Every Move You Make

Over eight years, President Barack Obama has created the most intrusive surveillance apparatus in the world. To what end?

The Cable

SitRep: CENTCOM Cooked Books on ISIS; U.S. Commandos in Libya

Turkish General Asks to Stay in U.S.; Navy Officers Dinged For Iran Flap; And Lots More


Obama Should Cancel Trump’s Intelligence Briefings

If the Republican candidate is unfit for office, he’s unfit to receive classified information — unless he signs a nondisclosure agreement.


Britain Has a New Snooper-in-Chief

And her name is Theresa May.


Trump’s Possible VP Believes ISIS Could Conquer the U.S.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was once a highly respected U.S. intelligence chief. Now he’s warning about the Islamic State imposing sharia in the United States and urging cooperation with Russia.

Best Defense

Whiskey-5 Hotel: The 6 biggest points of bullshit being peddled about Benghazi

Best Defense is in summer reruns. Here is an item that originally ran on October 22, 2015.


How ‘The Rock’ May Have Helped Drag Britain Into the Iraq War

Bad action movies can be good sources for fraudulent spies.

The Cable

Top U.S. Spy: ‘Use Whatever Bathroom You Want’

James Clapper wades into the transgender bathrooms debate.


Turns Out That Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust the ‘Media’

From Iran to China, repressive governments are posing as journalists to hack into the computers of dissidents and other enemies of the state.

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