What It’s Like to Live Where It’s Not Even Safe to Breathe

Locals were once outraged about China's poisonous air — now it’s disturbingly normal.


In the Battle for His Legacy, Obama Opens a New Arctic Front On Trump

Obama’s surprise -- and potentially sticky ban -- on offshore drilling is the latest midnight regulation in the land of the midnight sun.

The Cable

Pope to Trump, World Leaders: Don’t Abandon the Paris Climate Change Pact

Pope Francis urged world leaders to tackle climate change in an address on Monday. But his message evidently didn’t reach Trump Tower.

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Climate Change Is Just Murdering Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Because 2016 hasn’t been bad enough, the reef endured its largest-ever die-off this year thanks to rising temperatures.

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Unlike Trump, Trudeau Plans a Cold Farewell to Canadian Coal Power

America has taken a markedly different political path than its northern neighbor. Canada’s pledge to end coal power is the latest example.

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Argentina Just Declared War on Beavers

An invasive species that’s wiping out woodlands in Patagonia must be exterminated, officials say.

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Trump May Kill the World’s Last Hope for a Climate Change Pact

The climate change summit in Morocco, like the rest of the world, is now grappling with the implications of Trump’s victory.

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