A Defense of Obama’s Middle East ‘Balancing Act’

From the Iraq drawdown to chemical weapons red lines to Russia’s war in Syria, a conversation with Robert Malley, the president’s top Middle East policy official.

The Cable

Video: Is This The Fabled Beast of Kandahar?

New video shows the secret drone over Nevada


Trump’s Possible VP Believes ISIS Could Conquer the U.S.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was once a highly respected U.S. intelligence chief. Now he’s warning about the Islamic State imposing sharia in the United States and urging cooperation with Russia.

The Cable

House Dems Rebel Against GOP’s Iran Sanctions Push

A group of senior House Democrats, including longtime Iran hawks, are refusing to support a last-minute Republican push to pass multiple Iran sanctions bills before the summer recess and dismissing the effort as naked partisan point-scoring.

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