Indonesia’s Murder Melodrama Has The Whole Country Watching

The country's elite think a young woman convicted of poisoning her friend is a victim, but ordinary Indonesians have cast her as a villain.


When Trump Takes Control of the Justice Department, Be Afraid

America’s litigious president-elect is about to run the world’s most fearsome legal agency.


Exclusive: ICC Poised to Open Investigation into War Crimes in Afghanistan

The investigation could expose U.S. personnel to international justice inquiry for the first time.


Burundi Promised More Countries Would Withdraw from the ICC. Now South Africa Has.

Now that Burundi and South Africa have moved to leave the ICC, more African countries are expected to follow.


Microsoft Wins Closely Watched Email Privacy Case Over Feds

Federal agents can't get access to emails stored overseas, court rules.

Shadow Government

Lessons From Kenya

The international community should challenge police abuse and fight corruption.

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The Cable

Attorney General Says Clinton Will Face No Charges for Email Scandal

Loretta Lynch says she will accept the FBI's recommendation and won't prosecute the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

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