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Putin Tells Washington ‘Nyet’ On New Doping Probe

Putin's spokesperson says Russian athletes out of U.S. law enforcement's reach.


Stealing Food if You’re in Need Is Not a Crime, Italian Court Finds

The decision seemed particularly unusual in contrast to the U.S. criminal justice system’s response to crimes of necessity.


‘The Field of Battle Is the Courts of Justice’

Guatamala's left says the country's ongoing war crimes trials are an overdue reckoning. The country's military says they're a "legal lynching."


Radovan Karadzic and the (Very) Long Arc of Justice

It has been more than two decades since the “Butcher of Bosnia” committed his crimes. Why was he convicted only now?

The Cable

SecDef to Silicon Valley: Can’t We Just be Friends?

Ash Carter preaches cooperation but has no solution on how to solve the government’s encryption fight with Apple.


Microsoft vs. the Feds, Cloud Computing Edition

U.S. judges will decide if Microsoft has to turn over data stored outside American borders. A multibillion-dollar industry hangs in the balance.

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