Sisi Caves to Critics by Releasing Al Jazeera Journalists

Right before the Egyptian leader heads to the U.N., he pardoned 100 prisoners Wednesday.

Christian Caryl

The Refugees Aren’t Fleeing Democracy

Russia and China are using the refugee crisis to tout the virtues of autocracy. So why are all the migrants heading west?


Cold War Symbolism: Not Just for the 1950s Anymore

You don't have to be a musty old relic to know that symbolic gestures still have a place in the fight to defend freedom and democracy from Russia.


What FP's Columnists Are Reading This Summer

What FP’s columnists are reading this summer.


Famed Writer Karl Ove Knausgaard Declares War on Sweden, ‘Land of the Cyclops’

The Norwegian super author goes to attack against what he sees as Sweden's narrow, parochial view of literature.

Shadow Government

A Bad Year for Press Freedom

Freedom House has issued its annual report on press freedom in the world and despite the excellent reporting it is depressing reading. It has not ...


Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Says He’s Giving Up Lampooning Mohammed

On the tortured debate over visual representations of Prophet Mohammed.

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