Fall into Fall with Former Warlords!

It's the season for decorative gourds. And frolicking with Chechen strongmen!


Drawing While the Hand Trembles

A view of "Charlie Hebdo" from the world of Arab cartoonists, where the risks loom large and the humor is black.

Daniel W. Drezner

How Would Foreign Policy Think Tanks Have Advised Prince Fielder?

Over the weekend, the Boston Red Sox advanced to the World Series after defeating the Detroit Tigers in six games in the American League Championship ...

Daniel W. Drezner

We Are Cancelling the Financial Apocalypse!! As for Other Apocalypses….

Sure, it needlessly cost billions of dollars, and it appears that the perpetrators of this month's deadlock have learned almost nothing from the experience... but ...

Daniel W. Drezner

When twerking “crowds out” the Syria debate….

As the United States starts signaling that hostile action will likely be taken towards the Syrian government, I've seen a few laments today that not ...

Daniel W. Drezner

If Book Acknowledgments Were Really Honest…

Just before 4 p.m. today, your humble blogger handed in the manuscript for The System Worked: Global Economic Governance During the Great Recession to his ...

Daniel W. Drezner

How colleges should handle international cybersecurity

Well, Richard Perez-Pena has quite the New York Times front-pager, doesn't he?  America’s research universities, among the most open and robust centers of information exchange ...

Daniel W. Drezner

The Friedman Feedback Loop

In an offhand tweet today, I believe Matthew Yglesias might have stumbled onto a heretofore undetected threat to the American way of life. Here's the ...

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