New York Investigates Exxon’s Climate Skepticism

Exxon and other energy companies are in the crosshairs of prosecutors who accuse them of deliberately downplaying the risks posed by climate change.


Controversial Keystone Pipeline Could Be Next President’s Problem

The company slated to build the Keystone XL pipeline is giving the administration a gift by delaying its request for a decision until Obama leaves office.

The Cable

The Volkswagen Emissions Cheat Scandal Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier

The EPA says Volkswagen's luxury brands also have an emissions cheat.

The Cable

Watchdog Blasts the Pentagon’s $43M Gas Station That Will Fuel Few Cars in Afghanistan

DoD built a $43 million gas station in Afghanistan that no one can use.


China’s Leaner and Greener 5-Year Plan

Leadership in Beijing is set to consolidate a new model of economic development for China that could curb energy use and emissions even earlier than expected.

Best Defense

The Natural Security column: Hey, is energy independence really a good thing?

On November, 25 1973, President Richard Nixon addressed the nation in prime time. “Throughout its history, America has made great sacrifices of blood and also of treasure to achieve and maintain its independence,” he said. “In the last third of this century, our independence will depend on maintaining and achieving self-sufficiency in energy.”


China Gut Punches the Global Oil Market

The Chinese economy is growing at its slowest pace since the financial crisis. That could be bad news for oil producers who gambled on China's unquenchable thirst for oil.

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