Don’t Blame Nietzsche for Donald Trump

“Facts” may not be what they used to be, but philosophers aren't responsible for the GOP candidate’s slippery grasp on reality.

Daniel W. Drezner

This Bust is Different?

Greetings from Beijing, where one can say simultaneously that a) the air is unhealthy; and b) comparatively speaking, this is good news relative to the ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Twilight of the Economics Elites

There's a pretty strong consensus among economists that any difficulties created by not raising the debt ceiling would be, to use the technical term, "really ...

Daniel W. Drezner

American Politics 101, R.I.P.

The U.S. federal government continues to stay shut down, and analysts are beginning to realize that the current crisis will soon ensnare the debt-ceiling vote ...

Daniel W. Drezner

The Spread of The Idea Industry

Your humble blogger has been interested in the phenomenon of the "Idea Industry" for quite some time now. And in the past week or so ...

Daniel W. Drezner

How political scientists should tackle the Big Issues

There's some interesting stuff a brewin' in the world politics blogosphere. Over at Duck of Minerva, Daniel Nexon notes that world politics journals have done ...

Daniel W. Drezner

The worst piece of conventional wisdom you will read this year

Paul Krugman is a very smart and very annoying person. Over the past few years he's been hammering away at political and economic advocates for ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Regarding Richwine…

So last week was a pretty interesting one in wonkworld. Whether it was a disturbing week is in the eye of the beholder. To recap: ...

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