The Broken Policy Promises of W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama

And why, from the Persian Gulf to Iraq to Syria, Americans haven’t gotten — and won’t be getting — the foreign policy they want.


Conspiracy Theorists Think Hillary Clinton Has a Body Double. She’s Not Alone.

Does Hillary Clinton have a body double? Well, did Saddam Hussein? What about Joseph Stalin?

Shadow Government

Do Retired Military Endorsements Boost Support for Candidates — or Just Reduce Support for the Military?

The solicitation of retired officers to tout one candidate over another has real costs.


The Kremlin Really Believes That Hillary Wants to Start a War With Russia

An American embedded within Moscow’s top foreign-policy brain trust explains why Putin and his cadres are backing Trump.


Why Donald Trump’s Endorsement by 88 Generals Is So Dangerous

It’s not because Trump is a unique risk to U.S. national security (he is, though). It’s because when officers start playing politics, it undermines the independence of and trust in our military.


Donald Trump Is the Peace Candidate

He alone can end 70 years of dangerous tensions with Russia — by extending a hand of friendship to our longtime adversary.

The Cable

New Evidence Strengthens Guccifer 2.0’s Russian Connections

Researchers poke yet another hole in Moscow's disinformation campaign.

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