The Cable

Chelsea Manning, Soldier Behind Historic Classified Leak, Released From Prison

After former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence in a controversial final move.


Intel Community Will Not Conduct Damage Assessment of Trump’s Disclosure

Authorized or not, disclosures of classified intelligence are usually examined. Not this time.

Elephants in the Room

What Exactly Is the White House Denying About the ‘Trump Mishandled Classified Material’ Story?

It appears they are attempting something much bigger and more difficult: they are claiming the central allegations of the Washington Post story are false.

The Cable

SitRep: BREAKING: Trump Reverses Aides, Admits He Shared Classified Info. With Russians; McMaster to Brief Press; NATO Simplifying Meeting For Trump

Syria Accused Of Cremating Thousands of Prisoners; Ransomware Update; Mattis Phone Number Leaked Via Sticky Note; Turkey and Germany Square Off Over Incirlik

The Cable

Intelligence Panel Takes Another Shot at Creating Committee to Counter Russian Influence

But President Trump will get to choose its members and agenda.

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