Is Trump Russia’s Useful Idiot, or Has He Been Irreparably Compromised?

That’s the question that needs answering. Everything else is a distraction.


Further Revelations on Trump-Russia Ties Build Pressure For Independent Inquiry

New reports rattle the White House, as congressional and FBI investigations gain momentum -- but can institutions survive the stress test?

The Cable

Israel Detains U.S.-Israeli Teen Over Jewish Center Bomb Threats

Amid a wave of anti-semitic threats across the United States.

Elephants in the Room

‘Benghazi on Steroids’ Russia Investigation Needs an Independent Commission

Donald Trump may hate the thought of it, but it's something he should want, too.

The Cable

Comey: Yes, We’re Investigating Possible Ties Between Trump and Russia

In a rare admission, the FBI said that it has been looking into Russian meddling in the U.S. election since last summer.

The Cable

Senators Ask For Proof of Trump’s Claim of Wiretapping

To support Trump or call his bluff?


Trump’s Focus on ‘Radical Islam’ Downplays Growing Risk From Right-Wing Extremism, Experts Fear

The administration’s plans to focus on countering only one sort of extremism could imperil the broader fight against terrorism.


Trump Is Showing How the Deep State Really Works

America's intelligence agencies aren’t operating outside the law – they’re using the vast power they’ve acquired within it.

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