The Cable

G-20 Communique May Further Isolate U.S. on Climate Change

It’s likely that 19 countries will affirm their commitment to the Paris Climate agreement, leaving Trump alone in rejecting it.


Donald Trump Is in the Heart of German Anarchist Country

The famously protest-averse president will be attending the G-20 summit in a city known for its squatters and May Day riots. It could get ugly.

The Cable

In Swift and Historic Shift, Germany Approves Same-Sex Marriage

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s abrupt willingness to take up the issue leads to swift action in German parliament.


Donald Trump Finally Found a German Thing He Likes

The president wants to transfer Germany’s vaunted job training model to the United States. Will it get lost in translation?

The Cable

Germans Cut Off Commerce Secretary in Mid-Speech

Video of Wilbur Ross speaking at a conference in Germany went black after he went over time.

The Cable

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Paves a Path Toward Gay Marriage

Merkel and her conservative allies have long resisted legalizing the practice.


The EU Is Alive and Well, But the Referendums Are Coming

After the shock of Brexit, the French election has stabilized the patient in Brussels. But most countries still want a say on membership.

The Cable

Britain Starts Brexit Talks With a Whimper, Not a Bang

The contentious first day of talks ended with London conceding on what it promised would be the “row of the summer.”

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