The Dawn of Pax Germanica

Like it or not, Angela Merkel is now the main guardian of the norms, values, and institutions that make up the Atlantic alliance.

The Cable

In Watching the Spread of Nationalist Populism, Eyes Now Turn to Germany

As their right-wing party rises, Germans wonder whether Trump could happen in their country, too.

The Cable

On This Day In History the World Watched the Berlin Wall Crumble. Now Will They See Donald Trump’s Wall Rise?

Twenty-seven years ago the world was shocked and inspired by the story of a very different wall than the one Trump promises.

Best Defense

Wait a minute, it wasn’t ‘Time’ magazine that invented the term ‘blitzkrieg’?

I’d been taught that “blitzkrieg” was a pseudo-German term invented by the Anglo-American press to describe the emerging Nazi way of war.

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