A Tale of the Pure at Heart

In 2014, Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala, the latest stop in a 20-year international journey. The ultra-conservative jewish sect cries that it is escaping religious persecution. But to those left behind—in Israel, New York, and Canada—the group is a dangerous cult ducking accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and child marriage


Israel May Have Found a ‘Solution’ to Palestinian Knife Attacks

Israel Defense Forces may begin wearing neck protectors to prevent injuries from knife attacks.


Israel’s Nazi Art Hunters

In the aftermath of World War II, art looted from Jews spread across the globe -- including to the world’s only Jewish state. Now, there’s an effort underway to return the pieces to their rightful owners.


The Men in the Middle

Two young, charismatic leaders in Israel and Turkey are taking on right-wing governments and trying to transform their countries' politics. Can they change the Middle East without firing a shot?


A Gas-Powered Rapprochement Between Turkey and Israel

After five years of discord, Ankara and Jerusalem are ready to mend ties, driven in no small part by Turkey’s desire to get access to Israeli natural gas.


Haaretz Moves In on AIPAC’s Turf

The Israeli newspaper is inviting American Jews to conferences that reject happy talk in favor of couple’s therapy.


For Israel and Its Neighbors, Energy Finds Power Big Dreams

The race is on to develop gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, but big energy finds fuel strife as often as peace.

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