Macron’s Revolution Is Over Before It Started

The French president's movement of upper-middle-class amateurs is having trouble reviving national politics.

Shadow Government

Pope Francis Should Reject Callista Gingrich as Ambassador (for Adultery)

The pontiff rejected a French ambassador just because he was gay; surely, he should reject Trump's pick for her sins.

The Cable

America’s Not First. It’s Third.

The United States slips behind France and the U.K. in this year’s soft-power ranking.


What if Macron Wasn’t Just Putting on a Show for Donald Trump?

What if the French president actually likes him?

The Cable

Trump Breaks Bread with France’s Macron, Defends Son’s Meeting for Russian Dirt

But the president left the door open on reviewing the Paris climate accord.


Bastille Day Is a Military Holiday Out of Donald Trump’s Fantasies

France and America are seeking rapprochement at an annual pageant that today is less about liberty, equality, and solidarity than tanks, drones, and missiles.

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