Why the release of Mumbai attacks suspect could upend U.S. policy in Pakistan and India

Why Pakistan’s release of the suspected mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks isn’t just a strike against its ever fragile relationship with India, but one that could throw off the dynamic the U.S. has with both countries -- to everyone’s detriment.


Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Good for India?

Coal power looks to get a boost, but New Delhi might not be thrilled signing on to the China-dominated lender.

Shadow Government

The Iran Deal: The View From Asia

Washington’s long-awaited nuclear deal with Iran prompted relief in Tehran over an end to international isolation, anxiety among Middle Eastern allies over the United States' ...


‘Here They Can Be Themselves’

How the trials and triumphs of an ancient transgender community could make headway for the slow-moving fight against a blame-the-victim culture in India.


Welcome to India’s Heroin Alley

Heroin abuse is rampant in the Indian state of Punjab, and a generation of young, male addicts has nowhere to turn for help.


In Transition


The Lynching of Syed Sarifuddin Khan

India is facing a horrific rape crisis. But in India’s northeast, ethnic tensions may have led to an innocent man’s murder.

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