Tbilisi Says Fight Will Go On After Slaying of Georgian ISIS Commander

BATUMI, GEORGIA -- Hours after the Islamic State confirmed the death of Georgian-born Abu Omar al-Shishani -- one of the group’s most ruthless and influential battlefield commanders -- the top defense official from his country of birth hailed his killing as an important but perhaps fleeting victory in the global fight against the terrorist outfit.


Israel Just Evacuated 19 Jews From Yemen. It’s Not the First Time.

Israel has rescued tens of thousands of Jews from conflicts around the world.


Shooting of Opposition Leader Roils Georgia Ahead of Contentious Election

The shooting of Aleksi Petriashvili, a former minister, introduces a dangerous new element to Tbilisi's overheated politics.


The Case Against Saakashvili

It’s temping to see Georgia’s crusading former president as the solution to all of Ukraine’s problems. Here’s why caution is in order.


Watch Ukraine’s Interior Minister Throw Water at the Former President of Georgia

Footage has been released of a tense fight between Ukrainian government officials.


Between Russian and U.S. Saber Rattling, Georgia Seeks a Middle Path

An exclusive FP interview with Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili.


NATO’s Endless Caucasian Courtship

Despite its promises, NATO isn't letting Tbilisi join the alliance. It’s time to think about Plan B.


How Georgia Stamped Out Corruption on Campus

First they fired the Education Ministry. Then came the hard part.


NATO’s Circle of Ice and Fire

The Western alliance may still sit on the Iron Throne, but the key to keeping power is bringing new friends into its orbit.

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