Three Maps Show the Immense Damage Rising Sea Levels Could Do in China

Bye-bye, Shanghai. Three maps show the immense damage rising sea levels could do.


The Catastrophe We All Saw Coming

Nepalis have long waited anxiously for an earthquake known as The Big One. So why didn’t more of us prepare?


Russia’s Foremost Environmental Activist, in Exile: ‘Oil Is at Fault for Everything.’

Yevgenia Chirikova explains what’s gone wrong in Russia –- and what needs to change.


Gold, Oil, and Cigarettes: How an Obscure Trade Provision Protects the World’s Biggest Companies

Investor-state provisions in free trade agreements allow companies to arbitrate disputes with governments outside of local courts.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Real Inconvenient Truth: Its Class Divide

Solving China's air and water pollution will require addressing the gap between rich urbanites and rural peasants.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s National Conversation on Pollution Has Finally Begun

An "Inconvenient Truth"-style documentary has hundreds of millions suddenly talking.


Watch China’s Silent Assassin in Action

Air pollution still kills thousands of urban-dwelling Chinese each year. Will it take a generation to change?


The Waters Beneath

From floods to droughts to plastic-bottle wastelands, a world with -- and without -- water.

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