Shadow Government

Mr. President, You’re No Ronald Reagan

How does Obama stack up against the GOP's favorite president?

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Churchill’s awe of U.S. industrial might

“In the autumn of 1942, at the peak of the struggle for Guadalcanal, only three American aircraft carriers were afloat; a year later there were fifty; by the end of the war there were more than a hundred.”

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Those bases were NOT named for Confederates in the spirit of reconciliation

Forts Lee, Pickett, A.P. Hill, Bragg, Pope, Benning, Rucker, Polk, and Hood were not named in the spirit of reconciliation.

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The dynamics of Native American military effectiveness: Horses from the southwest, firearms from the northeast

It’s a rare and joyous thing when you can read an article that changes how you look at an entire subject. This happened to me a couple of days ago when I read an article that one of youse recommended, “The Inter-Tribal Balance of Power on the Great Plains, 1760-1850,” by Colin G. Calloway.

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Amb. Joe Kennedy’s political savvy

“There is no reason to believe Chamberlain will not weather the present storm” — Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Britain, in a cable to the State Department the day before Chamberlain stepped down, in May 1940.

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