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French Ambassador: Risk of Nuclear Arms Race Will Remain After Iran Deal

Gerard Araud, the French ambassador the United States, says an emerging nuclear deal with Iran will impose tough restrictions on the Islamic Republic and improve regional security across the Middle East. But on Tuesday, Araud acknowledged that it could also pose a potential risk: spurring an array Arab countries to develop their own civilian nuclear programs.


Could Pentecost Stage a Comeback?

Pentecost — a holiday once celebrated on a scale rivaling Christmas or Easter — has faded into obscurity outside of Europe. Could it stage a comeback?


The Tricky Politics of the South Caucasus Come to Eurovision

Glitter, glam, and ethnic nationalism: The tricky politics of the South Caucasus come to Eurovision.


Ireland’s Coming Out Party

As modern, cosmopolitan Ireland votes on gay marriage, the ghosts of the country’s conservative Catholic past are rising up.

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