Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Blocked G-7 Migration Proposal

The author of the ‘Muslim Ban’ is now working to scuttle plans to settle refugees.

The Cable

Trump’s First Foreign Trip: To Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican

Not the traditional first foray for a new president.

Shadow Government

Could Italy Get Trump to Care About Fixing Libya?

Paolo Gentiloni's visit to Washington provides an opportunity for Donald Trump to heed an ally's advice.

The Cable

Europe Has a New Defender in Italy

Italy’s foreign minister launched a new pro-European Union party over the weekend.

The Cable

Can Italy’s Outsiders Govern Like Insiders? A Tale of Two Five Star Mayors

Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement is rising in the polls, but their track record in government is spotty


Italy’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stabilize Libya

Rome is trying to shape the future of its onetime colony, but may get elbowed aside by local strongmen and their foreign partners.

The Cable

Is Italy’s Five Star Movement Going Legit?

Why Italy’s anti-establishment movement dumped Nigel Farage for pro-EU allies.

The Cable

Berlin Attacker’s Past Spurs New Questions on Old Controversies in Europe

Meanwhile, the death toll for refugees trying to make it to Europe has hit 5,000.

The Cable

Italian Parliament Approves Bank Bailout. Now What?

Will Italy's bank bailout help or hurt the Italian people?

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