Can the ‘She-Wolf’ Who Rejected the Harem Take On Sultan Erdogan?

The feisty, nationalist grandmother Meral Aksener is a real threat to unseat Turkey’s demagogic president. If he doesn’t toss her in jail first.


The Making of Islamophobia Inc.

A well-funded network is trying to strip the right to speak away from American Muslims and fanning the politics of fear.

The Cable

An EU Court Okays Headscarf Bans in the Workplace

Observers say ruling could exacerbate tensions with Muslim immigrants


Hawaii Launches First Attack Against New Trump Travel Ban

Suit is the first in a wave of challenges to rely on Trump’s past statements to overturn ban.


The Trump Administration’s Islamophobic Holy Grail

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group would cripple U.S. foreign policy and launch a domestic smear campaign.

The Cable

Turkish Women Can Now Wear Headscarves in Military

Proponents say it’s overdue. Opponents say it’s all too soon.

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