The U.S. Is Providing Air Cover for Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

Iran’s Shiite militias aren’t a whole lot better than the Islamic State.

The Cable

British Foreign Secretary: Differences Remain, But Nuclear Deal Possible in ‘Next 48 hours’

Just days before a key deadline in the Iran nuclear talks, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond expressed confidence that if a compromise is reached, negotiators would be able to present an agreement that clarifies key two sticking points: how long a final deal would be in effect and how far it pushes back Iran’s breakout time to acquiring weapons-grade uranium.

The Cable

U.S. Officials: Tikrit Offensive Not About Countering Iran’s Influence

U.S. officials told lawmakers on Thursday that a new bombing campaign against Islamic State positions in the Iraqi city of Tikrit is not designed to counter Iran’s growing clout in the country, but to prevent another tactical victory for the Sunni terrorist group, which has fended off an Iraqi offensive on the city for weeks.

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