How to Save Europe From Itself

At the heart of the continent’s numerous crises is a broken democracy. Here’s how to fix it.


The Last Days of Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela faces a slow-moving economic disaster that could spell political doom for the embattled president.

The Cable

Oregon Occupier Supporter Uses “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” to Sell a Lego

A supporter of the Oregon occupiers is using a popular rallying cry against police violence against African Americans to sell Legos.


How the United States Can Win the Cyberwar of the Future

Cold War-era deterrence theory won't cut it anymore.


Dayton Ain’t Going Nowhere

The Dayton Agreement was meant to end a war, not govern a state. But now, 20 years later, Bosnia is still stuck with it.

Shadow Government

In Memoriam: Samuel “Sandy” R. Berger

Remembering the lessons from a great public servant.


Do Your Generals Speak Economics?

Why the military can't fix a broken foreign economy — and possibly shouldn't be asked to.


No Politician Was Quite as Adept at Putting His Foot — or Onions — in His Mouth as Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was pushed out of power Monday. Known for his many public gaffes, here's a look back at some of his most interesting word choices.


Accusations of IRA Activity Prompt Resignation of Northern Ireland’s First Minister

Amid allegations the IRA is still active in Northern Ireland, First Minister Peter Robinson resigned Thursday.

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