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Court martials: Some info emerges

In response to my comment yesterday that more court martials deserve coverage, I got some helpful notes.

The Cable

Police Blatter: FIFA Boss Questioned By Swiss Authorities as U.S. Closes In

Swiss authorities pick up FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, once untouchable, for questioning.

The Cable

Scalia: I ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if the Supreme Court Outlaws the Death Penalty

Supreme Court Justice Scalia says the death penalty could soon be ruled unconstitutional.


South Sudan’s Peace Deal Never Stood a Chance

Until the West starts making the war hurt for corrupt elites, the bloody civil war will go on.


The Other Side of Leopoldo López

Roberto Lovato’s article claiming to be about the bona fides of our client's democratic credentials wasn't that at all.


Kafka in Caracas

The trial of opposition leader Leopoldo López is a cruel travesty of justice — even by the low standards of the Venezuelan regime.


Ukrainian Director of ‘Gamer’ Sentenced to 20 Years by Russian Court

Amid accusations of torture and wanting evidence, the pro-Ukrainian filmmaker sang his national anthem as his verdict was read.

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