Palestine Plants Its Flag at the U.N., But Is the U.S. Even Watching?

Palestine pleaded for more international support Wednesday, shortly before it raised its flag at the United Nations.

The Cable

#AskTrump Ignores Critics While Addressing Israel, U.S. Border Security, and Tony Romo

Donald Trump ignored Twitter critics during a question-and-answer session on social media.


Moscow Relishes Revamped Role in Mideast as Israel Seeks Assurances in Syria

Netanyahu won a battle in convincing Moscow to coordinate on military action in Syria. But Putin is winning a larger war: recognition of Russia’s growing influence in the Mideast.


How AIPAC May Win by Losing the Iran Deal

An FP investigation shows the lengths to which the powerful pro-Israel lobby goes to avoid disclosing its influence.


Khamenei to Israel: You Will Not Exist in 25 Years

Iran's supreme leader said Wednesday that he hopes Israel ceases to exist and that Iran will not negotiate further with the United States on any subjects.

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