U.S., China, and Brazil Make Climate Pledges Ahead of Paris Summit

Major economies, rich and poor alike, are taking serious steps to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s a sea change in global efforts to fight rising temperatures.


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The Hunt for the Last Chilean Sea Bass Poachers

They were the few ships left of what was once one of the most lucrative illegal fishing operations in history. An inside look at the high seas chases that may have brought them down for good.


Pope Francis Calls for Aggressive Action on Climate Change in Leaked Encyclical

An Italian paper broke embargo and published the document ahead of schedule.


Surreal Images of Hippos and Bears Caught in Devastating Georgian Floods

12 people are dead in flooding that devastated Tbilisi's zoo.

The Cable

EPA Finds No Major Water Impacts From Fracking (Sort Of)

A four-year environmental review into the potential risks of hydraulic fracturing to water supplies largely vindicates the practice, but hardly settles the debate.

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