Italy Opens the Door to Disaster

Italian officials are turning a blind eye to the Syrian refugees fleeing the country for Northern Europe. And even the refugees themselves are worried that anyone could be traveling in their midst -- even terrorists with the Islamic State.


A Dummy’s Guide to a Possible Nuclear Deal With Iran

The key issues at play as negotiators race toward an agreement.


Germanwings Flight Flown Deliberately Into the French Alps

European authorities said 28-year old German Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew the Germanwings flight into the French Alps. Terrorism is not thought to be a motive.


Snap Poll: Is the Iran Deal Good for Your Country’s National Security?

We asked scholars about Israel, Iran, and how Israel feels about the Iran nuke deal.

The Cable

Top U.S. General in Europe: Arming Ukraine ‘Isn’t a Strategy’

Washington may be moving closer to providing weapons to Ukraine. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges is raising a red flag.

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