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Toilets First, Temples Later: Modi’s Promising Act

Modi was molded by Hindutva, but he mobilized a national campaign on reviving India's economy, not religion. Can he deliver on his promise? Are these two on a collision course?

The South Asia Channel

AAP’s Rise: Victorious, But Not Yet Formidable

India's Aam Aadmi Party defeated Modi's powerful Bharatiya Janata Party in the Delhi elections, with a landslide, but its potential as a formidable alternative for mainstream politics demands critical analysis.

Best Defense

Musharraf admits that Pakistani proxies fought in Afghanistan — so what does that tell us about where Pakistan is today?

By George Minde Best Defense guest columnist Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf made some news Friday with his public admission that Pakistan has supported insurgent ...


Gay Cruising in Modi’s India

The art of the pickup in New Delhi, where homosexuality is illegal, Grindr is growing, and policemen are waiting just around the corner.

The South Asia Channel

Sustaining Ambition in the U.S.-India Relationship

Obama's India trip last week brought symbolism but also substance. This is a moment to press forward and demonstrate what the U.S.-India relationship can become.

The South Asia Channel

The Afterparade: No Breakthroughs – And That’s Just Fine

With Washington and Delhi's lavish date in India last week, expectations were high for inaugurating a new era of landmark cooperation. But after the parade, the fruits of concrete policy progress were quite modest.

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