White House Trolls Netanyahu, as Iran Stakes Out Hard-Line Position on Sanctions Relief

Both Rouhani and Obama are attempting to contend with hard-line constituencies at home.


Does Israel Really Have a Thermonuclear Weapon?

And did the Pentagon really just declassify a document admitting knowledge of this?


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.

The Cable

Reid’s Likely Successors Are Big Players on Foreign Policy

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has publicly backed Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to succeed him as Senate minority leader when he retires at the end of 2016, possibly giving the main pro-Israel lobby a powerful new ally in the upper chamber.


The Obama-Bibi Two-State Two-Step

The soap opera of the special relationship has gotten even more dramatic. But when it comes to Palestinian statehood, the United States and Israel are just playing games.


Spy vs. Spy, America and Israel Edition

Israel and the United States have a long history of spying on one another.

The Cable

Congress on Allegations of Israeli Spying: Yeah, So?

With a resounding meh, U.S. lawmakers shrugged off a report Tuesday alleging that Israel spied on nuclear negotiations between Iran and world powers in hopes of spurring Congress to veto a deal.

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