Building the Kremlin’s Big Brother

Inside the minds of the engineers and computer scientists developing phone taps and facial recognition software for Moscow’s security apparatus -- no questions asked.

Tea Leaf Nation

The Making of a Chinese Nationalist Internet User

One teenage boy’s journey from casual web surfer to pro-party digital vigilante goes viral.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


Can Google’s Fleet of High-Altitude Balloons Bring the Internet to the World’s Unconnected?

Two out of three people on Earth can't access the Internet. Google hopes its whimsically named "Project Loon" can change that.


The Invisible (Digital) War

Wherever there’s a political crisis, from Gaza to Ukraine, cyberattacks targeting the flow of information soon follow. A few brave computer programmers are fighting back.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Your Country, We Just Live in It

Tracking a viral, slightly subversive meme in Chinese cyberspace.


Why Did Brazil’s President Change Her Tune on Spying?

After Edward Snowden's revelations, Dilma Rousseff came out as a fierce critic of the NSA. Now she's palling around with Barack Obama.

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