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China’s Seen Globally As Gaining Ground on United States

The world is souring on the U.S. and Trump and taking a shine to China despite all its struggles.

The Cable

As America Retreats, the World Moves Forward on Trade

American companies might not feel it yet, but they’re already falling behind their foreign competitors.

The Cable

China Opens Its Bond Market To International Investors

Wall Street has long wanted to invest in Chinese debt.

The Cable

Islamic State Revenues Down 80 Percent from 2015

A new report says the caliphate’s days are numbered.


The Lights Are on at the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, but Nobody Is Home

The committee charged with protecting national security from risky foreign investments is understaffed and besieged by a surge in cases.

The Cable

Two Japanese Banks Bail on London Ahead of Brexit

The exodus from the City is starting to look like a stampede.

The Cable

Trump’s Trade Restrictions Could Miss China and Slam Everybody Else

As a national security probe into steel and aluminum imports finishes up, a new analysis warns restrictions could hamstring U.S. allies more than Beijing.

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