DOJ Charges Russian Intelligence in Huge Yahoo Hack

Investigators say FSB agents teamed up with criminal hackers to pull off one of the largest data breaches in history.

The Cable

Can Rudy Giuliani Make Cybersecurity Great Again?

Trump has tapped the former New York mayor to lead a computer security advisory council.

The Cable
The Cable

SitRep: Leaked Docs, Russian Intel, and Trump; Flynn and Tillerson Diss Obama; China Flies, Taiwan Scrambles

Carter Says Goodbye; Experts Say Mattis Good to Go; Hoss Cartwright Looking at Jail Time; And Lots More


Stealing Elections Is All in the Game

Moscow didn’t do anything in America’s last election that Washington hasn’t done elsewhere in the world.

The Cable

U.S. Spies to Trump: Putin Ordered Hacking to Boost Your Chances

The President-elect still refuses to believe Moscow tipped the scales, despite growing evidence of a multi-faceted campaign.

The Cable

Intel Chief Fires Back at Trump in Feud Over Russian Election Meddling

James Clapper answers the president-elect, reiterating Russia’s interference in the election.

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