The United States is casting doubts over its nuclear commitment in the Pacific

By failing to help South Korea and Japan with small threats, the United States is casting doubts on its biggest commitment in the region.


Does Japan Have the Solution to Amtrak’s Problems?

Tokyo has proposed building a high speed rail connecting Washington to Baltimore, and eventually to New York City.

Tea Leaf Nation

A Day to Watch in China: September 3, 2015

It will mark a nationwide holiday to remember victory over Japan. Visitors from Japan may wish to steer clear.


Shinzo Abe’s Sorry Apology

Japan's prime minister needs to actually apologize for his country’s crimes.

The Cable

Japan’s Abe Sells Trade Deal to Congress

In a 50-minute minute speech in Washington, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made his most high-profile pitch yet for a trans-Pacific trade pact that has divided U.S. lawmakers and turned liberal Democrats against the White House over concerns about job losses and wage stagnation.

The Cable

Live Stream: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Address to Congress

Watch Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe address a joint session of Congress.

The Cable

U.S. and Japan Improve Security Ties. On Trade? Not So Much.

The United States and Japan agreed to overhaul their security relationship. But a long-awaited trade deal still eludes the long time allies.


Pushing Back Against a Chinese Lake in the South China Sea

The United States, Japan, and ASEAN are beefing up their responses to Beijing's aggressive actions in one of the world's key waterways.

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