Bibi’s Excellent Washington Adventure

The Israeli prime minister has come to make amends with the United States. At least for now.


Is Anyone Happy About EU Rules on Israeli Products Made on Settlements?

The EU published clarifications Wednesday on its guidelines for labeling food made on Israeli settlements. But neither Palestinians nor Israelis seem too happy about it.

The Cable

Netanyahu Escapes Liberal Event Without Any Fireworks

Those eager to see fireworks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the president of the liberal Center for American Progress left disappointed on Tuesday after the tightly scripted event ended without so much as an irritated glare.

The Cable

Feds Announce Charges for Hackers Behind JP Morgan Breach

A group of hackers is alleged to have masterminded a $100 million criminal empire that went after big banks' customer data.


Netanyahu, Circus Ringmaster of the Israeli Right

The prime minister’s coalition partners have become a headache, and are threatening to upset what he hoped would be a conciliatory trip to Washington.


Netanyahu Visit Sparks Internal Backlash at Powerhouse D.C. Think Tank

In a tense internal meeting, staffers of the Center for American Progress criticized the think tank’s decision to host the Israeli leader.

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