Cheap Oil Drives Calls for Gas-Tax Hike

But the bigger struggle will be to leverage that breathing room into political support for a broader carbon tax.


Bulgaria Is the New Battleground in Fighting Russian Energy Dominance

Why the energy agendas of the United States, Europe, and Russia are colliding head-on in Bulgaria, a small, Russophile country in the far-off corner of Europe.


Nicolas Maduro’s Excellent Adventure

With his country's oil-based economy reeling, Venezuelan President Maduro travels the world looking for help.


The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Plunging Oil Prices

Cheaper crude is hammering Russia and Venezuela while boosting oil-thirsty Asia. Its impact on the United States won’t be quite so black and white.


For Venezuelans, the Fall in Oil Prices Is Personal

It doesn't matter if you're a housekeeper, a repairman, or a restaurant owner: If you're Venezuelan, you're feeling the pain.


Republican Congress To Set Sights on Energy, Environment

A GOP-led Senate will give congressional Republicans a chance to tick off their bucket list, starting with Keystone XL. But undoing Obama’s green legacy will likely prove a lot harder.

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