India’s New Green Revolution

India's latest commitment to fight climate change defends the country's right to keep pumping out more emissions. But in the run up to Paris, it's still a big leap forward.

The South Asia Channel

Colombo Consensus 2.0

The new Sri Lankan government is re-balancing its foreign policy, drifting away from China's orbit toward a more equidistant engagement with India and the United States.


China’s Rise and the U.S. Trade War With India

Washington and New Delhi may be natural allies, but that doesn’t mean that they see eye to eye on economic ties.


Modbama: A Budding Bromance

As the American and Indian publics warm toward one another, a head of state affinity may lead to stronger ties.

The South Asia Channel

Modi Goes Coast to Coast

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's return to the United States will further strengthen steadily improving relations between the two countries on a number of fronts.


How India and the United States Are Building a 21st-Century Partnership

The ties between our two countries will help create prosperity and ensure security for billions of people.

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