Best Defense

‘The Night Watch’ of World War II

The 72 men stood in a large room illuminated by just one bulb, “so it was full of lights and shadows which played about on the crowded faces and figures, and created contrasts as marked as any work of Rembrandt.”

Shadow Government

Tsipras Is Forcing His People’s Hand While Claiming That the Outcome Was Forced Upon Him

The Greek prime minister is forcing his people’s hand while claiming that the outcome was forced upon him. He can't have it both ways.


The Greek Bailout Crowdfunding Campaign That Crashed Indiegogo

So far, some 61,000 people have pledged an impressive 1 million euros to the campaign.


As Greek Pensioners Storm Banks, Their Prime Minister Blinks

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras caved to European austerity demands. Germany says it's too late.


Terrorism? Keep a Stiff Upper Lip.

Dozens of British citizens were just killed in Tunisia. But David Cameron’s government has no clue how to combat Islamist terror.

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