Israel’s President Confronts Ukrainians With Their Past

Many in Ukraine don't want to hear about their heroes' participation in the Holocaust. But Israel's President Rivlin didn't shy away from the truth.


Talking Presidents, Politics, and Peace With Shimon Peres

In conversations, the former prime minister of Israel revealed why he never lied to David Ben-Gurion, what he considered his first political achievement, and how Ronald Reagan "conquered" his heart.


What Would Shimon Do?

Israel’s last founding father never gave up on peace with Palestine — but he also had plans in case it failed for good.


Can Israel’s Peace Movement Survive the Loss of Shimon Peres?

As the world pays tribute to the former Israeli prime minister, some in the country worry that the two-state solution may have died with him.

The Cable

Trump and Clinton Try to Out-Israel the Other Ahead of New York Debate

In meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the GOP nominee blames the Palestinians for the conflict and promotes his “wall,” while the Democratic nominee recommits to the two-state solution.


Israel Declares War on Gaza’s NGOs

An ongoing crackdown on international organizations is paving the way for the next armed conflict with Hamas.

The Cable

Netanyahu Backs Down in U.S.-Israel Military Aid Deal

After staking out a hardline stance over a new arms package, Israel swallowed concessions in return for a 10-year U.S. commitment.


Sorry Bibi, the Palestinians Are Not ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Jewish Settlers

Using words that hint of genocide for crass political ends is beneath the standards of Israel.

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