American Killed Fighting Islamic State Alongside Kurdish Militia Group

Keith Broomfield's death marks the first American casualty in the free fight against the Islamic State.


The Turkish Opposition’s Secret Weapon

A charismatic new leader could help the Kurds to a breakthrough in Turkey’s parliamentary election. He's already giving headaches to President Erdogan.


How to Retake Mosul From the Islamic State

Does the Iraqi Army have the right stuff to win the battle everyone knows is coming -- and handle the messy aftermath?


Turkey’s Tomb Raiders

Turkey's mission to save an ancient tomb in Syria sheds unexpected light on Ankara's complicated regional entanglements.

Christian Caryl

Want to Hurt the Islamic State? Here’s How.

The Kurds have an army, and they’re willing to fight and die. So why isn't the United States sending them the weapons they need?


Trench Warfare in Turkey

In the country’s Kurdish southeast, a quiet war is raging between local residents and the state.


With Islamic State Routed From Kobani, Kurds Eye Mosul

A senior Kurdish official says the Islamic State's defeat in Kobani should smash its aura of invincibility.


Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, January 26, 2015

To keep up with Democracy Lab in real time, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Mohamed El Dahshan reports on the bitter contradictions underlying Egypt's ...

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