Here We Go Again: Putin Threatens to Shut Off Ukraine's Gas

Russia’s latest threats to cut off natural gas supplies to Kiev are part and parcel of its growing push to force the West to back down in the battle for Ukraine.


The Crashing Natural Gas Prices Are Good For China -- But not the U.S. or Russia

Plunging natural gas prices in Asia are a boon for some countries -- but a massive headache from Vladivostok to Vancouver.


British Plans for Nuclear Power Spark European Fight

Austria’s pushback against British nuclear energy plans casts a shadow over the future of Hinkley Point -- and the common European energy market.


Game Change: U.S. Oil Revolution Has Torn Up the Rule Book

In a radically different oil market, says the International Energy Agency, the United States looks like the winner and Russia and other ailing petrostates the losers.


Shale Fail

The continent has tried to start its own shale energy revolution. But tricky geology, clumsy governments, and environmental protesters seem to have smothered it in the cradle.

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