The Men in the Middle

Two young, charismatic leaders in Israel and Turkey are taking on right-wing governments and trying to transform their countries' politics. Can they change the Middle East without firing a shot?


Worst Vacation Ever for Australian Anti-ISIS Vigilante

It turns out taking a Euro-trip isn't the best idea for foreign fighters in Syria.


Blood On the Ballot

As Turkey heads to parliamentary elections on Sunday, the country’s Kurdish heartland is hoping to defeat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the ballot box — even as some young Kurds say a guerrilla war is their only hope against the government.

The Cable

Report Finds Kurdish Wins Against Islamic State Come at High Cost

Arab residents of villages reclaimed by Kurdish forces are being systematically pushed out of their homes.


Kurdish Fighters: We’d Really Appreciate if you Came to Syria to Help Fight ISIS

Kurdish fighters answer questions from the general public, and make the case for foreign volunteers to join their group.


How Low Will Erdogan Go?

Turkey’s voters are, once again, about to spurn their president. How he reacts will define the country’s future.

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