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Vote for your favorite essay on how the US military needs to adapt to the 21st century

Here are the 21 entries that I ran in the essay contest about the one thing the U.S. military needs to do most to adapt to the Information Age. Now it is time to vote for the one you think is best.


Europe’s Misguided Anti-Google Crusade

The EU’s campaign against the Internet giant is missing the point: Google isn’t doing anything that hurts consumers.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


The Perils of Burma’s Internet Craze

A vicious hacker movement with military connections is targeting independent bloggers and media outlets.

The Cable

White House: The Internet May Be a Strategic Liability to the West

A new White House initiative seeks major spending increases on cybersecurity.


How Brazil Crowdsourced a Landmark Law

When the time came to draft an important new “Internet bill of rights,” Brazilians took matters into their own hands.


North Korea’s 24-Hour Nuclear Cycle

How to track a nuclear explosion in the Twitter era.

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