Russiagate: Trump Is Trying to Put Out a Fire With More Smoke

If Republicans have a shred of intellectual integrity, they’ll ignore the president’s flailing, and follow the evidence wherever it leads.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Silence on Russia’s Corruption Protests Shows Just How Big Putin Won

Taking down Hillary Clinton wasn't personal animus. It was an attack on core U.S. values.

The Cable

Under Trump, U.S. Allies in Asia May Look to Themselves for Security

Q&A with Lindsey Ford, director of Asian security at the Asia Society Policy Institute.


Why a Trump Presidency Might Not Be as Awful as We Fear

Can he be reined in from the rhetoric of his campaign?

Shadow Government

A Good Start

Donald Trump's very first steps as president-elect were about the best that could be hoped for.


What Kind of President Will Hillary Clinton Be?

What to expect on day one from the new Clinton administration.


Donald Trump’s Peace Through Strength Vision for the Asia-Pacific

How the Republican nominee will rewrite America’s relationship with Asia.


This Lifetime GOP Voter Is With Her

Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, and why real Republicans should, too.

Shadow Government

From Now On, Let’s Hold Intelligence Briefings After the Election

Presidential candidates no longer need, and often do not want, classified intelligence information at this phase in the election cycle.

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