Le Donald, and Western Democracy’s Populism Problem

Europeans may be gobsmacked by the phenomenon that is Donald Trump. But at home, they’re voting for dangerous politicians just like him.


Marine Le Pen Expels Her Father From National Front, Party He Founded

A fight to clean up the National Front has turned into an acrimonious father-daughter battle.


Malaysia Confirms Debris Comes From Missing Airliner

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on Thursday morning that an airplane fragment found late last month was debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


Let Europe Make Friends (and Deals) With Iran

Germany and France may have been quick to travel to Tehran following the nuclear deal — but that doesn’t mean they’re not still good partners to the United States.


A Moat Defensive

It’s just 25 miles from Calais to Dover. But for Britain, the Channel has always been the distance between the “swarms” and English civilization.


The Last Thing the Eurozone Needs Is an Ever Closer Union

Germany has proved that it runs the show and writes the rules. So why is France pushing for even deeper integration?


The Most Discriminatory Place on Earth?

Is Disneyland Paris overcharging customers from different European countries?

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