The Annexation of Crimea Isn’t Going as Planned

The show trial of Akhtem Chiygoz was supposed to be a quick and easy way to discourage dissent. That was before it went off the rails.


Rod Rosenstein, the Mystery Man Behind Comey Firing

Onetime colleagues and former officials wonder how the deputy attorney general became Trump’s hatchet man.


Four Big Questions in Wake of Comey’s Firing

Will Congress, the FBI, and the Justice Department hold the Trump administration accountable or cave to political pressure from the White House?


The Bonfire of Donald Trump’s Vanities

With the reckless, fishy sacking of James Comey, President Trump’s domestic behavior has become more than an embarrassment — it’s an international liability.

Elephants in the Room

Firing Comey Makes an Independent Commission Even More Likely

As partisan fires rage, the only way to tamp the flames is a blue-ribbon investigation into the Trump team's Russia ties.

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