Can Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Survive her Country's War with Ebola?

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is fighting a grueling battle against the epidemic. But she's not winning plaudits at home.


Doctors Without Scruples

Why did the medical professionals of the CIA torture program betray their oath to heal, and concoct a brutal, methodical project to break men’s bodies and spirits?

Shadow Government

How to Not Botch the United States’ Next Move in the Fight Against Ebola

If there can be a faint silver lining to the Ebola epidemic, it's that it demonstrates how unknown, underestimated, or ignored weaknesses in poor countries' ...


Facing Death Without Spreading Disease

Sierra Leone’s traditional burial practices spread Ebola, and officials struggle to count the toll.


Sierra Leone’s Ebola Epidemic Is Spiraling Out of Control

Why has Liberia -- once the epicenter of the outbreak -- been able to stop a rampaging killer disease, while the country next door can't even count its dead?

The Cable

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Ease the Way for Humanitarian Trade

Financial sanctions against Iran hit the country's economy hard, forcing Tehran to negotiate rolling back its nuclear program with the West. But they've also kept ...


The Pulpit Takes On a Plague

While some Liberian religious leaders are harnessing fears over the Ebola outbreak to further an anti-gay agenda, other churches are preaching peace, calm, and a chlorine rinse.


Journey to the Center of an Epidemic

From New York to Brussels to Dakar to Monrovia: Day One of the trip to see Ebola-ravaged Liberia, up close and personal.

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