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U.S. Drug Investigation Reaches Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s Inner Circle

A U.S. drug investigation has reached Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro's inner circle.

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Feds Announce Charges for Hackers Behind JP Morgan Breach

A group of hackers is alleged to have masterminded a $100 million criminal empire that went after big banks' customer data.


The United States Has Hamstrung the U.N.’s Most Important Mission

Russia and China aren't the only countries preventing the U.N. from taking action on genocide and war crimes. But on the institution's 70th anniversary, it's time for reform.


There Are No Peasants Here

Honduras’ brave new economic experiment is buoying an era of development by kicking poor farmers off their land.


The Maldives in Meltdown

Past the white sand beaches, the country's human rights situation has gone from bad to worse — and this paradise has become anything but.


And the Winner of this Year’s PEN Pinter Award Goes to … the Man Slated for 1,000 Lashes!

Will the award be enough to save Saudi blogger Raif Badawi?

Best Defense

Court martials: Some info emerges

In response to my comment yesterday that more court martials deserve coverage, I got some helpful notes.

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Police Blatter: FIFA Boss Questioned By Swiss Authorities as U.S. Closes In

Swiss authorities pick up FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, once untouchable, for questioning.

The Cable

Scalia: I ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if the Supreme Court Outlaws the Death Penalty

Supreme Court Justice Scalia says the death penalty could soon be ruled unconstitutional.


South Sudan’s Peace Deal Never Stood a Chance

Until the West starts making the war hurt for corrupt elites, the bloody civil war will go on.

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