Making the Middle East Worse, Trump-Style

American presidents have generally been pretty good at botching things in the Middle East, but this one is winning at it.


The Arab World Has Never Recovered From the Loss of 1967

Fifty years after the Six-Day War, the intellectualism that once lit up the Middle East has been all but extinguished by corrupt regimes and perverse religiosity.


Nikki Haley Should Help Fix the U.N. Human Rights Council, Not Abandon It

Sure, it’s not perfect. But if the Trump administration pulls out altogether, the abusers of the world win.

Shadow Government

Donald Trump’s Malarial Fever Trip

When Donald Trump departed on his maiden overseas trip, it was impossible to resist the comparison with the last time a president got out of town to escape such a vortex of scandals: the summer of 1974, when Richard Nixon jetted to the Middle East and Moscow just weeks before Watergate consumed him.

The Cable

Israel Changed Intelligence Sharing With U.S. After Trump Comments to Russians

The United States’ closely ally in the Middle East did a “spot repair” following the president’s decision to overshare.


Donald Trump Playacts Peace in the Middle East

On his first visit to Israel, the president stressed his “personal commitment” to ending the country’s conflict with the Palestinians but did nothing to prove it.

The Cable

Israel Won’t Let Trump’s Stumbles Get in the Way of Good Relations With Washington

Netanyahu said, "intelligence cooperation is terrific." And that was after Trump seemed to confirm he shared classified information.

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