What Pakistan Knew About the Bin Laden Raid

As Islamabad’s ambassador to Washington, I had an intimate view of the Pakistani response to the SEAL Team 6 operation. But I still have a few unanswered questions.


Searching for Hostages Isn’t CIA’s Top Priority, Insiders Say

The hunt for al Qaeda leaders takes precedence when it comes to intelligence collection.

Shadow Government

Did the New Spooks on the Block Really Fix U.S Intelligence?

Ten years ago, ODNI was pitched as the cure to what ailed America's counterterrorism operations. Did it work?


The Fight Over Canada’s Patriot Act

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has introduced an ambitious and unpopular intelligence reform agenda. Can anyone stop it?

Shadow Government

The Office of the DNI’s Greatest Hits

Assessing the office of the director of national intelligence.


John Oliver to Ed Snowden: Intel Reform Hangs on Dick Pics

Americans don't care about surveillance. They do care about the government holding on to their naked photos.

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