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Clinton: U.S. Should Consider German Model for Saving Jobs

Hillary Clinton said a German policy to save jobs could work here in America. But an expert warns it could have unintended consequences for the American economy.

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Germany Calls Ukraine Conflict a Threat to Europe, but Says No U.S. Weapons Needed

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the Ukraine crisis threatens Europe. But he argued Thursday that sending guns will not resolve it.


It’s Time to Kick Germany Out of the Eurozone

Why the anchor dragging down the European economy isn’t Athens -- it’s Berlin.


Greece Should Not Give In to Germany’s Bullying

It’s not just a question of being morally right -- it’s sound economics. And Athens has a lot more leverage than anyone thinks.

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The United States Isn’t Immune to Grexit Fallout

Greece's exit from the eurozone would have dire consequences for Europe. But it would also impact the United States.

The Cable

How the Cease-Fire With Russia Might Save Ukraine

The U.S.- backed cease-fire deal between Russia and Ukraine is widely seen as a victory for Moscow. But it might be just what Kiev needs to stave off economic disaster.


The Secret Berlin’s Bankers Don’t Want Europe to Know

Germany’s tough line on eurozone laggards is for the public good, it says. But it's been particularly good for rich Germans.

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