Tokyo’s Governor Spent a Crazy Amount of Government Money on Overseas Trips

Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe held a press conference Friday to defend spending government money on lavish trips, resort hotels, and expensive art.


What Obama Really Needs to Say in Hiroshima

When the first sitting U.S. president visits the memorial, Obama needs to remember the man he was back in 2009.


Vagina Kayak Not Obscene, But a Digital Scan of Vulva Is, Japanese Court Rules

A Japanese artist who has been challenging Japan's obscenity laws was fined on Monday.


Hiroshima, My Father, and the Lie of U.S. Innocence

Why Washington hid Japan’s crimes, and its own, in the reckoning of justice after World War II.


Make Japan Democratic Again

The country's new opposition party wants to unseat Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Too bad that's about the only thing it agrees on.

The Cable

IMF Sees the World Economy Heading The Wrong Way

The IMF projects the global economy is headed south.

Shadow Government

The China Market Status Dilemma

The vexing question of how to deal with a rising China in the midst of an uncertain economic transformation is one with which the European Union, Japan, and the United States are struggling to come to terms.

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