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The Firestarter of Berlin

Meet Imam Kamouss, the handsome, popular, self-proclaimed moderate Muslim preacher who has become the face of intolerance and terror across Germany.


Demolition Derby

Israel has revived its policy of demolishing the family homes of Palestinians accused of terrorist attacks, even though there’s no evidence it deters future attacks.


The Vote to Boycott Israel’s Universities

A debate over academic freedom and moral responsibility is raging among American scholars of the Middle East. And like it or not, that's a good thing.

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Japan Has Enough Plutonium to Make Thousands of Nukes

Tokyo doesn't want the bomb, but it doesn't know what to do with the fuel stockpile.

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Can OPEC Kill the U.S. Oil Boom?

Oil prices are at five-year lows thanks to OPEC's hands-off attitude. But that alone probably won't be enough to strangle the surge in U.S. oil production.


Biomimetics: A Short History

Why imitating nature's greatest tricks is the future of engineering.

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The best stories from around the world.

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Can You Write a Novel on Twitter?

The quest to write great literature, 140 characters at a time.


The World This Week in Photos

Protests in Kashmir; deforestation in Brazil; and New York City's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Finding Refuge on a Mine Field

Civilians fleeing attacks in Pakistan have fled over the border to Afghanistan. But a new danger is under their feet.

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Stuck in the Shadows at the Pentagon

Chuck Hagel was always being upstaged by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The next secretary of defense will have to change that equation.

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A Surprising History of Turkey in America

How do you get from Christopher Columbus to Butterball by way of Constantinople? Just ask Ataturk.

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Talking Turkey: What Will OPEC Do?

For the first time in years, an OPEC meeting matters. But the group will be hard-pressed to reach agreement on how to halt the slide in oil prices.

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