Paris Attacks Reopen Crypto Wars

From Apple to WhatsApp, tech companies are using sophisticated encryption technologies to thwart government spying. After Paris, top officials want to force firms to lower those walls.


Is Germany, Europe’s Rock, Starting to Crumble?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel saved the eurozone this summer. But a number of homegrown issues are straining her leadership.


Inside the CIA Red Cell

How an experimental unit transformed the intelligence community.

The Cable

Controversial Cybersecurity Measure Moves Forward in Senate

CISA would give companies liability protection for sharing cybersecurity information with the government.

The Cable

WikiLeaks Releases Snoozefest Documents from CIA Director’s Hacked Email

The documents were purloined by a self-described teenage stoner hacker.

The Cable

Fewer Leaving the U.S. to Join Terrorists, but Syrian Refugees Could Bring Terrorists Here

Top U.S. security officials say fewer are leaving the United States to join terrorist groups, but Obama's Syrian refugee resettlement program could bring terrorism to American shores.

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