The Real Battle Over Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal Is About to Begin

President Obama fought for more than five years to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But the struggle to get Congress on board is just beginning.

The Cable

Obama Is At Risk of Seeing His Signature Trade Deal Slip Through His Fingers

If TPP talks stall, Obama might not get to use the fast track trade authority he fought for.

Observation Deck

Japan’s Trans-Friendly Comic Book Revolution

From Wandering Son to boys’ love, how manga is helping straight-laced Japan come to terms with LGBT rights.


In U.N. Speech, Xi Focuses on Japan

Instead of Syria, China's president emphasized his country's controversial history with its neighbor to the east.


Cry ‘Havoc’ and Let Slip the Constitution of War

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s end-run around the Japanese Constitution is shameful and unpopular. So why is Washington allowing Japan to ready its troops?


U.S. Gears Up to Challenge Beijing’s ‘Great Wall of Sand’

Washington has quietly avoided sending U.S. ships near China’s artificial islands. The Obama administration is now mulling a more muscular approach.


After Brawls in Parliament, Lawmakers Vote to Give Japan’s Military Freer Hand

Japanese lawmakers brawled over a bill to expand the military's engagement in conflict this week. On Friday, the bill passed 148 to 90.

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