Australia’s Science Minister Is Psyched for Carp-aggedon

Australia has a plan to rid the Murray River of an invasive carp species by introducing a strain of herpes into the river.


Last Year’s Goldman Prize Winner Was Murdered. Could This Year’s Winner Be Next?

The 46-year-old peasant farmer was awarded the prize for blocking a gold mine in Peru.

The Cable

Volkswagen Emissions Cheat Settlement Short On Specifics

The settlement between the U.S. and Volkswagen is short on details about how much drivers would be paid.

The Cable

Report: Volkswagen to Pay $5,000 To Each U.S. Customer Affected by Diesel Cheat

German media report Volkswagen has agreed to pay billions to settle 'Diesel Gate' in the U.S.


Under President Sanders, the Planet Will Feel the Burn

While he calls global warming an “unprecedented” threat, Bernie Sanders’s energy proposals could actually raise, not lower, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Best Defense

Natural Security: Despite what General Scales said, U.S. military leaders are taking icecap melting seriously

The Russian Defense Ministry recently announced that experts would be flying over the Arctic in early April to check whether the conditions were favorable for "dropping cargoes and possible landing of troops."


King Coal Is Losing His Throne

Peabody Energy joins a growing list of coal miners who are going broke thanks to a perfect storm of cheap natural gas, the slowdown in China, and tougher environmental rules.

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