Observation Deck

The Weird New Normal of Negative Interest Rates

The United States, Germany, and other economic powerhouses haven't learned the dire lessons of Japan's lost decades.


Empire of the Setting Sun

Shinzo Abe is trying to roll back nearly 70 years of Japanese pacifism, but is the country ready to be "normal" again?

The Cable

China’s Gone Ballistic Since the Hague Ruling

Beijing has lashed out at neighbors and the U.S. after losing in a landmark international tribunal.


Japan’s Reluctant Feminist

For the hawkish new governor of Asia’s biggest city, fighting for female empowerment was a necessity, not a calling.


Obama Is America’s Last Lonely Free Trader

The president is making a final push for a massive Asian trade deal that has been rejected by both Trump and Clinton — and by plenty of the powerful Republicans who once supported it.


Want to Avoid Fraud Charges? Get Plastic Surgery and Move to Thailand.

A Japanese lawyer was caught in Thailand after years on the run -- and a fair amount of plastic surgery.

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