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Merkel Ally To Trump: Don’t Use ‘Lies’ About Refugees and Crime in Germany

A Merkel surrogate hits at Trump for falsehoods about a refugee-fueled crime surge in Germany.


This Chinese Tourist Accidentally Applied for Asylum in Germany, Then Stayed in a Refugee Hostel.

After a misunderstanding while trying to report a theft, a Chinese man spent 12 days accidentally applying for asylum.


Relaxed Uniform Regulations Let Egyptian Volleyball Players Compete Against Bikini-Clad Germans

Egypt sent their first-ever women's beach volleyball team to the Olympics this year, and they were allowed to compete fully clad.


Poland Takes Aim at Putin’s Pipe Dreams

Warsaw may have finally thrown a wrench into the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Moscow's controversial plan to double down on its dominance of Europe’s energy supplies.


Need Proof That Terrorists Are Winning? Witnesses Thought This Flash Mob in Spain Was a Brutal Attack.

Five German were arrested for organizing a flash mob after witnesses thought it was a terrorist attack.


Everything Bad About the Rio Olympics Was Much Worse in Ancient Greece

Hygiene was a disaster, patriotism was out of control — and doping involved animal testicles and black magic.


Merkel: Recent Attacks Do Not Make Me Regret Accepting Refugees

Angela Merkel reassured Germans and the world that she does not regret taking refugees.

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