Shadow Government

A Bad Year for Press Freedom

Freedom House has issued its annual report on press freedom in the world and despite the excellent reporting it is depressing reading. It has not ...

Shadow Government

Creating Accountability Anxiety in North Korea

North Korea is nervous and it’s showing. Until the United Nations released a groundbreaking report in 2014 documenting the communist regime’s violations of fundamental human ...


The Lewd Anti-Lee Kuan Yew Video That Got a Singaporean Teenage Blogger Jailed

Amos Yee is evidence authoritarianism is alive and well in Singapore.


Closing a Vital Window Into China

How press freedom is eroding in Hong Kong.

The Cable

Former CIA Officer Convicted in New York Times Reporter Leak Case

Press freedom advocates say the jury decision will have a severely chilling effect.


I Went Home to See my Dad -- And Ended Up in Jail

Bahrain is a close friend and ally of the United States. It's also a brutal jailer of its activists.


72 Virgins and a Five-Panel Cartoon

This paradise isn't quite what the Kouachi brothers expected.

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