Stopping the World’s Most Rapacious Invasive Species, One Fillet at a Time

The Pacific lionfish has taken over the Caribbean, killing reefs and decimating local species. Could Whole Foods be the answer?


From Cocaine Cowboys to Narco-Ranchers

As the drug trade takes over Central America, drug barons have found an increasingly reliable option for laundering their cash: cows.


Troubled Waters

  Iran’s Lake Urmia once boasted flocks of flamingos and swarms of tourists eager to swim in salty waters that covered an area more than ...


Mapped: Killings of Environmental Defenders Surged in 2015

Almost 40 percent of those killed were indigenous people like Berta Cáceres.


Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Actually Care About Saving Leopards

A high-profile, Putin-backed campaign to protect the habitat of Persian leopards has been quietly abandoned, clearing the way for the country’s richest man to expand his ski resort.

The Cable

Volkswagen’s Emissions Cheat Headache Just Got Worse

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund is now targeting the company for its emissions cheat.


Australia’s Science Minister Is Psyched for Carp-aggedon

Australia has a plan to rid the Murray River of an invasive carp species by introducing a strain of herpes into the river.

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