How Will Trump’s Attack Dogs Affect Mueller’s Russia Investigation?

The special counsel has a mammoth job, and the president has just warned him of what he long suspected: He may not have much time.


Trump Attacks Federal Law Enforcement With a Blunt Force Instrument

It should be patently clear to everyone that the president does not want an independent Justice Department.


Rational Security on the E.R.: The “Wray of Sunshine” Edition

Can the president’s nominee for FBI director be heard over the noise that surrounds him?


The Defense of the FBI Against Donald Trump Has to Start Now

The president’s nomination of Christopher Wray as FBI director threatens permanent damage to the institution. It’s up to the Senate to stop him.


You’d Be Scared if You Were Donald Trump, Too

The president is obsessed with the investigation into his relationship with Russia. He should be.

The Cable

Trump Dispels Rumor He Started That There Are Tapes of Comey Talks

Trump's latest tweets appear to dispel one of the more intriguing mysteries of his young presidency.

The Cable

Trump Appears to Confirm He Is Under Investigation, Attacks DOJ

A Friday morning tweetstorm has Washington scratching its head.

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