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Democrat’s Latest Pro-Israel Appeal Draws Friendly Fire

Ever since his vote last September for the Iran nuclear deal, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) has bent over backwards to demonstrate his fervent support for the state of Israel through a variety of press releases, public speeches, personal meetings with Israeli leaders, and direct overtures to pro-Israel lobbyists.


How the Israelis Hoodwinked JFK on Going Nuclear

Newly declassified documents reveal how David Ben-Gurion’s mumbles and a trick sightseeing tour helped Israeli officials pull the wool over Washington’s eyes on the real purpose of the Dimona reactor.


Israeli Authorities: Jewish Men Tried to ‘Disturb Peace’ with Goats in Jerusalem

Israeli police are worried that attempts to carry out sacrifices in the Old City could spark tensions with Palestinians.


The United States Museum of Holocaust Kitsch

At Washington’s memorial to the genocide of Jews, history often takes a backseat to “collective memory.”

Shadow Government

Palestine’s Broken Leadership

As the Obama administration winds down, one of its great regrets is that it has not achieved a breakthrough in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, much less a peace settlement.

Shadow Government

Obama is Shaking the Foundations of the Camp David Accords

President Obama's unwillingness to truly take on the Islamic State in conjunction with its decision to redeploy the MFO may be the beginning of the end of the Camp David Accords.

The Cable

Paul Ryan’s Definitely-Not-Presidential Middle East Trip

Ryan continues to reject calls to enter the 2016 race even as he bolsters his foreign policy creds to contrast with President Obama.


Israeli Politician: My Wife Should Not Have to Give Birth Next to an Arab

An Israeli Knesset member said his wife should not have to give birth next to an Arab woman.

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