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Ethiopia’s Anti-Extremist Policies Could Put It in Militants’ Crosshairs

The United States has long touted Ethiopia as an important ally in East African peacekeeping. But Sunday's execution of 30 Ethiopians in Libya could put new pressure on the young democracy to step up in the fight against the Islamic State.


Somali Expats in Nairobi Are Caught Between al Shabab and a Heavyhanded, Brutal Police Force

In the wake of the Garissa University attack, Somali expats in one Nairobi neighborhood are caught between an increasingly indiscriminate al Shabab and a heavy-handed, brutal police force.


The Arab NATO

The new 40,000-strong Arab League “response force” is all about countering Iran. Get ready for tense times and strange bedfellows in the Middle East.

The Cable

Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Guilty on All Counts

Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty on all counts. He now faces the death penalty.

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Why Don Draper Would Be Impressed by the Islamic State

Whether or not it meant to, the Islamic State has pulled off a flawless branding campaign. It's now the premier terror group in the world.


Al-Shabab Crosses the Rubicon

With its horrific attack on a Kenyan university, the Somali militant group has given up all pretense of governing — and has joined the depths of global jihadi depravity.

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