If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

The U.S. walks back opposition to Beijing’s new infrastructure bank after calls to shun it were ignored by the rest of the world.


Are Emerging-Market Investors Heading for the Exits?

What the end of Yellen’s patience on interest rates means for smaller economies.


Breaking Up Sanctions Is Hard to Do

A historic nuclear deal with Iran is in sight, but unraveling the web of financial embargoes, asset freezes, and restricted oil sales won’t be easy.


Will Cheap Oil Spell the End of Cheap Energy in the Middle East?

Plunging crude prices prompt calls for an end to wasteful energy subsidies in the region. That’s a lot easier said than done.


Boko Haram’s Empire of Smoked Fish and Stolen Cows

Forget oil or gold. West Africa’s most dangerous terrorist group is funding its rampages by ignoring the rich and targeting the poor.


West Threatens New Sanctions Against Russia

U.S. and European policymakers are meeting to craft new restrictions, but it's unclear what Russian action would prompt them.


Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab

Somali-Americans worry that U.S. efforts to cut the money stream to the African terrorist group could lead to mass starvation back home.


State Department Not Alarmed by Shutdown of Money Flow to Somalia

State Department spokeswoman downplays role of remittances in Somali economy.


Greece’s Dynamic Duo Takes on the Troika

They’re exciting, energetic, and have charisma like Europe hasn’t seen in years. That may not be enough.

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