Trump Is Ready to Say ‘You’re Fired’ to NATO

From Tokyo to Tallinn, Trump has alarmed allies by saying the United States will leave them to defend themselves unless the governments “reimburse” Washington for defense costs.


Around the World in 40 Books

Headed to Rio, Paris, or Cape Town this summer? We asked distinguished writers and thinkers to pick their favorite books about 20 of the world’s great cities.


Asian Millionaires: The Richest Millionaires

For the first time, millionaires in Asia are now richer and more plentiful than the ones in North America.


How Hillary Can Flip-Flop on Her Free Trade Flip-Flop

Politics motivated Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop on Obama’s massive Pacific trade deal. Here’s how she can find her way back to supporting it.


Report: Norway Now Kills More Whales Than Japan and Iceland Combined

While anti-whaling activists have focused on Japan and Iceland, Norway has outstripped both countries in whale hunting, according to a new report.


Watch What May Be The Strangest First Pitch in Japanese Baseball History

The demonic women from horror classics "The Ring" and "The Grudge" play a little baseball ahead of a crossover film.


A Court You’ve Never Heard of Is About to Raise the Stakes in the South China Sea

An international tribunal’s decision will reorder the tense chess game over the South China Sea — and test Washington’s commitment to the Philippines.

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