Trump Won’t Pay a Penny For U.N. Cholera Relief Fund in Haiti

Washington set to reject the U.N. chief’s latest appeal for money to tend to Haiti’s cholera victims.

The Cable

U.N. Peacekeepers Ran a Child Sex Ring in Haiti

It’s the latest country where blue helmets have sexually abused those they’re supposed to protect.


The Legacy Ban Ki-moon Leaves Behind

The outgoing U.N. secretary-general touts his support for climate change and gay rights, regrets failures from Haiti to North Korea, and calls Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a liar.


Human Rights Expert to U.N. Chief: It’s Not Too Late to Say Sorry to Haitians for Cholera

U.N. rights rapporteur Philip Alston says the refusal to accept legal responsibility for cholera epidemic is a "disgrace" for the U.N.

The Cable

Death Toll In Haiti Spikes As Hurricane Matthews Arrives In the U.S.

President Obama tells those in harm's way to evacuate ahead of the storm.


U.S. Sends Marines to Haiti as Florida Braces for Hurricane Matthew

The category 4 storm left a path of destruction across the Caribbean as it heads toward the eastern United States.

The Cable

U.N. Mulls Compensation for Victims of Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic

After years of denial, the U.N. now acknowledges it bears ‘moral responsibility’ for introducing the deadly disease into Haiti.


Hillary the Hawk: A History

From Haiti to Syria, the Democratic candidate’s long record suggests she’s looking forward to being a war president on day one.

Shadow Government

Lawless Leaders Threaten Haiti’s Future

U.S. policymakers and Congressional appropriators should not stand by as a de facto government takes root in Port-au-Prince.

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