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Time to follow Gen. Buckner’s example and pull down that Confederate flag

During the bloody battle of Okinawa, late in World War II, Army Lt. Gen. Simon B. Buckner Jr., saw a Marine unit flying the Confederate flag over a position. Buckner, himself the son of a Confederate general, ordered it taken down. “Americans from all over are involved in this battle,” he said.


Auschwitz Probably Shouldn’t Have Installed Mist Showers for Tourists

To prevent panic among naked prisoners on their way to die, Nazi guards promised group showers. But after the steel doors closed, Zyklon B pellets would drop into the chambers, filling them with noxious fumes that spared no one.

Best Defense

Mulling military structure (III): Reasons for teaching drill, and what would it be if we were developing it nowadays?

Back in the day, I spent a lot of time watching recruits drill at Parris Island. But I never thought much about its origins.

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