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Athens Has Made Peace With Austerity. Will Europe Make Peace With Athens?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras now says he wants to embrace European austerity. The Germans don't trust him, and the Greeks don't want it.


Godot Was a Eurocrat

The crisis in Greece isn't an ancient tragedy; it's a modern farce only Samuel Beckett could have written.

The Cable

The Lives of Defense Secretaries

There isn't always a lot of levity in the Pentagon briefing room, but Defense Secretary Ash Carter provided some on Monday.


Scandal on the Tour De France

The legendary race’s long history of thugs, drugs, and cheating.


How France Can Fix Its Homegrown Terror Problem

The man who allegedly attacked a factory outside of Lyon had been on a security watch list. So why weren't French authorities able to stop him?


Extremists Strike Three Continents in Wave of Islamic Holy Month Attacks

Beyond being part of a sickening wave of violence, there's no evidence yet that attacks killing scores of people across three continents Friday had much ...


The Three Least Surprising Things U.S. Spies Learned About France

One NSA intelligence summary included information reported by the New York Times a week earlier.

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