Marine Le Pen Is Donald Trump Without the Crazy

Her grace and eloquence make her dangerous to liberalism. His contemptuous cynicism makes him an existential threat.

The Cable

French Intelligence Agency Braces for Russian Bots to Back Le Pen

With a little over two months to go, France is preparing for la Russie to support Le Pen in its presidential elections.


How Leftists Learned to Love Le Pen

The far-right National Front’s path to victory runs through France’s former northern Communist strongholds.

The Cable

Immigration Ban Blocked for Now, Romanian Protesters Aren’t Done Yet: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

It's Monday again. Time to catch up on the top stories from the weekend.

The Cable

WikiLeaks Turns Its Attention to the French Elections

The “professional plot” against François Fillon goes digital.


Donald Trump’s Far-Right Feedback Loop Is Shaking Europe to Its Core

At risk are the very foundations of the international order.

The Cable
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