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The Oil and the Glory

Does the U.S. have a worse business climate than Turkmenistan?

When it comes to energy policy, is the United States worse than Turkmenistan? How about Russia, where a contract is a contract only when President-elect ...

The Oil and the Glory

Two decades later, the ground shifts under the former Soviet strongmen

Last summer, I went on a month-long return visit to the Caucasus and Central Asia, the oil-soaked former Soviet regions where I lived and worked ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — Dec. 23, 2011

They love me, they love me not: Sometimes the best way to gauge danger in unfamiliar territory is to study the eyes of your guide ...

The Oil and the Glory

Oil and geopolitics: a turbulent year, and no end in sight

Kazakhstan is moving fast to pacify its restive west as a new video circulates in which police shoot and beat retreating oil workers protesting labor ...

The Oil and the Glory

In the street and the palace, the Arab Spring strikes the former Soviet Union

At the 20-year mark of the Soviet Union's collapse, protests have broken out now in two of its oil-soaked constituent states -- Russia and neighboring ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: June 3, 2011

Russian election clues?   A couple of weeks ago, I ventured a bet that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will run and ...

The Oil and the Glory

Are drones also protecting the new oilfields on the Caspian?

During the Soviet period, Kazakhstan was a nuclear laboratory. As the United States did in Nevada, the Soviets carried out nuclear tests in the Kazakh ...

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