After American Killed in Ethiopia Unrest, Ambassador Says Protests Should Never Have Happened

Ethiopia has been experiencing social unrest for nearly a year. And after a weekend stampede, the protests have grown in size.


Ethiopian Olympian: Prime Minister’s Claims I Was Coerced into Protest Are ‘False and Insulting’

Feyisa Lilesa explains why ongoing ethnic violence in Ethiopia stirred him to make his own high-profile protest.


Ethiopian PM Blames Olympic Protest on U.S.-Based Dissenters

In interviews with FP, top Ethiopian officials said that Feyisa Lilesa should not fear for his safety, but that an independent human rights rapporteur will not be allowed into the country.


Congressmen Point to Protesting Ethiopian Olympic Runner as Victim in Fight for Freedom

U.S. congressmen are introducing legislation to protect Ethiopian civilians like the Olympic marathoner who raised his hands in an X as he crossed the finish-line in Rio.


An Olympic Protest Is the Least of Ethiopia’s Worries

Security services are killing demonstrators by the hundreds. But instead of restoring order, the government is tearing itself apart.


Ethiopian Government Promises to Welcome Home Anti-Government Olympian as ‘Hero’

An Ethiopian marathoner is urged to come home after protesting his government at the Olympics.


In Pursuit of the African Dream

Two brothers risked everything for a better future thousands of miles from home. Their crushing story of failure reveals a continent’s broken immigration system.


Around the World in 40 Books

Headed to Rio, Paris, or Cape Town this summer? We asked distinguished writers and thinkers to pick their favorite books about 20 of the world’s great cities.


Africa’s Hottest Frozen Border Boils Over

Hundreds of soldiers just died in the worst flare-up between Ethiopia and Eritrea since their 1998-2000 war. Could a return to open conflict be around the corner?


The Ugly Side of Ethiopia’s Economic Boom

The East African country is facing its biggest protest movement in decades. Its uncompromising approach to development is to blame.

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