The Dangerous Lives of Undercover ISIS Informants

Meet the small group of Middle Eastern men willing to risk everything to help destroy the Islamic State.


Here’s How We’re Building a Better Mosul

I know it can be hard to look past the destruction wrought by the Islamic State, but together we can build a peaceful, prosperous city.

Best Defense

A coherent approach to Raqqa

Iraq’s security forces are in operational pause.


Iraqi Christian Veteran Fears Deportation After Serving Prison Sentence

Iraqi Christians in the United States cheered Trump’s promises to protect religious minorities. Now many feel betrayed.

The Cable

SitRep: U.S. to Bolster Iran Deal Enforcement; Pence Again Warns North Korea; Mattis In Middle East

Pentagon Wants In On Yemen; More on New Nork Missiles; Pentagon’s New Nuclear Review Underway; AQ And ISIS Back Together?; And Lots More


The Lost Children of Mosul

Thousands of young Iraqis have been trapped, displaced, or killed as the fight to retake the city from the Islamic State enters its seventh month.

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