Shadow Government

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Missing One Big Piece

The Trump administration should maintain the communications channels the Obama administration opened with Iran.

The Cable

SitRep: Bannonism: Chaos, or Part of a Plan?; Russia Bristles at NATO Deployments; Moscow’s New Syria Buildup

The Battle for Raqqa; New Iranian Missile Test; Rebel Leaders in Ukraine Ending Up Dead

The Cable

SitRep: White House Mulls Iran, Muslim Brotherhood Terror Nods; Yemen Bans U.S. Commandos; Trump Slams France, NATO

Iran Scrubs Missile Launch; Pentagon Revolving Door; Bannon’s Reading List

The Cable
Shadow Government

Trump Will Likely Regret His Red Line on Iran

When Iran does act out again — which it will — we should not taunt Trump about being weak or bait him into acting militarily.

The Cable

SitRep: Trump’s Iran Warning; SEAL Raid Disaster; Putin Testing Trump; Inside the New NSC

Wikileaks Targets French Election; Mexico and Australia Messes; SEALs Fly Trump Flag

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