Shadow Government

King Abdullah’s Passing Brings More Uncertainty to a Troubled Middle East

The southern Gulf is in turmoil, and there is little that Washington can do about it. Even as President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister ...


From Herzl to Hebdo

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's effort to lure French Jews to Israel is meeting resistance from his co-religionists, who don't appreciate his attempts to erase their community.


Bibi's France Trip Wasn't a PR Gaffe -- it Was Political Genius

In the lead-up to Israeli elections, the prime minister’s trip to France wasn't a public relations gaffe -- it may have been political genius.


Israel, U.S. Slam Palestinian Bid to Join International Criminal Court

Palestinian leaders made the move after a U.N. resolution demanding an end to the Israeli occupation by 2017 was bottled up by Washington and Jerusalem.


Palestinian Statehood Push Fails at United Nations

With peace talks stalled, the Palestinians tried to push through a Security Council measure calling for a deal within 12 months. They couldn’t pull it off.

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