Abe-Trump Meeting May Yield Clues On Trump’s Trade Vision

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is in Washington to see what, if anything, will replace the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Shadow Government

Can the U.S.-Japan Alliance Survive Trump?

Concerned. Anxious. Confused. Perplexed. These are the most common adjectives I heard in Tokyo last week from Japanese officials and experts who are trying to understand the Trump administration’s approach to foreign policy and what it might mean for them.

The Cable

Tough Balancing Act for Japan’s Abe in Second Meeting With Trump

He was the first foreign leader to meet with Trump after his election. But now he knows the president meant what he said on the campaign trail.

Elephants in the Room

Mattis Relieves Tokyo for Now. But Will Trump Turn the Screws?

Foreign leaders are wondering whether they can trust the president -- or if they'll have to work with subordinates.

Elephants in the Room

How Japan Can ‘Win’ With Trump

The smart play for a core ally like Japan is to make itself relevant to the Trump administration's foreign and economic policy priorities.

The Cable

Did Trump Undermine Mattis’s Trip Before It Started?

Can the secretary of defense assure America's Asian allies while his boss criticizes them?

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