Indian Politician Complains That a Goat Was Arrested but Rapists Walk Free

A goat was arrested in India this week. At least one lawmaker is calling it a waste of time when there are rapists walking free.


Bollywood Star: Airlines That Don’t Let Me Perform Are Preventing Happiness

Five flight attendants were suspended after letting a Bollywood star perform over the in-flight speaker system.

The South Asia Channel

India’s Media has a Rape Problem

Victim blaming is rampant in Indian media, and the government is complicit -- even when it tries to confront sexual violence.


The Great Civil Society Choke-out

Around the world, governments are doing their best to strangle funding for the civilian groups that dare to challenge their power and hold them to account.


Pakistan’s Perpetual Militant Feedback Loop

In the wake of a recent attack in India, Islamabad is again pledging to get tough on militants. Why should this time be any different?


How to Get Away With Manslaughter, Bollywood-Style

Why did India's underclass stand by superstar Salman Khan, even after he ran over five people sleeping outside a bakery?


Mumbai: It’s Time to End Deaths-by-Selfie

After a teenager died while taking a selfie last week, Mumbai established no-selfie zones to prevent future accidents.

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