Deadline for Iran Nuclear Talks Pushed Back to July 7

Hours ahead of the expiration of a June 30 deadline, negotiators give themselves more time to ink an agreement.


Driving Iran From the Shadows

How much access will inspectors really have to Iran’s nuclear program?


What Deadline? Iran Nuclear Talks to Continue Past June 30

Iran and the United States won't meet a June 30 deadline to get a nuclear deal done.

The Cable

No, Obama’s Former Advisors Aren’t Trashing the Iran Deal

A bipartisan U.S. group of Iran watchers, including former Obama administration officials, has drawn a line in the sand on five concessions they say must be part of a lasting deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear program. Their letter was viewed Thursday as an indictment of the nuclear talks by the president’s very own former advisors. But two authors of the letter disputed that interpretation in interviews with Foreign Policy.


The Next Iranian Revolution

With an end to sanctions in sight, one of the world’s richest oil and gas prizes is about to open up. That makes some nervous, but has oil majors and energy-hungry countries rubbing their hands in anticipation.

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