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The Volkswagen Emissions Cheat Scandal Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier

The EPA says Volkswagen's luxury brands also have an emissions cheat.


China’s Leaner and Greener 5-Year Plan

Leadership in Beijing is set to consolidate a new model of economic development for China that could curb energy use and emissions even earlier than expected.

The Cable

Report: Damage From Volkswagen’s Emissions Cheat Spreads to All of Germany

The U.S. inquiry into the Volkswagen emissions cheat takes a bite out of the German brand.


If a Tree Falls in a National Park …

Activists, journalists, and even Michael Bloomberg have been agitating for Peru to finally make Sierra del Divisor a national park. But would it really save this endangered chunk of the Amazon?

The Cable

Shell Admits Defeat in the Arctic

Royal Dutch Shell cancels oil exploration operation off Alaska’s coast, the latest warning sign that finding Arctic oil is easier said than done.

The Cable

Diesel Emissions Scandal Claims Its First Scalp: Volkswagen’s CEO

The U.S.-led investigation into Volkswagen's emissions cheat claims its first victim.


Volkswagen Scandal Sparks New U.S., European Investigations

Qatar and other foreign investors are losing billions as governments around the world call for probes into Volkswagen's installation of software designed to cheat on U.S. emissions tests in up to 11 million of its cars.

Best Defense

Navy curtails sonar war on whales

This is good to do. Still, I fear that one day, when we eventually learn to communicate with whales (who might be smarter than us), their first question will be, “What the hell were you humans thinking?”

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