The Cable

Top U.S. Spy: ‘Use Whatever Bathroom You Want’

James Clapper wades into the transgender bathrooms debate.


Washington and London Are Looking For a Few Good Gay Spies

Britain's MI6 flew the rainbow flag from their London headquarters on Tuesday -- but intelligence agencies have not always been so accepting of LGBT spies.

The Cable

Feds Will Facebook Stalk You Before You Get Top Secret Clearance

Background checks will now include a look at public social media profiles.

The Cable

SitRep: Accused Navy Spy “Ambushed” by Feds, Taliban and AQ Together Again

New Chinese naval exercises; American ally in Turkey quits; and lots more

Shadow Government

Measuring Change at the CIA

It would be a mistake to reverse or suspend any of the reforms now underway at Langley without the benefit of a rigorous and objective assessment of how the new priorities, structures, and work processes are actually impacting the agency’s core missions.

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