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Controversial Cybersecurity Measure Set for Final Approval

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act would hand companies expansive liability protection for sharing threat information with the government.


Twitter Users Hit By ‘State-Sponsored’ Hackers

The attack appears to have targeted researchers and activists working on privacy-related technology.

Observation Deck

Could American Spooks Provoke War with Beijing?

U.S. intelligence agencies are turning spy missions into provocations in the South China Sea.


The Crypto Wars Come to San Bernardino

Attacks in Paris and California have renewed calls for government access to encrypted communications.


Cyber Spying Is Out, Cyber Lying Is In

From doctored drone videos to bogus stock prices, Washington’s top spies worry digital deception is the cyberwar of the future.


Paris Attacks Reopen Crypto Wars

From Apple to WhatsApp, tech companies are using sophisticated encryption technologies to thwart government spying. After Paris, top officials want to force firms to lower those walls.


Is Germany, Europe’s Rock, Starting to Crumble?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel saved the eurozone this summer. But a number of homegrown issues are straining her leadership.

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