The Blood Feud That Drives the Middle East

Saudi Arabia and Iran's struggle for power is tearing apart the Arab world, even as diplomats frantically try to negotiate a truce.


Assad’s Sunni Foot Soldiers

Russia and Iran's intervention in Syria gets all the attention, but many in the country’s majority sect are still fighting for the government. They may hold the key to Syria’s future.


Syria Crisis Tests Newfound Détente Between Washington and Tehran

Obama personally assured Riyadh and other powers their interests would not be undermined in Syrian peace talks if Iran was at the negotiating table.

Shadow Government

The U.S. Needs to Protect the Iranian Opposition in Iraq — and Counter Tehran in the Region

America can't allow another attack on the Iranian dissidents in Iraq.


Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘Shocked’ by Halal Knockoff in Iran

A knockoff KFC was shut down this week in Tehran. Now, the American brand wants to take legal action against the Iranian shopkeeper.


Putin and Politics Are Behind Obama's Decision to Send Troops to Syria

When military moves seem too small to make a difference, there's usually another reason for them.

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