The Cable

Appeals Court Deals Blow to Trump, Rejects Travel Ban

The ruling will likely send the case to the Supreme Court, which could have a new justice by then.

The Cable

NSA Contractor Could Face 200 Years in Prison for Massive Breach

Harold T. Martin III allegedly stole documents over a two-decade period.

Shadow Government

Why Obama Made the Wrong Call on Chelsea Manning

Extending legal reasoning appropriate to our civilian society into the military in ways that don’t align with the purposes of military activity corrodes the military’s ability to serve its function.


Indonesia’s Murder Melodrama Has The Whole Country Watching

The country's elite think a young woman convicted of poisoning her friend is a victim, but ordinary Indonesians have cast her as a villain.


When Trump Takes Control of the Justice Department, Be Afraid

America’s litigious president-elect is about to run the world’s most fearsome legal agency.


Exclusive: ICC Poised to Open Investigation into War Crimes in Afghanistan

The investigation could expose U.S. personnel to international justice inquiry for the first time.


Burundi Promised More Countries Would Withdraw from the ICC. Now South Africa Has.

Now that Burundi and South Africa have moved to leave the ICC, more African countries are expected to follow.

The Cable

Did the FBI Just Arrest the Next Snowden?

Harold T. Martin, III allegedly removed classified information and stored it at his Maryland home.


A Verdict on Change

This ambitious young judge wants to change Tunisia’s justice system. But he still has to type out his own verdicts.

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