Russia’s Hearts-and-Minds Campaign in Syria Is Aimed at Home

The country's latest humanitarian efforts in the Middle East are designed to win over its own increasingly testy Muslims.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Farcical New Beginning With Muslims

The president’s trip to Saudi Arabia isn’t the start of a new relationship with the Arab world; it’s militarism, disdain for human rights, and caricature of religion.


Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Win Over the White House

The Saudis are thrilled that Barack Obama is out of office. But will they get what they need from the Trump administration?


The Improbable Rise and Blasphemous Fall of a Christian Politician in Indonesia

The country has no choice but to live with religious identity politics — but it doesn't have to like the consequences.


Can the ‘She-Wolf’ Who Rejected the Harem Take On Sultan Erdogan?

The feisty, nationalist grandmother Meral Aksener is a real threat to unseat Turkey’s demagogic president. If he doesn’t toss her in jail first.


Sebastian Gorka May Be a Far-Right Nativist, But for Sure He’s a Terrible Scholar

A closer look at the doctoral dissertation of President Trump’s expert on “radical Islamist terrorism.”


The Making of Islamophobia Inc.

A well-funded network is trying to strip the right to speak away from American Muslims and fanning the politics of fear.

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