U.S. Slaps Sanctions on Islamic State’s Global Network

Washington lays out new details on the Islamic State's reach as world leaders at the U.N. seek a winning strategy to countering extremism.


Iraq Strikes Intel Sharing Agreement With Russia, Syria, and Iran

The move comes as Russia has deployed large numbers of troops to Syria and has reasserted its diplomatic power in the Middle East.

The Cable

U.S. Point Man for Global Effort to Defeat the Islamic State Heads for Exit

U.S. officials say retired Marine Gen. John Allen expected to call it quits after a year of trying to win battlegrounds and corral coalition partners against the Islamic State.

The Cable

Petraeus: U.S. Military Needs to Play Bigger Role in Syria

In his first testimony since resigning from the CIA, David Petraeus apologized to Congress for leaking classified information to his mistress and advocated a stepped-up military intervention into Syria that would go well beyond what the Obama administration has so far been willing to do.

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