Stop Victim-Blaming Erdogan for ISIS

Turkey deserves the world’s sympathy, not scorn, for becoming the Islamic State’s next big target.

The Cable

Archaeologists Just Discovered a Bronze-Age City in Northern Iraq

The war against ISIS hasn’t stopped archaeologists from digging in the cradle of civilization.


Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Obama’ Is Now in Jail

Selahattin Demirtas, who once hoped to challenge Erdogan’s grip on power, finds his political party under attack and himself behind bars.


Iraq’s Elite Soldiers Have Their Sights Set on Mosul

But if they hope to defeat the Islamic State, they’re going to have to learn to work with some new allies.

The Cable

U.S. Troops Moving on Mosul With Iraqi, Peshmerga Allies

U.S. officials hint at wider American involvement than seen in previous battles.


The Perils of a Post-ISIS Iraq

In Kirkuk, the extremist group's defeat risks rekindling old ethnic and religious conflicts — unless cooler heads prevail.


Washington’s Tightrope Act in Syria

President Barack Obama's administration is trying to stay on the good side of both Turkey and Syria's Kurds, even as its two partners are increasingly at each others' throats.


Why Turkey Went to War in Syria

It’s fear of a Kurdish state — even more than the Islamic State. But things could get complicated with Washington supporting Kurdish rebels.

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