Obama Calls Climate Denial ‘Dereliction of Duty’

The administration is emphasizing climate change’s security threat, from the melting Arctic to the boiling Middle East. It is an uphill slog.


Three Maps Show the Immense Damage Rising Sea Levels Could Do in China

Bye-bye, Shanghai. Three maps show the immense damage rising sea levels could do.


Chill Out, Arctic Oil Is Still a Long Way Off

Obama's decision to open Alaskan waters to oil drilling infuriated environmental groups, but low prices and high costs could push back operations for years.


China Tops U.S. as Biggest Oil Importer

But Beijing’s big and growing reliance on energy from the Middle East leaves China vulnerable to regional strife and worries over sea lane security.

Observation Deck

Inside Turkey's Reckless Gas Game with Russia

Europe hoped Turkey could help the continent wean itself off Russian fuel. But Ankara might have other plans.


Russia’s Stumbling Pivot to Asia

Moscow and Beijing are trying to cement closer ties, but delays in high-profile energy deals highlight lingering tensions between the two American rivals.

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