Sri Lankan Teenager Hacks President’s Website Twice to Demand New Date For College Exams

How do high schoolers attempt to get out of exams these days? In Sri Lanka, one of them has turned to hacking the president's website.

The Cable

The Same Russian Hackers Hit the DNC and the DCCC, Security Firms Say

Russian military intelligence appears to be behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee and the Democrats’ congressional campaign organization, experts say.


The Turkish Internet Is a Battleground, and Erdogan Is Winning

Turkey blocked access to WikiLeaks after the group released nearly 300,000 emails from the AKP party's servers.


‘FaceTime Is a Cyberweapon’ and Other Lessons About Digital Age Coups

After Turkey, has the internet torn up the playbook for how coups are won and lost?

Tea Leaf Nation

The Man Who Nailed Jello to the Wall

Westerners said the web could never be controlled. Lu Wei, China's departing internet czar, proved them all wrong.


Suppressing Extremist Speech: There’s an Algorithm for That!

A GOP operative and an academic are teaming up to go after the Islamic State online, but Silicon Valley isn’t buying it.

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