Every Time She Thinks She’s Out, They Pull Her Back In

Hillary Clinton finds herself in an uncomfortable spotlight as two books coming out next week from former colleagues show her pressing President Barack Obama to ...


Double Diss

For me, the surprising thing about Hillary Clinton's lengthy interview with the Atlantic was not her subtle dissing of the president whom she served for ...


Sorry, Hillary: I Should Have Voted for You

Hillary, I owe you an apology. No, not a Washington Apology of the "Regrettably, mistakes have been made" variety. A real apology. Back in 2008, ...


China Thinks Hillary Is Bossy

Hillary Clinton's unstated but near-inevitable campaign for the 2016 presidency is ramping up with the June 10 release of Hard Choices, her memoir of her ...

Shadow Government

Why Modi’s Victory Means a New Chance for the U.S. to Make Good on the Asia Pivot

President Barack Obama's cramped vision for U.S. foreign policy resulted in the concept of a pivot to Asia. The term was introduced when the president's ...

The Cable

Key Hillary Backer Says NYT Benghazi Investigation Is ‘Truth’

For supporters of Hillary Clinton like David Brock, this weekend's exhaustive New York Times investigation into Benghazi wasn't just a victory of truth over rumor-mongering. ...

Shadow Government

How Might Candidate Clinton Talk About the Mideast Chaos?

The rising tide of war in the Middle East is giving way to a rising tide of chaos. It is also making me think that ...

Shadow Government

Did Hillary Clinton have it right back in 2008?

All presidents make serious mistakes. Presidential leadership comes not from avoiding mistakes, but from having the humility, wisdom, and courage to correct those mistakes. There ...


The Empire Makes Nice

Four years ago, when the first Obama administration was still hopeful about the prospects of resetting relationships with U.S. adversaries in the world, Venezuela was ...


The Inside Story of How the White House Let Diplomacy Fail in Afghanistan

It was close to midnight on Jan. 20, 2009, and I was about to go to sleep when my iPhone beeped. There was a new ...

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

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