Best Defense

Is patriarchal sexism alive and well in the military? Where do you think bears poop?

Sexism in the U.S. military is perpetuated by officials who refuse to recognize its existence.


What Do We Really Know About Wartime Rape?

There's more will than ever before to fight sexual violence in conflict, but the world can't stop what it doesn't understand.

The South Asia Channel

In Pakistan, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” Attitude Emerges

Pakistani girls and women used to be excluded from sports, but a revolution sweeping the country has given many female athletes hope for the future.


Video of Sisters in India Thrashing Their Harassers Goes Viral

Nearly two years after the fatal Delhi bus gang rape, Indian social media users are seizing on the video of the sisters as a symbol of women's ability to fight back.


Tunisian Presidential Candidate Kennou Takes On the Patriarchy

Kalthoum Kennou, the only female candidate in the presidential race in Tunisia, sees her candidacy as a strong message of hope in the midst of ...

Lab Report

Do Brazilian Women Really Reign Supreme?

Brazil's woman-versus-woman presidential race suggests that feminism has triumphed. The reality is more complicated. The first in our series of Lab Reports on Brazil.

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