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Germany’s Oft-Forgotten Colonial Atrocities in Africa Spark New Lawsuit

A new lawsuit brings Germany's forgotten genocide in Namibia back into the spotlight


U.S. Push to Halt Genocide in South Sudan Unravels at United Nations

The Security Council is balking at an arms embargo that is too little, too late for the world’s youngest nation.

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Dredging Up the Demons

Is collective memory of national nightmares always a good thing?


Hiroshima, My Father, and the Lie of U.S. Innocence

Why Washington hid Japan’s crimes, and its own, in the reckoning of justice after World War II.


After 50 Years of Denial, Indonesia Takes Shaky Steps Toward Historical Reckoning

Foreign Policy spoke with genocide researcher Jessica Melvin about this month’s encouraging developments.

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The False Idols of Rwanda’s Genocide

Is Paul Kagame’s government using museums to commemorate the past—or cement its grip on power?


Rwandan Who Called Tutsis ‘Cockroaches’ in 1992 Gets Life Sentence

A man accused of encouraging the genocide in Rwanda has been sentenced to life in prison.


The United States Museum of Holocaust Kitsch

At Washington’s memorial to the genocide of Jews, history often takes a backseat to “collective memory.”


Criminal in the Hague, but Not in Republika Srpska

The autonomous Serbian government in Bosnia is questioning the war crimes verdict against its former president.


The G-Word Paradox

Why calling an atrocity a “genocide” is rarely a game-changer.

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