Trump Assigns White House Team to Target Iran Nuclear Deal, Sidelining State Department

Unhappy with Tillerson over Iran, the president is turning to trusted aides.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Incoherent Iran Policy Could End the Nuke Deal on the Worst Possible Terms

Trump has no clear agenda or policies of his own, and in their absence he is simply trying to tear down Obama’s key domestic and foreign policy achievements, with little understanding or care for what might replace them.


Regime Change in Iran Would Be a Disaster for Everyone

Donald Trump says Iran is a threat to the region, but his administration might be the real danger.

Elephants in the Room

If Trump Is Serious About Curbing Iran, He’ll Kill Boeing’s Plan to Sell It Planes

The more Iran’s economy is bolstered by large-scale Western business deals, the harder it will be for the United States to deploy sanctions effectively.


Is Treason Still Punishable in America Today?

Donald Trump Jr.’s actions might rise to the level of criminal conspiracy against the republic, but it probably wouldn't even matter.


The Iran Nuclear Deal Has Been a Blessing for Israel

Two years on from the signing of the agreement to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program, Israel and the region are safer than ever from the threat of mullahs with a bomb.

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