Tea Leaf Nation

The Man Who Nailed Jello to the Wall

Westerners said the web could never be controlled. Lu Wei, China's departing internet czar, proved them all wrong.


Suppressing Extremist Speech: There’s an Algorithm for That!

A GOP operative and an academic are teaming up to go after the Islamic State online, but Silicon Valley isn’t buying it.


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Shows Off His Beach Bod to Celebrate Ramadan

Heads of state tend to use social media to proliferate flattering images of themselves. Not Hun Sen.

Best Defense

Vote for your favorite essay on how the US military needs to adapt to the 21st century

Here are the 21 entries that I ran in the essay contest about the one thing the U.S. military needs to do most to adapt to the Information Age. Now it is time to vote for the one you think is best.

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