Shadow Government

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Missing One Big Piece

The Trump administration should maintain the communications channels the Obama administration opened with Iran.

The Cable

SitRep: White House Mulls Iran, Muslim Brotherhood Terror Nods; Yemen Bans U.S. Commandos; Trump Slams France, NATO

Iran Scrubs Missile Launch; Pentagon Revolving Door; Bannon’s Reading List


Yemen Is the First Battleground in Trump’s Confrontation With Iran

The administration has its sights set on checkmating Tehran’s ambitions across the region. Iran’s proxies in Yemen are in the crosshairs.

Shadow Government

Trump Will Likely Regret His Red Line on Iran

When Iran does act out again — which it will — we should not taunt Trump about being weak or bait him into acting militarily.

Shadow Government

Is Trump Trying to Tweet Us Into a War With Iran?

Even if the Trump administration wants to walk away from the nuclear agreement or provoke the Iranians to walk away, criticizing the nuclear deal was unwise.

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