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Volkswagen Emissions Cheat Settlement Short On Specifics

The settlement between the U.S. and Volkswagen is short on details about how much drivers would be paid.

Best Defense

Natural Security: Despite what General Scales said, U.S. military leaders are taking icecap melting seriously

The Russian Defense Ministry recently announced that experts would be flying over the Arctic in early April to check whether the conditions were favorable for "dropping cargoes and possible landing of troops."


There Are More Domestic Tigers in the U.S. Than Wild Ones in the Jungle

For the first time in decades, the global population of wild tigers is rising, but thousands more live in captivity in the United States.

Best Defense

Natural Security: Why you should pay attention to the cryosphere, dammit

There's just an aesthetic pleasure in some words, partly to do with how they sound, but also inextricably tied to what they mean.

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