As Saudi Arabia Grapples With MERS Outbreak, a Vaccine Is in Sight

Researchers discovered a way to prevent the virus that is on the rise in Riyadh. But it won't be ready before the hajj.

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Military physical training: It’s a problem bigger than obesity, with no easy solutions

At first glance, the recent introduction of new physical training programs in the Army and Marine Corps appears to be in response to emergent challenges to warfighter physiology both in basic training and combat.

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How to give someone a howling case of PTSD: The Army’s recipe in action

Much talk of post-traumatic stress disorder has come out of the Iraq War, but little is as striking as that of Lt. Col. Bill Russell Edmonds, a Special Forces officer whose memoir is scheduled to appear in a few months.


The Ebola Review, Part I

The G-7 is gathering to tackle the world’s biggest problems. It’s starting with Ebola -- and what the World Health Organization did wrong.


As Bombing Resumes, Saudi Arabia's Stranglehold Over Yemen Tightens

As the Yemen bombing campaign resumes, the wounded are piling up in Sanaa — but the hospitals are starved of supplies to staunch the bleeding.


In Eastern Ukraine, Doctors Are ‘Terrorists’ and Antibiotics Are Herbs

Donetsk's medical system is crumbling and starved of even the most basic supplies. What will happen when the current cease-fire collapses?

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