House Bill Would Decimate World Bank Funding

The proposed bill slashes more than half a billion dollars, or almost half of U.S. funding for the organization.

Elephants in the Room

What Are Republicans Reading?

As summer travel and holidays get underway, your Elephants in the Room contributors have resurrected a tradition from our erstwhile Shadow Government days and put together our summer reading list.


Trump’s Budget Is American Caesarism

On militarism, exhaustion, and decadence.

Elephants in the Room

Michael Anton Is Donald Trump’s Ben Rhodes – But Is He Going Too Far?

Trump’s foreign policy svengali wants to take down the D.C. ‘Blob.’ But could he destroy the international order in the process?

The Cable

At This Rate, Kid Rock Will Be President Soon. What Are His Foreign-Policy Views?

Kid Rock is a true “American Bad Ass” who will never back down from a fight. Maybe that's why some Republicans think he should run for Senate.


This Lifetime GOP Voter Is With Her

Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, and why real Republicans should, too.


Trump Won’t Inherit the Land, So He’s Sowing It With Salt

It’s a tactic straight out of Putin’s playbook.


What the Hell Happened to My Republican Party?

The party of principled conservatism, of promoting freedom at home and abroad, has become a party of conspiracy-mongering, authoritarianism, and white power.


Once Upon a Time, Another Tycoon Stole the GOP

But unlike Donald Trump, Wendell Willkie was a powerful proponent of internationalism and America’s role as a global steward.

The Cable

Biden Slams Trump on National Security: ‘His Shame Has No Limits’

The vice president singles out Trump’s friendliness toward Russia and his claim that Obama “founded” ISIS as evidence the GOP nominee is “already making our country less safe.”

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