The Cable

New Evidence Strengthens Guccifer 2.0’s Russian Connections

Researchers poke yet another hole in Moscow's disinformation campaign.


Why Putin’s DNC Hack Will Backfire

The Kremlin has a track record of ineptitude when it comes to meddling in foreign elections. And this gambit against Hillary may not play out the way Moscow thinks it will.


Trump Is Ready to Say ‘You’re Fired’ to NATO

From Tokyo to Tallinn, Trump has alarmed allies by saying the United States will leave them to defend themselves unless the governments “reimburse” Washington for defense costs.

The Cable

Battleground ’16: FP’s New Presidential Campaign Newsletter

With a preview of this week's GOP convention in Cleveland, FP is launching Battleground '16, a new weekly edition of our Editor's Picks newsletter -- ...

Shadow Government

Shrinking States, Growing Statelessness

World Refugee Day and the Brexit vote highlighted two related and disturbing global trends.

Shadow Government

Taking the Blame Game Too Far

To what extent did President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approach to the Islamic State contribute to the horrific Orlando terrorist attack?


There Is an International Disease Which Is Hillary Clinton

Now it’s the democratic front-runner’s turn to face the wrath — and drink in the wisdom — of America’s 37th president.


The Washington Insider Who Believes He’s an Outsider

What the profile of Ben Rhodes tells us about ego and politics inside the Obama administration.

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