Shadow Government

Trump’s Environmental Policies Are a Disaster for U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s approach to science generally and to climate change in particular has the makings of a foreign-policy disaster.

The Cable

This Canadian River Disappeared in Four Days Thanks to Climate Change

Lost river is the first case of ‘river piracy’ in the modern era. Geologists say it has wreaked havoc on the local ecosystem.


How Will We Choose to Leave our Earth for Future Generations?

David Rothkopf sits down and speaks with one of FP’s Global Thinker Lifetime Achievement Award winners Dr. Jane Goodall.

The Cable

While Trump Tries to Turn Back the Clock, Europe Swears Off Coal

There's a thick black cloud swirling over King Coal's future.


Starvation Stalks the Horn of Africa

Images from the drought that's pushing Somalia back to the brink of famine.


Is the Paris Climate Agreement Dead?

Trump’s new enviro-rollback seeks to undermine the landmark accord, but an America First energy plan might not mean pulling out entirely.

The Cable

How Trump Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Climate) Bomb

The president is ready to scrap Obama’s climate change measures.


What It’s Like to Live Where It’s Not Even Safe to Breathe

Locals were once outraged about China's poisonous air — now it’s disturbingly normal.

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