A Defense of Obama’s Middle East ‘Balancing Act’

From the Iraq drawdown to chemical weapons red lines to Russia’s war in Syria, a conversation with Robert Malley, the president’s top Middle East policy official.


Israel’s ‘Fascist’ Defense Minister Is a Pragmatist

Avigdor Lieberman is combining tough talk with measured deeds. Could that be a recipe for becoming prime minister?


Can Natural Gas Put Cyprus Back Together Again?

As Cyprus ramps up its own energy exploration, and hopes prevail of an Israel-Turkey pipeline, there is growing optimism that natural gas will help finally unify the divided island.


Hezbollah’s Crucible of War

Joining Syria’s civil war has made Hezbollah much more powerful, but much less popular, in the Middle East.


How Donald Trump and the GOP Dropped the Two-State Solution for Mideast Peace

Days before the Cleveland convention, Republicans have just abandoned Washington’s decades-long call for an independent Palestine.


Families of Americans Killed in Israel Sue Facebook For $1 Billion

In March, an American graduate student and military veteran named Taylor Force was walking through the ancient Israeli port city of Jaffa when a knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed him to death and wounded 10 others.


Netanyahu: No, I Was Not Almost Assassinated in Kenya

The Israeli prime minister claims to know nothing at all about reports he was almost assassinated in Kenya.

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