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Defeated in Bihar: Where does the BJP go from here?

The resounding defeat of India’s ruling party in a key state election could send the country down a dangerous path.

The South Asia Channel

In India, it’s Time for Africa!

India recognizes a complementary role between India and China in Africa, but the continent’s China fatigue is the window of opportunity India was waiting for!

The South Asia Channel

India and Israel: Conflicted Friends Look to the Future

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s historic visit to Israel this month set the momentum for greater high-level engagement between both countries but his remarks to the Israeli opposition leader brought Indian foreign policy back to 1947.

The South Asia Channel

Adapting India, Accommodating U.S.

Interactions between the two governments on the Iranian issue are not an exercise of persuasion-resistance and subsequent compliance but rather are an involved bilateral process.

The South Asia Channel

India Pushes Nepal into China’s Arms

India's blockade may force Nepal's hand but it will also remind Nepal that India is not their only neighbor.

The South Asia Channel

The Desi Factor in U.S.-India Relations

The increasing stature of Indians in U.S. society has changed the way Americans think about India and impacted U.S. foreign policy.


The Definition of Insanity Is U.S. AfPak Strategy

The central problem confronting the United States in the region is no longer al Qaeda or the Taliban. It’s the Pakistan Army.

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