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Diesel Emissions Scandal Claims Its First Scalp: Volkswagen’s CEO

The U.S.-led investigation into Volkswagen's emissions cheat claims its first victim.


Volkswagen Scandal Sparks New U.S., European Investigations

Qatar and other foreign investors are losing billions as governments around the world call for probes into Volkswagen's installation of software designed to cheat on U.S. emissions tests in up to 11 million of its cars.


Alexis Tsipras’s Victory Means He Must Now Implement Austerity Greece Had Long Rejected

Alexis Tsipras must now implement the austerity he had long resisted.


Schengen in Shambles

By shutting its borders, Germany is trying to strong arm its fellow European countries into solving the refugee crisis. The EU shouldn’t work that way.


The Public Art Project Making the Case for Whistleblowers to Be Regarded as Heroes

By casting Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning in bronze, artist Davide Dormino argues the three activists should be regarded as monumental heroes.

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