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Regaining the moral high ground: Time to think about ‘Just Intelligence’ doctrine

The study of ethics in war has a deep history. Could its lessons be applied to intelligence activities?


Zero Dark Dishonesty

The CIA says torture helped the United States find Osama bin Laden, but the Senate says it made the search even harder.

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The CIA Admits the Agency Made Mistakes in Interrogation Tactics

The CIA admitted Tuesday morning that the agency made mistakes in its interrogation tactics.

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The Torture Report Is Finally Out: Read It Here

The long-awaited torture report was released Tuesday morning.


This Malware May Have Gotten the NSA Caught With Its Hand in the Cookie Jar

In Norse mythology, Regin is a cunning dwarf who raises the hero Sigurd as his own son in order to use him as an instrument ...

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Intel Community to Congressional Critics: Show Us Even More of the Money

The intelligence community has come under fire for failing to do enough to predict the rise of the Islamic State and Russian aggression in Ukraine. ...


The Failed NSA Reform Bill Was a Sham Anyway

"Data handshakes," call records, and the NSA's back door into telecom companies reveal that the Senate's plan to protect Americans' privacy would have done no such thing.


Is China Swarming With Foreign Spies?

The Communist Party is finally getting serious about ferretting out Western spooks. But a new counterespionage law, passed on Nov. 1, may be just a finger in the dike.


Imminent Threat?

In September, the administration said the Khorasan Group was about to attack America. But the terrorist group seems to have fallen off the radar.

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The Myth of the Terrorist Safe Haven

The Myth of the Terrorist Safe Haven

Inside the White House Fight Over the Slaughter in South Sudan

Inside the White House Fight Over the Slaughter in South Sudan

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