Decoder: The Plague

There are up to 2,000 cases of the deadly disease annually worldwide. Could the Islamic State create even more?

Tea Leaf Nation

China Has Its Own Anti-Vaxxers. Blame the Internet.

Misinformation and mistrust are endangering the country's vaccination program.


International Development’s Awkward Stage

The international development community loves children -- but it is surprisingly disengaged when it comes to youth, their needs, and the whole issue of s-e-x.


How to Make the Sustainable Development Goals Work

It’s simple: Prioritize women and families.

The Cable

VA Social Worker’s Emails Mock Veterans’ Woes

A social worker emailed tasteless photos of an elf hanging himself with Christmas lights.


Eat, Pray, Leeches

Narendra Modi wants India to embrace its traditional systems of medicine, like ayurveda and yoga. But can he convince rich Indians to treat their ailments with lead pills and squirming bugs?

Best Defense

How to reorganize U.S. military PT

Without question, a significant amount of research indicates that our military and civilian populations are fatter and more sedentary than ever.


Welcome to Modicare

India spends next to nothing on public health, and its new prime minister is cutting even deeper. Can the rural clinics that serve the country's poorest survive?

Best Defense

Was the Ebola operation one of those little recognized deterrence success stories?

When you prevent something from happening, it is hard to get credit, because nothing happened. The U.S. Army’s operations to help contain Ebola strike me as a good example.

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