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Congress to France: Sell Your Warships to NATO, Not Russia

Since the start of the Ukraine crisis, France's $1.6 billion deal to sell two Mistral-class warships to Russia has been a source of deep divisions ...


How to Salvage France’s Mistral Shipwreck

Here's the problem: Selling weapons systems to a country that might one day turn them against your allies, partners, or even your own forces is ...


Cover Your Face, Then Pay a Fine and Miss the Show

Front-row tickets to a Saturday night show at the Opéra Bastille in Paris are already pricey -- upwards of 230 euros a seat. And they ...


The Resurrection of Nicolas Sarkozy

VÉLIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France — In a hot, vaulted hall in Vélizy, a suburb of Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy's faithful braved a bitter night of rain last week ...


France Is Living Fat and Giving the Finger to Germany

For the last two years, bond investors have turned a blind eye to the deep-seated problems of the eurozone, from the threat of outright deflation ...


‘I Am Only Looking Up to Paradise’

KASSAB, Syria — The path from Abu Mariam's childhood home in Tolouse, France, to this mansion-turned-jihadist-safe house in northwestern Syria has been surprisingly quick. As an ...


Islamic State Beheadings Beget Beheadings

Of the many acts of violence perpetrated in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State, none have captured the imagination or terrified the public like ...

The Cable

Can Washington Tame France’s New Tart-Tongued Ambassador?

Gérard Araud, France's newly minted ambassador to the United States, arrived in Washington this month with a reputation for speaking his mind, a potentially perilous ...


U.S. Attempts to Build Coalition of the Willing in Iraq Begin to Pay Off

This story has been updated. In his multiple press briefings since authorizing airstrikes against Sunni militants in Iraq, President Barack Obama has yet to make ...

Situation Report

FP’s Situation Report: FAA lifts flight ban to Israel; Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down yesterday near Russian border; Pressure builds on France to rethink Mistral deal; ISIS in action; and a bit more.

By Kate Brannen with Nathaniel Sobel The week is winding down and not much has changed since everything seemed to change a week ago, when ...

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

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