Best Defense

A British soldier assesses the Parthenon

"It's a lovely spot. We have got all Athens in our arc of fire." -- Quoted in Lord Moran's Diaries, entry for December 27, 1944 ...


A Surprising History of Turkey in America

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently made the news when he claimed that Muslim seafarers "discovered America" and that when Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba ...


Sidelining the Spoilers

When the news broke last week that Colombian Brig. Gen. Rubén Darío Alzate and two colleagues had been detained in the Chocó region by the ...


Longform’s Picks of the Week

Every weekend, Longform highlights its favorite international articles of the week. For daily picks of new and classic nonfiction, check out Longform or follow @longform ...

Best Defense

Who was the first black American soldier to command an integrated military unit?

The answer is Oliver Law, who served in the U.S. Army. But it is a trick question.


What Next for the Lwili Revolution?

On Oct. 31, President Blaise Compaoré, the 27-year ruler of Burkina Faso, stepped down following massive protests in the country's two major cities. While incidents ...


The Age of Frustration

We mark this year the 100th anniversary of World War I. Books, articles, and events have mourned the costs, celebrated the soldiers, and extolled the ...

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Now the Hard Work Begins

Now the Hard Work Begins

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