The Cable

SitRep: Accused Navy Spy “Ambushed” by Feds, Taliban and AQ Together Again

New Chinese naval exercises; American ally in Turkey quits; and lots more

Shadow Government

Measuring Change at the CIA

It would be a mistake to reverse or suspend any of the reforms now underway at Langley without the benefit of a rigorous and objective assessment of how the new priorities, structures, and work processes are actually impacting the agency’s core missions.


Europe, Stop Trying To Make ‘Intelligence Sharing’ Happen

It’s become every European policymaker’s go-to rallying cry in the wake of terror threats – and it will always be doomed to failure.

The Cable

Long-Awaited Senate Plan Would Require Companies Be Able to Decrypt On Demand

A bill written by the top senators on the Intelligence Committee escalates Washington's war with Silicon Valley over encryption.

The Cable

Will Google And Facebook Copy WhatsApp’s Encryption Tech?

End-to-end encryption poses a huge threat to the business model of Internet giants.


Obama’s Most Dangerous Drone Tactic Is Here to Stay

From Yemen to Somalia, the White House has gone back to bombing men it can’t confirm are militants — potentially leaving innocents trapped in the crossfire.


Hungary FM: Unchecked Migration Increases Risk of Terror

In an exclusive interview with Foreign Policy, Budapest’s top diplomat assesses the impact of terror in Europe.

The Cable

Exclusive: Top House Lawmaker Accuses Pentagon of Obstructing Intel Probe

Rep. Devin Nunes says military officials are “slow-rolling” attempts to investigate alleged manipulation of intelligence by U.S. Central Command

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