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SitRep: Trump Advisor Bannon Predicts Wars With China, Middle East; Pentagon Officials Say Gloves Off in Yemen

Pentagon Didn’t Cook the Books; Mattis and the Weight of Expectation; Fighting in Ukraine

The Cable

Arrested Russian FSB Agents Allegedly Passed Information to CIA

Did agents working for the FSB's cyber unit tip off American intelligence?


Steve Bannon Is Making Sure There’s No White House Paper Trail, Says Intel Source

The Trump administration’s chief strategist has already taken control of both policy and process on national security.

Best Defense

Dangerous Liaisons: A CIA vet’s thoughts on Trump, loyalty, and the agency

I shudder at the idea of a president — any president, from either party — expecting ideological and personal loyalty.

The Cable

Sean Spicer’s Second First Press Briefing Was Saner, But Few Details on Policy

Spicer spoke on trade, China, intelligence agencies, and also clapping and crowd size.

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