

After years of waiting, the United States is ready to start exporting natural gas — into a very different world from what it expected.


Don’t Blame China for Plunging Oil Prices

Like other markets buffeted by Chinese economic headwinds, the oil market is in free-fall. But China’s slowdown isn’t really doing much to dampen its thirst for oil.


Cheap Oil Means the State of the Union Is … Not Great

Crude oil’s plunge would have been cause for celebration in years past. But falling prices today are hammering many of the states that enjoyed oil-fueled economic boom years.


The IPO to End All IPOs?

Oil is at its lowest price in a decade. So why is Saudi Arabia selling off part of its trillion-dollar oil company?


Oil Prices Have Hit a 10-Year Low. They’re Not Going to Stay There.

With demand still growing and output finally shrinking, today’s cheap oil could nearly triple in price in coming years.


Saudi Arabia and Iran Are at Each Other’s Throats. Why Are Oil Prices Falling?

So much crude is sloshing around the globe that even the prospect of growing Mideast unrest isn’t enough to spook oil traders.


The Afghanistan Land Bridge Is Finally Here

A long-awaited gas pipeline could bring prosperity and stability to some of the poorest countries in Central and South Asia. But can the project survive Kandahar?

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