The Cable

What Does Yogi Adityanath Mean for Indian Politics?

BJP won India’s biggest state. Then they put a Hindu nationalist in power.

Elephants in the Room

India’s Optimism Is a Welcome Antidote to Western Pessimism

Americans suffering a crisis of confidence about the future of their country's democratic institutions under President Donald Trump could use a dose of Indian-style optimism.

The Cable

What to Make of Indian State Election Results

Modi isn’t going anywhere, and the opposition needs to start going somewhere.


Does India’s Hindu Heartland Still Love Modi?

A deeply divided country is about to stage the world's biggest local elections.

The Cable

Interview: Indian Immigration in the Time of Trump

The authors of The Other One Percent say current trends are worrying, and it’s education for everyone that will make America great again.

The Cable

India’s State Elections: What to Watch

A test for Modi, a chance for a new party, and an impact on the rest of the world.


‘If Money is Not Distributed, You Are Finished’

In India's contentious politics, it's impossible to avoid the smell of cash.


Steve Bannon’s War on India’s High-Tech Economy

The Trump administration's protectionism isn't just focused on foreign manufacturers, but competition from foreign services.


The Foreign Policy Wonk’s Best Songs of 2016

From Filipino folk to Ukrainian pop to the Rolling Stones, it was a turbulent political year, with a soundtrack to match.

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