Opponents of Syrian Refugee Resettlement Seize on the Paris Attacks

Across Europe and in the United States, those opposed to resettling Syrian asylum-seekers say the Paris attacks justify their position.

The Cable

The Volkswagen Scandal Spreads to Iconic U.S. Carmakers

Ford and General Motors are accused of using a similar emissions cheat to the one used by Volkswagen.


A Last Cigarette With Helmut Schmidt

Why one generation of postwar Germans rejected his leadership, and the next generation craved it.


Is Germany, Europe’s Rock, Starting to Crumble?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel saved the eurozone this summer. But a number of homegrown issues are straining her leadership.

The Cable

The Volkswagen Emissions Cheat Scandal Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier

The EPA says Volkswagen's luxury brands also have an emissions cheat.


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The best stories from around the world.


Greece’s Bailout Deal with Europe Is Starting to Show Cracks

Greece is falling short on reforms it promised in exchange for a third, $95 billion bailout. EU officials are telling Athens to move more quickly, or else money it desperately needs could be delayed.

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