Who Will Rule Raqqa After the Islamic State?

A geopolitical game of thrones is taking place at the local level, with Kurds, Arabs, and the Syrian state fighting for power.

The Cable

Iraqi Kurds Want America as Their Divorce Lawyer

Kurdish leaders are trying to persuade the United States to broker a potentially explosive split between Erbil and Baghdad.


First, They Came for the Gulenists

Erdogan isn’t the root of Turkey’s troubles. It’s a deep-seated cycle of repression and revenge — with no end in sight.


I Fled ISIS’s ‘Caliphate’ in Raqqa — But Fear Its Liberators

The Arab residents of my hometown are trading their jihadi tormentors for Kurdish rulers they don't entirely trust.

The Cable

No International Support for Kurdistani Referendum? No Problem, Says Erbil

The international community is not supporting Iraqi Kurds’ independence referendum. But the KRG is planning on holding it anyway.

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