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‘Obama’s General’ Pleads Guilty to Leaking Stuxnet Operation

Gen. James Cartwright was a favorite of the commander in chief but that couldn’t save him from the White House’s war on leakers.


Muhammad Ali’s Wife Calls for ‘Islamic Mercy’ for Imprisoned Iranian-Americans

With the Obama administration’s negotiating hands tied, supporters appeal to the compassionate side of the Iranian regime.

The Cable

Iran Sends Ships to Yemeni Coast in Wake of U.S. Strikes

The deployment adds another wrinkle to the increasingly complex situation in Yemen.


Yemen’s Terrible War Is About to Get Worse

The bombing of a funeral has empowered the country's worst forces and could drag America into the fray.


It’s Time to Negotiate With Iran Over Syria

The war won’t end until Assad’s most powerful backer has a seat at the table — and that isn’t Putin.


Iran to Soccer Fans: Dress in Mourning for World Cup Qualifier Against Korea

When an a World Cup qualifier match lined up with a Shia holiday, Iranian officials agreed to a work-around.


U.S. Weighs Iran-Style Sanctions on North Korea, Risking a Rift With China

To stop Pyongyang's march to a nuclear arsenal, the White House is looking to target Chinese companies that bankroll Kim Jong Un’s banned weapons.

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