Islam Karimov and the Dictator’s Playbook

The tyrant of Uzbekistan assassinated his enemies, jailed anyone who spoke against him, and crushed human rights. Why did America so willingly look the other way?

The South Asia Channel

To Counter IS in Bangladesh, Look To The Bloggers

If the international community is concerned about the spread of IS in Bangladesh, it should pressure the government to provide a secure space for free media.


Twitter Users Hit By ‘State-Sponsored’ Hackers

The attack appears to have targeted researchers and activists working on privacy-related technology.


Sisi Caves to Critics by Releasing Al Jazeera Journalists

Right before the Egyptian leader heads to the U.N., he pardoned 100 prisoners Wednesday.

Christian Caryl

The Refugees Aren’t Fleeing Democracy

Russia and China are using the refugee crisis to tout the virtues of autocracy. So why are all the migrants heading west?


Cold War Symbolism: Not Just for the 1950s Anymore

You don't have to be a musty old relic to know that symbolic gestures still have a place in the fight to defend freedom and democracy from Russia.

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