François Hollande and the Beanstalk

France's president hoped that the eurozone crisis could shoot him to new political heights -- or at least get him re-elected. But the moral of this fable might be closer to home than he realizes.


The Man Behind the Iron Chancellor

Merkel got the Greece deal she wanted, but it caused rifts in her party and strengthened the hand of her hard-line finance minister.


The Real Key to Athens Getting a Third Bailout? Greek Farmers.

Greek lawmakers are resisting a tax hike on farmers, something the IMF, the ECB, and the European Commission say is necessary to get a third bailout.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


Germany’s Moral Obligation to Greece

The eurozone giant has long profited from Greece's weakness. Now it’s time to pay up.


Time to Forget the Bailouts and Make a Real Decision

Negotiations over Greece's debt remain stuck in a feedback loop. But an end to the impasse is possible; it just might be painful.


Former Greek Finance Minister: Bailout Deal Is ‘Fiscal Waterboarding’

The former Greek finance minister issued a line-by-line takedown of the debt deal that Greek lawmakers are considering Wednesday.


The Berlin Bulldozer and the Sack of Athens

Europe’s creditor in chief has trampled over values like democracy and national sovereignty, and left a vassal state in its wake. Which country will be next?


Tiny Finland Could Complicate New Greek Bailout Deal

A nationalist party in Finland is determined to see Greek left out of the eurozone.

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