From ‘Dereliction of Duty’ to Trump’s White House

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster’s battlefield experience and intellect make him ideally suited to run the National Security Council. But he will have to vie for influence with ideologues like Stephen Bannon.


Flynn Pressured U.N. on Israel Vote Before Taking Office

A month before inauguration, President Donald Trump’s would-be national security advisor sought to scupper a U.N. resolution condemning Israel.


Trump Is Showing How the Deep State Really Works

America's intelligence agencies aren’t operating outside the law – they’re using the vast power they’ve acquired within it.

The Cable

Russia Deploys New Missiles in Apparent Violation of Arms Treaty

Is the honeymoon with Washington already over?


Donald Trump’s Russia Scandal Is Just Getting Started

The White House says Mike Flynn was going rogue, but there’s no good reason to believe that.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Missing One Big Piece

The Trump administration should maintain the communications channels the Obama administration opened with Iran.

The Cable

Michael Flynn Finds Defenders. In Russia.

The former national security advisor has few friends in Washington, but plenty, for now, in Moscow.

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