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Senate Investigators Slap Flynn With Two Fresh Subpoenas

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested documents from two businesses linked to Trump’s former national security advisor.

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Flynn Refusal to Testify Could Set Stage for Political Battle in Senate

Former Trump national security advisor may be opening himself to criminal prosecution.


Despite Trump Scandals, Congressional GOP Isn’t Abandoning Ship — Yet

Ousted FBI director Jim Comey is tentatively scheduled to testify before the House next week.

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Report: Trump Asked Comey to Shut Down Flynn Investigation

The New York Times reports the fired FBI director described the conversation with the president in a memo.


DOJ and White House Counsel Discussed Criminal Prosecution of Michael Flynn

The acting attorney general feared Trump’s national security adviser could be blackmailed by the Russians.

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Pentagon Watchdog Opens Investigation of Foreign Payments to Flynn

The disgraced former national security advisor’s legal troubles appear to be mounting.

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GOP Watchdog: Mike Flynn Likely Broke Law Over Russian Payments

Rep. Jason Chaffetz said the former national security advisor failed to disclose a paid trip to Russia.

The Cable

Trump’s Former National Security Adviser Discussed Booting Gulen Back to Turkey

Mike Flynn was a paid lobbyist for Turkey when he attended a meeting with Turkish officials touching on ways to remove the controversial cleric from the U.S.

The Cable

Why Mike Flynn Could Be in Trouble — Again

Lobbying disclosures gone wrong.

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