Ending India’s Agrarian Nightmare

Roughly 600 million Indians are farmers -- the majority of whom would happily give it up for another job. So why is the Congress party so determined to keep them as peasants?

The South Asia Channel

A More Equal Internet: India’s Net Neutrality Hangs in the Balance

Freedom of the Internet offers the promise of empowerment and innovation. In the world's largest democracy, a debate is sweeping India on the future of net neutrality. How free will it be?


Asia’s Big Democracies Are Drowning in Campaign Cash

India and Indonesia must stem a tide of legal and illegal political money to restore their people’s trust in democracy.


Why the release of Mumbai attacks suspect could upend U.S. policy in Pakistan and India

Why Pakistan’s release of the suspected mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks isn’t just a strike against its ever fragile relationship with India, but one that could throw off the dynamic the U.S. has with both countries -- to everyone’s detriment.

Shadow Government

The Iran Deal: The View From Asia

Washington’s long-awaited nuclear deal with Iran prompted relief in Tehran over an end to international isolation, anxiety among Middle Eastern allies over the United States' ...

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