The Trump Administration’s Islamophobic Holy Grail

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group would cripple U.S. foreign policy and launch a domestic smear campaign.


Five Ways Donald Trump Is Wrong About Islam

The White House’s approach to the world’s second largest religion isn’t just bigoted – it’s a strategic disaster.

The Cable

The United Kingdom’s Response to America’s Immigration Ban Is … Confused

Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and the Queen take on (or don't) President Trump's immigration ban.


Trump’s Immigration Order Gives Ammunition to ISIS, Endangers U.S. Troops

With its blanket ban on Muslims from seven countries, the White House sparked a global backlash that experts say will fuel terrorism.


The Father, the Son, and Donald Trump’s Holy War

How Trump’s “Muslim ban” is creating a minority where there was none before and making all Americans choose where they stand.


How France’s Fight With Islam Became a Bestseller

David Thomson was one of the first to declare religion a part of the problem in France’s war on terror. Now he’s become the country’s hottest intellectual.

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