The Cable

Russian-sponsored Syria Peace Talks Stumble Out of the Gate

In Kazakhstan, Russia struggles to get delegates from Damascus and the opposition to talk, while the U.S. sits on the sidelines.


The Birth of ‘Absurdistan’

How I experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Cable

Trump Reaches Out to Central Asia, Looking For a Back Door to Russia

President-elect Donald Trump made his first overture to former Soviet Central Asia and may looking for ways to mend ties with Moscow.


Meet the Central Asian Nation Trying to Benefit From the Iran Nuclear Deal

Kazakhstan's nuclear record allowed it to play an outsized role in Washington’s landmark nuclear deal with Tehran.


A Perfect Storm in Central Asia

For years, the five ex-Soviet republics have enjoyed surprising stability. But Russia’s economic crisis is shaking their foundations.


A Step Toward a Safer Atom

My country is host to an important new initiative that could change how the world talks about nuclear enrichment forever.


Can the IAEA’s New Nuclear Fuel Bank Prevent a Future Iran Crisis?

A storage facility for low-enriched uranium run by the International Atomic Energy Agency is shedding new light on how another Iran standoff might be averted for future generations.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.

The Oil and the Glory

Does the U.S. have a worse business climate than Turkmenistan?

When it comes to energy policy, is the United States worse than Turkmenistan? How about Russia, where a contract is a contract only when President-elect ...

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