Who Is Really to Blame for the WannaCry Ransomware?

Microsoft, the NSA, computer users, and the nature of computer science all bear a portion of the blame.

The Cable

NSA Director: Russia Hacked French ‘Infrastructure’ Ahead of Vote

Michael Rogers intensifies suspicions Moscow was behind the dump of Macron documents.

The Cable

Massive Macron Hack Roils French Politics on Eve of Critical Election

A huge trove of internal documents appears online as voters prepare to head to the polls.


Why Surveillance of Carter Page Is Such a Bombshell

You don’t get slapped with a FISA warrant unless the court thinks you could be the agent of a foreign power.


U.S. Govt. Hackers Get Burned by Online Vigilantes, Researchers

Or is Russia retaliating for President Donald Trump’s Syria strikes through one of its cyber-proxies?


Senate Investigators: ‘We Will Get the Facts on Trump’s Russia Ties’

In contrast to the rancorous House Intelligence panel and its near-frozen investigation, lawmakers in the Senate vow to remain free of White House interference.

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