Waiting to Vanish

As their land disappears into the sea, villagers in the Bay of Bengal struggle to keep their livelihoods.


The 19th-Century Savior for 21st-Century Climate Change

The negotiators in Paris should've asked: What would Alexander von Humboldt do?


The Dirty Secret of the Paris Climate Deal

In order to hit the goal of warming “well below” 2 degrees Celsius, we’re relying on a host of unproven, risky future technologies.


Good COP, Bad COP on Global Climate Accord

The hard-fought Paris agreement is a huge improvement over the failed Kyoto Protocol. But by itself, it won’t be enough to forestall rising temperatures or looming disasters.


Global Climate Change Talks Achieve Far-Ranging Accord

In Paris, more than 190 countries reach historic agreement to reduce greenhouse gases


The Plan from Paris to Save the World

What did 195 countries come up with during the most important climate conference the world has ever seen? Here are the things worth noting.


Who Is Going to Pay to Save the World?

As the Paris climate talks wind down, success is riding on whether the world can agree on how to split the check.


The End of Coal*

As the world finalizes a plan in Paris to fight climate change, the future of coal is looking grim. *But it might be a long slow death.

The Cable

Volkswagen Cheated U.S. Emission Tests To Sell More Cars in the U.S.

Volkswagen admitted its emissions cheat was a result of the company's corporate culture, a blow to the German brand.

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