On a Mission to Mars, Imprisoned in Turkey

The Kafkaesque trial of a U.S. NASA scientist — accused of being a coup-plotter — shows just how paranoid the Turkish judiciary has become.


A Shining Comey on a Hill

Can the former FBI director lead us back to our better selves?


Trump Pick to Lead the FBI Is A War on Terror Veteran

Best known for representing Gov. Chris Christie, Christopher Wray would take over the FBI at a moment of turmoil.


Brazil Has Become a Gangland

With the country’s politics plagued by scandal and corruption, Brazil’s gangs are fighting a deadly and brazen turf war — inside and out of the broken prison system.

The Cable

With Tweetstorm on Travel Ban, Trump Makes Court Case for His Opponents

Trump went off script and criticized his Justice Department’s “watered down, politically correct” travel ban.


The Battle to Unearth Iraq’s Mass Graves

Thousands of Yazidis slaughtered by the Islamic State are awaiting exhumation. But a row between Baghdad and Erbil has left them in the ground for more than a year.

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