Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Reckless or Radical

Despite the hand-wringing of the Trumpophobes, there’s a lot of rationality and realism behind the president-elect’s evolving strategy.


Dems Will Have Trump to Thank for Getting a Political Pass on the Iran Deal

The Iran nuclear accord was supposed to be political kryptonite for Democrats in Congress. But Trump’s toxic candidacy helped sideline the issue.


Even as a Christian, Bob Dylan Was a Jew

The Nobel laureate denied his history and became an evangelical – but he never stopped being a Jewish prophet in our midst.

Shadow Government

Trump Should Challenge Clinton on Obama’s Terrible Two-State Solution Plan

It may be the only way from keeping the president from making a damaging Middle East policy move before he leaves the White House.


Israel’s President Confronts Ukrainians With Their Past

Many in Ukraine don't want to hear about their heroes' participation in the Holocaust. But Israel's President Rivlin didn't shy away from the truth.


Talking Presidents, Politics, and Peace With Shimon Peres

In conversations, the former prime minister of Israel revealed why he never lied to David Ben-Gurion, what he considered his first political achievement, and how Ronald Reagan "conquered" his heart.

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