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Amb. Joe Kennedy’s political savvy

“There is no reason to believe Chamberlain will not weather the present storm” — Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Britain, in a cable to the State Department the day before Chamberlain stepped down, in May 1940.

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Against renaming Army bases — and instead honoring more black heroes

There are 10 Army bases named for Confederate generals. Indeed, most of the Army’s major bases — Bragg, Benning, Hood, Polk, Rucker — fall into that category.

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Churchill on airpower: Sure, it may look fast, but it’s the least mobile form of force

“Strange as it may seem, the Air Force, except in the air, is the least mobile of all the services. A squadron can reach its destination in a few hours but its establishment, depots, fuel, spare parts and workshops take many weeks, and even months, to develop.”

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Tony ‘In the Attic’ Horwitz on the meaning of the Confederate flag

The other day, as my daughter and I were talking about the controversy about symbols of the Confederacy, I thought that the one person I’d like to read most on the situation is Tony Horwitz, author of "Confederates in the Attic."

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