The South Asia Channel

To Counter IS in Bangladesh, Look To The Bloggers

If the international community is concerned about the spread of IS in Bangladesh, it should pressure the government to provide a secure space for free media.

The South Asia Channel

Identity Goes Beyond Islam in Pakistan

A country founded on the basis of religious identity, Pakistan must now embrace ethnic pluralism to find unity in the fight against terrorism.


Looking for Allah as a Shiite in Saudi Arabia

I came to Mecca seeking spiritual enlightenment. I found discrimination and distrust.


The War for Islam

Amid a roiling Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia are fanning the fires of sectarianism and playing politics in a zero-sum proxy war of religious fervor.


Ban Donald Trump From the United Kingdom!

Yes, the parliamentary debate over barring The Donald is about grandstanding and showmanship. That doesn't mean it's a bad idea.


What It’s Like to Live in the Capital of the ‘Caliphate’

Religious sermons, air strikes, and itchy mandatory beards -- just another normal day in Raqqa.

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