Best Defense

What kind of general loses Singapore?

Lt. Gen. Arthur Percival surrendered the island in February 1942, in perhaps the worst defeat ever suffered by British forces.


The New Chickenhawks

The 2016 presidential campaign is full of bluster about a bigger, badder military for America. And it shows the candidates don't know much about winning the peace.

Best Defense

Naylor’s book is very good, but I’ve got some issues with the people who blabbed

Sean Naylor’s Relentless Strike is a superb piece of writing that will be at the top of every bad guy’s reading list for months to come.


Je Suis Refugee

America can — and must — do more to help Europe’s migrants. I’m living proof of why.


The Banality of History

As Germany faces a racist backlash to the influx of migrants and refugees, is the country forgetting its past?

Best Defense

Time to follow Gen. Buckner’s example and pull down that Confederate flag

During the bloody battle of Okinawa, late in World War II, Army Lt. Gen. Simon B. Buckner Jr., saw a Marine unit flying the Confederate flag over a position. Buckner, himself the son of a Confederate general, ordered it taken down. “Americans from all over are involved in this battle,” he said.

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