Why Are So Many of the World’s Best Companies Run by Indians?

And why aren’t more of those companies in India?


The Dumb Joke Website That Got Caught Up in India’s Porn Ban

The website's lewd jokes may be wince-worthy, but it doesn't appear to be porn.

The South Asia Channel

India Inc.’s Day Care Experiment

India's new corporate social responsibility law may be well-intentioned, but it is poorly designed and fails to accomplish its central goals.


The Mysterious Death of an Indian Muckraker

Jagendra Singh paid the ultimate price for exposing political corruption in Uttar Pradesh. But was his death murder or something even more nefarious?

The South Asia Channel

Sharif is Taken to Task at Home

A meeting between Sharif and Modi at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit is hailed a victory in India but has been greeted with cautious optimism in Pakistan.


Pakistan Says It Downed an Indian Drone. But Did It?

Disputes over whether or not Pakistan shot down an Indian drone could increase tensions between the neighboring countries.


Indian Zoroastrians Are Suing Snoop Dogg for Insulting Their Religion

Members of the Zoroastrian Parsi community in India are furious with American rapper Snoop Dogg, and they’re taking their anger to court.

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