The South Asia Channel

Coming Out of the Closet: India-Israel Ties Under Narendra Modi

India and Israel are now making their private affair public. Is this stark departure one of style or substance?

Tea Leaf Nation

The World’s Leaders Are Avoiding Chinese Social Media

It's not hard to fathom why. India's Modi joined days ago -- and was promptly asked to 'give back' a part of Tibet.


Ending India’s Agrarian Nightmare

Roughly 600 million Indians are farmers -- the majority of whom would happily give it up for another job. So why is the Congress party so determined to keep them as peasants?

The South Asia Channel

A More Equal Internet: India’s Net Neutrality Hangs in the Balance

Freedom of the Internet offers the promise of empowerment and innovation. In the world's largest democracy, a debate is sweeping India on the future of net neutrality. How free will it be?

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