Remember Abenomics? Neither Does Abe.

Japan's prime minister has been obsessing over defense policy and international affairs, at the expense of his country's lackluster economy.

The Cable

China Just Took Another Step Toward Joining the IMF’s Currency Country Club

China's renminbi is one step closer to joining the U.S. dollar and other premier global currencies in the IMF's reserve fund.


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Around the Globe, Opposition to Obama’s Sweeping Pacific Trade Deal Is Lining Up

The release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has critics lining up to try to bring it down.


The Great Asian Missile Race

Northeast Asia needs to hold off on the military parades, put down the DF-21s and KN-08s, and talk it out before an arms race spirals out of control.


Watch Japan’s New Education Minister Wrestle Ric Flair

Surprisingly, Hiroshi Hase is not the first professional wrestler to become a high-ranking official in Japan's government.


Meet the 5 Newest Members of the U.N. Security Council

The United Nations Security Council added Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine, and Uruguay as its five new non-permanent members Thursday.

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