Ahead of Xi’s Visit, U.S. Struggling to Stop China’s Hackers

The White House wants a commitment from Beijing to stop commercial espionage and is threatening sanctions on hackers and companies if it doesn’t get it.


A Cybersecurity Bill Light on Security, Heavy on Corporate Protection

Congress is poised to pass legislation that would hand businesses legal immunity for sharing cyber-intelligence with the government. Privacy activists call it a surveillance bill. Security experts call it a half-measure.


Did Centcom Cook the Books in the War Against the Islamic State?

U.S. Central Command’s intel chief is under scrutiny amid allegations that commanders are trying to bury bad news about the war against ISIS.

The Cable

U.S. Spy Chief: Get Ready for Everything to be Hacked All the Time

With U.S. government and business networks being frequently probed by cyberspace operatives, the United States’ top spy said Thursday the greatest online threat isn’t a ...


The U.S. Hoped Indicting 5 Chinese Hackers Would Deter Beijing’s Cyberwarriors. It Hasn’t Worked.

A year and a half after their indictment, will the members of PLA Unit 61398 ever see the inside of a federal courtroom?

The Cable

Pollard to Be Released After 30 Years in Prison

Long a source of tension between Washington and Jerusalem, the convicted Israeli spy will be freed in November.

The Cable

That Time McCain and Clapper Purportedly Argued About Torture? It Never Happened.

Sen. John McCain and DNI James Clapper never argued about terrorism; McCain had the dust-up with Michael Hayden.

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