The Syrians Stuck in No Man’s Land

Twelve thousand refugees are battling disease and exhaustion in a barren stretch of desert along the Jordanian-Syrian border.

The Cable

Deadly Attack at Jordanian Training Base Highlights Dangers for U.S. Contractors

A Jordanian police officer shot and killed as many as eight people, including two Americans, at a training center near the Jordanian capital of Amman ...


Turkey and Jordan to EU: Our Refugee Problem Is Bigger Than Yours

At the United Nations Monday, Turkish and Jordanian leaders called on the international community to bear more of the refugee burden.


Meet the Shadow Warrior Leading the Fight Against the Islamic State

Major General Mike Nagata predicted the rise of the militants. Can he train enough rebels to defeat them?


Constraints and Confusion Could Hinder Special Forces Mission in Islamic State Fight

Hundreds of U.S. Special Forces troops are heading overseas to train Syrian rebels to battle the Islamic State, but White House dithering and bureaucratic confusion could make it hard for them to pull it off.


Iran Comes to the Israeli Border

As the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah try to drive back rebel fighters in southern Syria, they threaten to spur a larger conflict in one of the Middle East's most volatile regions.

The Cable

U.S. Firm Denied Request to Market Drones to Jordan

Republican congressman Duncan Hunter from Californian wants the decision reversed.

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