Meet the Obama Appointees Who Could Sink Hillary

These inspectors general are sifting through Hillary Clinton's emails to see who was naughty or nice.

The Cable

Clinton Promises to Fight Sanctions Movement Targeting Israel

A growing movement to economically isolate Israel has American supporters of the Jewish state worried. Now Hillary Clinton is using the issue to secure support among prominent Jewish donors.


10 Pieces of Advice for the Democratic Frontrunner

10 pieces of advice for the Democratic frontrunner -- and a caveat (if indeed she actually is a robot).


Every Time She Thinks She’s Out, They Pull Her Back In

Leon Panetta's new book is yanking Hillary Clinton into a debate she doesn't want to have: whether Obama lost Iraq.


Double Diss

With her knock against Obama, Hillary Clinton was criticizing more than one former president's foreign policy.


Sorry, Hillary: I Should Have Voted for You

I once called Clinton the Celine Dion of politics. I’d rather have that now than Obama.


China Thinks Hillary Is Bossy

Why there's no love lost between Beijing and America's 2016 frontrunner-in-waiting.

Shadow Government

Why Modi’s Victory Means a New Chance for the U.S. to Make Good on the Asia Pivot

President Barack Obama's cramped vision for U.S. foreign policy resulted in the concept of a pivot to Asia. The term was introduced when the president's ...

The Cable

Key Hillary Backer Says NYT Benghazi Investigation Is ‘Truth’

For supporters of Hillary Clinton like David Brock, this weekend's exhaustive New York Times investigation into Benghazi wasn't just a victory of truth over rumor-mongering. ...

Shadow Government

How Might Candidate Clinton Talk About the Mideast Chaos?

The rising tide of war in the Middle East is giving way to a rising tide of chaos. It is also making me think that ...

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