Gunfight at the K.C. Corral

Why the Kenyan government won’t do anything to stop attacks on cattle ranchers, including the last remaining white "Kenyan cowboys.”

The Cable

Students in Kenya Block Streets With Desks to Protest Their School’s Demolition

They're not letting class be dismissed without a fight.

The Cable

This Kenyan Leader Can Bond With Trump Over Claims of ‘Millions’ of Fraudulent Votes

But Raila Odinga seems to have better luck than The Donald in convincing skeptics he was wronged.


For Kenyans Who Survived Post-Election Violence, U.S. Race Feels Like Déjà Vu

Donald Trump says he may not accept the results of Tuesday’s vote. Kenyans know what that looks like – and it’s not pretty.


How Much Does It Cost for Somalia to Ban Khat for a Week? Millions.

During a brief ban on khat trade in Somalia, Kenyan farmers lost millions of dollars.


Innovations: Can China’s Super-Sensitive New Telescope Talk to E.T.?

Plus, a sub that stays dry, a B2-inspired battery, and a DNA scanner that catches poachers red-handed.


Kenya’s Cheapskate Olympic Committee Strands its Team in Rio

The Kenyan Olympic Committee organized a disastrous appearance at the Rio games.


Kenyan Sprint Coach Used Athlete’s Badge for Free Breakfast, Then Took Doping Test for Him.

This Kenyan coach borrowed his athlete's ID to get free breakfast, then took a doping test for him too.


The World’s Largest Refugee Camp Is Invited to Please Shut Down

The Kenyan government says it will clear its country of Somali refugees before the end of this year. But it's not saying how.

Shadow Government

Lessons From Kenya

The international community should challenge police abuse and fight corruption.

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