The United States Should Admit It No Longer Has a Middle East Policy

If the current — and future — U.S. administration wants to battle the Islamic State, save Syria, and keep ties with Israel, it’s got to ditch the Cold War playbook.


What Can 200 U.S. Commandos Actually Accomplish in Iraq?

Much less than the White House wants.


The War for Islam

Amid a roiling Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia are fanning the fires of sectarianism and playing politics in a zero-sum proxy war of religious fervor.


U.N.: Almost 19,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq Since 2014

A new report from the U.N. outlines the civilian death toll in Iraq, and the fears of execution and torture that exist for those who are still alive.

Best Defense

Why do so many Americans care more about Benghazi than about the Iraq War?

I don’t understand the disproportionate focus on a half day in Benghazi vs. more than a decade in Iraq. When people say they just the ...


The Tyranny of Distance

25 years after Desert Storm, America still hasn’t learned why it’s so difficult to win wars overseas.


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