Matt Bors’ Death Wish

At least I won't have to read your think pieces.


In Sisi’s Egypt, Blasphemy Is Still a Crime

The Muslim Brotherhood is gone -- but the government is still jailing people for offending Islam.

The Cable

Ethiopia’s Anti-Extremist Policies Could Put It in Militants’ Crosshairs

The United States has long touted Ethiopia as an important ally in East African peacekeeping. But Sunday's execution of 30 Ethiopians in Libya could put new pressure on the young democracy to step up in the fight against the Islamic State.


Somali Expats in Nairobi Are Caught Between al Shabab and a Heavyhanded, Brutal Police Force

In the wake of the Garissa University attack, Somali expats in one Nairobi neighborhood are caught between an increasingly indiscriminate al Shabab and a heavy-handed, brutal police force.


Gaza’s militias are once again arming, training, and preparing for the inevitable next war with Israel

In the rubble of the Gaza Strip, the militias are once again arming up, training men and women, and preparing for the inevitable war with Israel.

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