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Justice Department Recommends Charges for Petraeus

America’s most famous general could face prison time for providing his mistress with confidential information, according to a New York Times report.


Half-Baked Justice

Have you ever employed enhanced interrogation techniques…on weed?


Why Tourists Shouldn't Ignore the Dark Side of the World's Hottest New Vacation Spot: Myanmar

Myanmar is being billed as the world's hottest new vacation spot -- but this "destination of the year" has a horrible dark side that tourists shouldn't ignore.


A Definite End to Indefinite Detention Is Within Reach

The Obama administration gave itself the tools and power to release the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. But it doesn't seem to want to use them.


Ghosts in the Valley

In India's heavily militarized Kashmir region, a controversial law shields soldiers from prosecution for crimes against civilians, leaving broken families in its wake.

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