Abe-Trump Meeting May Yield Clues On Trump’s Trade Vision

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is in Washington to see what, if anything, will replace the Trans Pacific Partnership.


Even Free Traders Think NAFTA Needs an Update

The trade deal is an “old house that needs some work done,” says one of its architects.


Trump Sours Relations With Mexico After Tariff Talk

Vague plans for an import tax would shift the cost of the wall to U.S. consumers and hurt key parts of the U.S. economy.


As Promised, Trump Pulls the Plug on the Trans Pacific Partnership

Withdrawing from Obama’s signature trade pact will boost workers, Trump says. But they’re cheering in China.

The Cable

Watch: All the World’s Global Trade in One Interactive Map

Watch global trade in action, from a new, data-driven vantage point.


New Year’s Resolution: Jobs

If the Trump administration is serious about keeping jobs in America, it needs a strong and energized EXIM Bank.


Trump’s Trade Agenda Would ‘Turn Back the Clock to Another Age’

Embracing bilateral deals and new tariffs, the incoming president casts a zero-sum view on world trade.


Why the Trump Economic Boom Will Never Come

Yes, the markets are looking good (for now). But subsidized deal-making and tax cuts for the rich are the surest sign of a bubble.

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