All Rex Tillerson Cares About Is Energy

But does that mean he's going to gut America’s $50 billion foreign aid budget?


These 25 Companies Are More Powerful Than Many Countries

Going stateless to maximize profits, multinational companies are vying with governments for global power. Who is winning?

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — Aug. 3, 2012 (Part I)

China's moment of coal truth: A question that has vexed us for some time is when we will witness an inflection point in ordinary Chinese ...

The Oil and the Glory

Will oil companies provide Kurdistan its de facto statehood?

Less than a year after the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, Baghdad is losing a primary lever over independent-minded Kurdistan -- its grip on ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — July 27, 2012 (Part I)

A mountain-top take on the flood: If Montana is a microcosm of the world, one message to glean is that we are not in the ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — July 20, 2012 (Part I)

Oligarchs in the Kremlin: For the last dozen years, we have seen ample evidence of Vladimir Putin's policy on Russia's oil and gas industry -- ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — July 20, 2012 (Part II)

The West zigs, China zags: The West is erecting tariff barriers to prevent Chinese renewable energy companies from dumping their products. What is China's reaction? ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — July 14, 2012

The AWOL environmental lobby: Over the last several months, this blog has posted a series of lengthy contemplations of a momentous and unnerving new trend ...

The Oil and the Glory

Inside Big Oil’s little hint that it’s picking Romney to win

ExxonMobil is only a business, yet for a century and a half it has vexed, baffled, and unsettled us. Take Hannibal Lecter, Daniel Plainview, and ...

The Oil and the Glory

Afghan tender to pit neighbors against Exxon

Afghanistan has set up a battle of global and regional bulls in the latest contest for its potential oil and gas riches. The country's Ministry ...

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