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That Time McCain and Clapper Purportedly Argued About Torture? It Never Happened.

Sen. John McCain and DNI James Clapper never argued about terrorism; McCain had the dust-up with Michael Hayden.

The Cable

John McCain to James Clapper: Sorry for Saying You Wanted to Torture

Sen. McCain just walked back accusations that DNI James Clapper wanted to torture suspects.


FBI Rolls Out Red Scare Film to Highlight Threat of Economic Espionage

"The Company Man" tells the story of an engineer approached by Chinese businessmen to sell his firm's secrets.


The Three Least Surprising Things U.S. Spies Learned About France

One NSA intelligence summary included information reported by the New York Times a week earlier.


WikiLeaks Docs Show NSA Penetrated Highest Levels of French Government

The revelations are likely to cause a political scandal in France.

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