The ECB Needs to Know Its Place

The European Central Bank has far overstepped its mandate as a guardian of monetary stability. And a backlash is coming.

The Cable

Beware the Perils of Easy Money

The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are practically giving away money. Experts warn this could create a bubble similar to the one that burst in 2008.


Is the Euro Compatible With Democracy?

Berlin doesn't seem to think so.


The Euro Was a Bad Idea From the Start

Can Europe finally admit it?


Greece Should Not Give In to Germany’s Bullying

It’s not just a question of being morally right -- it’s sound economics. And Athens has a lot more leverage than anyone thinks.

The Cable

The United States Isn’t Immune to Grexit Fallout

Greece's exit from the eurozone would have dire consequences for Europe. But it would also impact the United States.


Syriza Rolls the Dice

Greece's new government rolled out its audacious plan to drag the country out of austerity. It might be in for a rude awakening.


The Secret Berlin’s Bankers Don’t Want Europe to Know

Germany’s tough line on eurozone laggards is for the public good, it says. But it's been particularly good for rich Germans.


These Are the Outlines of a Deal Between Greece’s Leftist Government and Its Creditors

Greece is hurtling toward a confrontation with Germany over its debt, but a solution may be in sight.

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