A Plea to Presidential Candidate Christie: Please Stop Talking About Zika

As governor of New Jersey, his handling of Ebola quarantines was abysmal. And on the campaign trail, Chris Christie is promising to make the same mistakes all over again—this time with the Zika virus.


The Zika Virus Isn’t Just an Epidemic. It’s Here to Stay.

A disease never before seen in the Americas may be taking hold permanently, endangering thousands of babies a year. The hunt for a vaccine better start now.

The Cable

What Threat Does Zika Pose to the United States?

Sporadic outbreaks may be possible but a widespread epidemic is unlikely.

Shadow Government

The House that Bush Built

How Barack Obama embraced the fight against AIDS and malaria that George W. Bush began.


The Poisoned Waters of Punjab

​Mothers in the Indian state of Punjab say the water has rendered them infertile -- claims that researchers support but that the government laughs off.


How Liberia’s Latest Ebola Case Slipped Through the Cracks

Just weeks after the country was declared Ebola-free, the newest case of the deadly virus revealed worrying shortfalls in its ability to prevent another outbreak.

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