Meet the Shadow Warrior Leading the Fight Against the Islamic State

Major General Mike Nagata predicted the rise of the militants. Can he train enough rebels to defeat them?


Where Have All the Arab States Gone?

The Arab world’s a mess and its leaders don’t appear ready to assume much responsibility for fixing it. Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to start demanding they step up.


Constraints and Confusion Could Hinder Special Forces Mission in Islamic State Fight

Hundreds of U.S. Special Forces troops are heading overseas to train Syrian rebels to battle the Islamic State, but White House dithering and bureaucratic confusion could make it hard for them to pull it off.


Iran Comes to the Israeli Border

As the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah try to drive back rebel fighters in southern Syria, they threaten to spur a larger conflict in one of the Middle East's most volatile regions.

The Cable

U.S. Firm Denied Request to Market Drones to Jordan

Republican congressman Duncan Hunter from Californian wants the decision reversed.


Just Because You Quote Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Make You a Cowboy

Jordan’s King Abdullah may be talking tough about revenge against the Islamic State, but don't expect the cavalry to follow.

The Cable

The Islamic World Versus the Islamic State

The new U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has been calling for an intellectual war against the Islamic State. After the group's latest gruesome execution, it looks like he's finally going to get it.


The Men Who Love the Islamic State

It may not be the vicious killers hundreds of miles away who pose the greatest threat to Jordan, but the angry young men cheering on the jihadis in the country’s own towns and cities.​

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