The South Asia Channel

A Year Makes All the Difference in U.S.-India Relations

Past quarrels between Washington and Delhi have become just that: past. Since the Khobragade affair plummeted relations over a year ago, diplomatic ties are on the rebound. Here's why.

The South Asia Channel

Open the Trade Gates: U.S., India Revive Ties With Enterprise

The world's largest democracies are closing doors on contentious issues of the past, and letting the trade gates wide open, unleashing a new wave of U.S.-India courtship not seen in years.


Is India's Economic Growth About to Bypass China?

For years, economists have argued that the Indian economy should grow faster than China’s. Is it finally on track to do so?


India Doesn’t Understand Its Rape Problem

Two years after the horrific gang rape in Delhi, India has yet to grapple with the complex psychological and gender issues at the heart of the matter.

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