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U.S. Firm Denied Request to Market Drones to Jordan

Republican congressman Duncan Hunter from Californian wants the decision reversed.


Just Because You Quote Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Make You a Cowboy

Jordan’s King Abdullah may be talking tough about revenge against the Islamic State, but don't expect the cavalry to follow.

The Cable

The Islamic World Versus the Islamic State

The new U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has been calling for an intellectual war against the Islamic State. After the group's latest gruesome execution, it looks like he's finally going to get it.


Can the Islamic State’s Last Hostages Be Saved?

The brutal killing of a missing Jordanian pilot means that military force may be the only way of freeing captives in Syria -- including a 26-year-old American aid worker.


Fate of Missing Pilot Unknown as Deadline for Hostage Swap Passes

The negotiations over a pair of Islamic State hostages have played out in public to an unprecedented degree.


Is the Jordanian Pilot Still Alive?

Amman says it’s willing to trade a jihadi bomber for the life of a pilot held by the Islamic State. It may already be too late.


The Islamic State Captures Jordanian Pilot After F-16 Crash

The extremists have a Jordanian pilot in their clutches after his plane crashed, although the group claims it shot down the jet. The pilot's fate now rests in the hands of the group.


Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots

In a dusty Jordanian border town, the "wives of martyrs" struggle to care for their families and rebuild their lives.

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