Best Defense

The rule of 12

I’ve mentioned before that there seems to be something magic in having a group of 12 men.

Best Defense

‘Gunpowder Age’: A strong and thorough new study of ‘global military history’

This is one of the best books I've read in awhile — indeed, I think since "Comanche Empire."


Is China Returning to the Madness of Mao’s Cultural Revolution?

There are disturbing similarities between the authoritarianism and thought control of one of the most awful periods of modern history and Xi's China today.

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Dipping into Gen. Marshall’s final papers: A decent man, not always treated decently

The mailboat the other day brought Volume 7 of the papers of Gen. George C. Marshall.


Hiroshima, My Father, and the Lie of U.S. Innocence

Why Washington hid Japan’s crimes, and its own, in the reckoning of justice after World War II.

Best Defense

Things I didn’t know: Civil War edition

Life continues to surprise me, for which I am grateful. Here are some things I learned recently about the Civil War.


When Europe Loved Islam

Before the continent started banning hijab, European aristocrats used to change their names to Abdullah and Muhammad, and going to the local mosque was the latest trend.

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