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Can Italy’s Outsiders Govern Like Insiders? A Tale of Two Five Star Mayors

Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement is rising in the polls, but their track record in government is spotty


Italy’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stabilize Libya

Rome is trying to shape the future of its onetime colony, but may get elbowed aside by local strongmen and their foreign partners.

The Cable

Is Italy’s Five Star Movement Going Legit?

Why Italy’s anti-establishment movement dumped Nigel Farage for pro-EU allies.

The Cable

Berlin Attacker’s Past Spurs New Questions on Old Controversies in Europe

Meanwhile, the death toll for refugees trying to make it to Europe has hit 5,000.

The Cable

Italian Parliament Approves Bank Bailout. Now What?

Will Italy's bank bailout help or hurt the Italian people?

The Cable

Italy Gets a New Government, and Jail Time for People Smuggler

It's one thing to bash migrants. It's another to govern when they arrive in unprecedented numbers on your shores.


The Resignation of Renzi, the Fall of Rome

Italians have voted down the grand changes Matteo Renzi envisioned, but can they live with no jobs, no growth, and no reforms?

The Cable

Some Italians Blame Brexit, Which Is Now Before the U.K. Supreme Court

Brexit is blamed for the disintegration of Europe. But will Brexit even happen?

The Cable

The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead: Italians Voted No. Plus, No Neo-Nazis for Austria, and Tweets for Trump.

Here's a quick rundown of top world news you may have missed over the weekend.

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