The Exchange: Lynsey Addario and Shirin Ebadi Talk Iran

Is anyone free to report on Tehran?

Shadow Government

The Iran Deal Isn’t Anything Like Nixon Going to China

Analogies, Sigmund Freud once wrote, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home. President Obama is explicitly comparing his diplomatic triumph with ...

The Cable

Top Obama Officials Take on Iran Deal Skeptics in Congress

In a heated battle of words on Capitol Hill, senior U.S. officials defended the Obama administration’s nuclear accord with Iran on Thursday in the face of unanimous Republican opposition.

The Cable

Congress Will Vote No on the Nuclear Deal — But What Will ‘No’ Mean?

As Secretary of State John Kerry roams the halls of Capitol Hill on Wednesday to sell the Iran deal to skeptical lawmakers, one future outcome is clear: In the next 60 days, Congress is virtually certain to voice its displeasure with the agreement in a high-profile vote.

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