The Forever Chancellor

Angela Merkel was supposed to face a serious threat to her leadership this year. It turns out she knows Germans better than they know themselves.

The Cable

Ukraine Might Ban Marine Le Pen and Her Thoughts on European Currency

The far-right French politician said Russia's Crimea annexation referendum was not illegal, and also that maybe France should have two currencies.


The European Union Is a Sovereignty-Eroding, Market Impeding, Bureaucratic Behemoth

Those of us who believe in freedom and free markets must defend Brussels from the Euroskeptic onslaught.


We Need a New Euro, but for Losers

The only thing that can save Europe’s common currency is another common currency — for the B-Team.


Another Bailout Won’t Keep Greece in the Eurozone

The breakup of the euro was once unthinkable. Is it now inevitable?


What’s Next for Greece?

Athens and its creditors are close to a final agreement on the latest bailout. But no one is addressing the issues at the heart of Greece's economic problems.

Shadow Government

How the Euro Crisis Became a Security Problem

The predominant assessments of the Greek crisis rely on heavy financial analysis and conclude, understandably, that it is solely a financial and, thus, European problem. ...


The Bailout Kiss of Death

Can Alexis Tsipras survive bending to the will of Greece’s creditors?


François Hollande and the Beanstalk

France's president hoped that the eurozone crisis could shoot him to new political heights -- or at least get him re-elected. But the moral of this fable might be closer to home than he realizes.


The Man Behind the Iron Chancellor

Merkel got the Greece deal she wanted, but it caused rifts in her party and strengthened the hand of her hard-line finance minister.

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