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Obama’s Asia Trade Deal Might Pass the Senate. It’s Not Looking So Good in the House.

An unlikely alliance of lawmakers, labor union, and the Tea Party could sink Obama's Asia trade bill in the House.

The Cable

An Ohio Free Trade Champion Just Introduced a Measure That Could Kill the TPP

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) is a free trade champion. But he's introduced a measure that could kill a massive Asian trade partnership.


Money Keeps Moving Toward Somalia, Sometimes In Suitcases

Some financial companies in the U.S. resort to carrying cash on airplanes to keep remittances flowing to needy Somalis.


Is a Strong Ruble Enough to Save Russia's Faltering Economy?

Russia’s currency had a record-breaking April, but good news for the broader Russian economy will be harder to find.


No Deal in Sight for Greece

As Athens blows through another deadline, a compromise agreement with the country’s European creditors looks further away than ever.


11 Greek Puns and Portmanteaus of Tomorrow, Today!

Get ready for the Gremageddon, the Grexodus, and the Grepidemic.

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