The Cable

Baghdad’s Oil Deal With Kurdistan Quells Concerns of Iraqi Split

The Iraqi central government agreed to a long-term deal with the country’s autonomous Kurdish region to share the country’s oil riches on Tuesday, a positive ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — Aug. 3, 2012 (Part I)

China's moment of coal truth: A question that has vexed us for some time is when we will witness an inflection point in ordinary Chinese ...

The Oil and the Glory

Will oil companies provide Kurdistan its de facto statehood?

Less than a year after the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, Baghdad is losing a primary lever over independent-minded Kurdistan -- its grip on ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — June 8, 2012

Australia's lop-sided economy: Given the jobless, growthless doldrums affecting most of the world's economies, does it pay to rev up your economy and employment rolls ...

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