Why Angela Merkel (and the G-7) Aren't Happy with the WHO's Handling of Ebola

Germany's Angela Merkel is leading the G-7 charge to seriously reform the World Health Organization. But will her campaign actually lead to lasting change?


The Ebola Review, Part I

The G-7 is gathering to tackle the world’s biggest problems. It’s starting with Ebola -- and what the World Health Organization did wrong.


As Bombing Resumes, Saudi Arabia's Stranglehold Over Yemen Tightens

As the Yemen bombing campaign resumes, the wounded are piling up in Sanaa — but the hospitals are starved of supplies to staunch the bleeding.


Nepal’s Renegade Strategy to Save Mothers

The country's bold strategy to fight maternal mortality flouts conventional wisdom and relies on a controversial drug -- and in the wake of the devastating earthquake, it could be more important than ever.


In Eastern Ukraine, Doctors Are ‘Terrorists’ and Antibiotics Are Herbs

Donetsk's medical system is crumbling and starved of even the most basic supplies. What will happen when the current cease-fire collapses?


The Starving Children of Helmand Province

Already gripped by violence and poverty, Afghanistan is now in a malnutrition crisis that has left a quarter of its children underweight and could cost the country millions.


The Italian Army is Growing Pot… to Drive Costs Down

Patients who’ve been prescribed medical marijuana in Italy have been running into a prohibitive problem: high prices. The Italian military has an unexpected solution.


The Collapse of Chávezcare

Doctors are fleeing. Aspirin, condoms, even bandages are in short supply. How the dream of free health care is turning into a nightmare for Venezuela.

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